November 9, 2011


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Division II Head Coaches Committee Conference Call Minutes

November 9, 2011 * 1:00 p.m. EST*

Roll Call:

Randi Smart - Cal State LA
Megan Hrbek - Caldwell: NOT PRESENT
Linda Bell - Elizabeth City State
Heather Vahjen - Erskine College
Shellane Ogoshi - CW Post
Bo Pagliasotti - Southwestern Oklahoma
Deanne Scanlon - Grand Valley State: NOT PRESENT
Lorlee Smith - Lewis
Phil Shoemaker - Alaska Fairbanks: NOT PRESENT
Melissa Wolters - West Florida
Sean Donahue - St. Edward's
Chuck Waddington - Angelo State
Jessica Reinhart - NW Missouri State: NOT PRESENT
Kelly Wengerter - American International College
Ashley Buckley - Augustana
Allison Magner - Academy of Art
Katie O'Brien - Montevallo
Zach Shaver - Indiana University (PA)
Jamie Skadeland - Colorado School of Mines
Michael Robinson - Tusculum
Selina Bynum-Kohn - Paine: NOT PRESENT
Lynze Roos - Lynn
Sarah Smith - Shepherd


Meeting Called to Order: 1:00 p.m. EST


I Welcome

II Reports
A. Cody
1. Season extension
NCAA Championships committee has passed it
The NCAA Championships haven't passed, the Management Council approved. Basically a done deal that doesn't need to be voted on.
what is the next step?
Depends talks in each conference. How affect regional committees to do their jobs. Keep track how next year unfolds for any changes.
1. what will your season look like?
a. additional intra-regional matches, spreading out current conference schedule, chance to add a conference tourney...
2. be sure to track how it unfolds for your program, conference & region just as we did w/ the Life in the Balance legislation.
2. Speaking of which -- administrators review of Life in the Balance
1. read article on Yammer sent by Kathy if you haven't already.
Make sure if there are problems that it is being heard.
3. Be on the lookout and let me know of stuff you hear of in the DI ranks within your region or area.
1. Very often, new legislation introduced may take on similar looks
If something comes to DII area, make sure on top of it.
4. Top 25 Poll
1. Dave: At the beginning of the year, goes through the poll committee to try and find the most balanced committee in regards to regions and conferences. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to find willing participants, so the AVCA does the best they can with the coaches who are willing.

Shawn would like to have strength of schedule numbers to help committee. Also talked about issuing the regional rankings to help poll committee.

Regional Rankings
Rational behind having one all-division championships
Would it help Division II, are there roadblocks to connecting to with the DI Championship?
One caller said it would certainly alter what they do.
Lindsay said the conversation could happen. Curious about logistics and cost. Makes sense to explore it.
Another caller likes the uniqueness they have, but is interested in more exposure.

B. David Portney
1. David has taken over as our liason...welcome David
2. General and Convention news from David

I have updated the HCC committee on our website.
Just a few reminders on the awards front. This Friday the National and regionally ranked opponents will be mailed out to all member head coaches and SID's. This Monday, the Region Coach of the Year and National Assistant Coach of the Year nominations are due to us. You can email the forms to
Also on Monday beginning at 8AM ET, the online player nominations open and will close promptly at 5PM ET that Thursday, November 17th at 5PM ET.
We're looking for donations for the Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship. The scholarship program provides eight college students who are active AVCA members the opportunity to attend the 2011 AVCA Annual Convention in San Antonio. This program would not be possible without the help from its donors!

NSCA/AVCA Fall Girls' Talent Showcase presented by Under Armour: Make plans to attend this event on Sunday, December 18 in conjunction with the AVCA Convention in San Antonio! Pre-registration for coaches is free and you'll receive the athlete information prior to the start of the event.

At the convention, the committee will be meeting on Wednesday, December 14th from 5:30-7:00pm in HGCC 214A. Cody, if you wanted us to print off an agenda for distribution at the meeting please have that emailed to me the week of the 21st.

IV Next Meeting

 A. in San Antonio, TX at the AVCA Convention
1. HCC meeting is Wednesday December 14th from 5:30-7:00pm in HGCC 214A
2. DII General meeting is on Thursday December from 9:00-10:30am in HGCC 214D

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