November 8, 2011


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AVCA Division III Head Coaches Committee Meeting

Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2011 - 11 a.m. ET


Roll Call Question: 

How do you debrief the season? How do you wrap things up with your team (meeting, evaluations, banquets, etc.)? Also, Are you in favor or against adding a scrimmage date to the schedule?


AVCA Report:

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NSCA/AVCA Fall Girls' Talent Showcase presented by Under Armour: Make plans to attend this event on Sunday, December 18 in conjunction with the AVCA Convention in San Antonio! Pre-registration for coaches is free and you'll receive the athlete information prior to the start of the event.

The last day to pre-register for the 2011 AVCA Annual Convention is November 30. After that all registrations must be made on site. So don't wait in that long line - Register online today!

The DIII HCC meeting at convention will be held on Wednesday, December 14 from 5:30 - 7 in room 214B of the Henry Gonzalez Convention Center. Becky will create the agenda for the meeting and it will be distributed either via email before the meeting, or on-site.


Scheduling Trends:

Becky Schmidt - conference structure trends are 3 match tournaments on Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday. Do you like 3 matches vs. 4 matches?

Sam Rhodes - they do 2 matches Friday or Saturday on only 1 court to showcase matches - players enjoy only 1 match on the last day. They are also moving to only one match each day.

Mark - large west conference, would like to play 3 matches, but not allowed with limited number of total matches.

BS - invited to tournaments where 4 teams to count for their matches

Rob - they played 3 matches on one day, long day, but he's lucky because of a long roster

BS - starting to see Saturday and Sunday more - thoughts?

Bridgett - kids don't like matches on Sundays. Since they are student-athletes, they cannot catch up on their school work on Sunday

Dave - they play single round robin then double. Might go to 1 and ½ round robin - play everyone once, then conference is split in half, and you play that half one time.


Debriefing the Season:

BS - thinks this part is awkward, out of routine. How do you bring closure to the season?

Jean - within the next two weeks will have intense conversations with all players - including seniors. Complete honesty. The coaches are evaluated like professors. They also have a large banquet where the seniors speak, awards are given, that serves as a public wrap-up. Parent may speak this year.

Monica - athletes evaluate her as a coach. This year she will have two well-respected seniors evaluate all of the younger athletes so it is not all coming from the coach.

BS - How are the coaches' evaluations used by the athletic directors in your program?

Dorothy - they have a committee of senior coaches and the athletic director that has a review process for promotions, raises, etc. SEQ = student evaluation questionnaire- this was created by the coaching staff and was approved by the Provost, will be using this for a while. She is willing to share this document and will send to Becky for distribution.

BS - they have a 360 degree evaluation that comes from the student athletes and assistant coaches. Her and the athletics director then go off-site for a 3-hour conversation to discuss.



BS - Brought up this topic in conference meeting. Has been watching basketball scrimmages and noticed that it was very valuable to preparing team for season. She wants to add a non-countable date (outside of the 22) for competition. Is this any interest in pursuing this type of NCAA legislation?

Monica - definitely interested because she couldn't fit any scrimmages in this year.

BS - Discussed this with AD. Downsides are increased load for trainers and increased cost to travel to competition site.

Mark - Is this similar to any other level or sport? The NCAA likes to keep legislation consistent across the board.

BS - currently, there are no scrimmages allowed for any fall sports. Can't think of many significant downsides, so going to try to pursue this. Needs 2 sponsoring conferences - Monica (OAC) will try to get this past her administration.

SAAC - Student Athletic Advisory Committee - students want more playing time, less practice time


Next Call: Tuesday, December 6 at 11:00am Eastern Time.

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