SVCC Conference Call Minutes


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AVCA DI Sand VB Coaches Meeting

Conference Call Minutes

October 17, 2011


Committee Members Present:  Nina Matthias, Chair, Danalee Corso, Anna Collier, Eric Hammond, Todd Dagenais

Absent: Kevin Campbell, Brandon Higa

Staff: Kathy DeBoer, Kali Andress


Anna Collier briefed the group on the USC campus situation which precluded them from hosting the championship on their campus.  Nina Matthias reviewed the other options for the group Options for 2012 Collegiate Sand Championship:

  • a. USC's training and competition site in Santa Monica - 30 minutes from USC campus - 8 courts. USC, as host, picks up all event management costs and gets automatic bid. Same format and weekend as previous arrangement. All other participants pay their own travel and lodging expenses. 3 at-large institutional teams; 8 at-large doubles teams
  • b. Seek bids from other schools with Sand Courts on campus; same format and weekend - host pays all tournament expenses ad gets automatic bid; invited at-large teams pay own travel and lodging expenses
  • c. Seek bids from CVB's & private sand VB facilities to host event provided they can fund some of the team's travel expenses (set a minimum) and will cover all event management expenses (set up, officials, day crew, tents, bleachers, etc. - estimate $10,000-$15,000) No automatic bids for institutions; same format for pairs championship - 8 from final four, 8 at-large

Committee instructed AVCA to prepare bid packets to send to all schools with varsity sand programs seeking interest in hosting.  Dates were opened to three weekends starting with April 27-29 and ending with May 11-13.  A separate bid packet would be prepared for CVB's, private facilities and other groups who had expressed interest in hosting the championship prior to the selection of the USC campus site. Committee to reconvene as soon as bids available, preferably in a week or two.

AVCA shared some ideas for Sand VB Officials Compensation.  It was made clear that these were simply suggestions and that individual schools and tournament managers would need to determine what rates worked in their markets and pay accordingly. 

      Dual double header:  Head referee - $125 + mileage  Responsibilities: call four matches, hire two Level 2 referees, train them, supervise them, evaluate them. Level 2 referee makes $25/match.  Head referee also acts as event manager dealing with timing and disputes unless institutions provides this person.   10 matches total = $125 + $150 = $275 + mileage. 

      Triangular = 15 total matches; Head referee - $175, calls six matches, hires necessary number of Level 2 referees who get paid $25/match, 9X$25=$225. Head referee also acts as event manager dealing with timing and disputes unless institutions provides this person.   Total officials cost =$175+$225=$400+mileage

      Quadrangular or Tournament: Head referee = $250 for event + $25/match not to exceed 3 per day; HR acts as tournament manager, hires & schedules necessary number of Level 2 referees at $100/day to cover courts.       Total officials cost: about $600 per day + expenses  


Kathy DeBoer announced that the AVCA had signed a ball agreement with Wilson for Collegiate Sand Championships.

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