December 14, 2011


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Division III Head Coaches Committee Meeting

2011 AVCA Annual Convention
December 14, 2011
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.


Present: Kali Andress, Becky Schmidt, David Kwan, Jon Penn, Omar Ramirez, Shelly Bauder, Alexa Keckler, Tammy Swearington, Kim Kelly, Rob Mulloway, Ben Read, Don Perkins, Jill Joliff, Ray Bello, Jason Kozack, DeAnn Woodin, Jeanne Hess, Sam Lambert


Evaluation of HCC involvement in Mission, Vision, and Core Values of the AVCA: How are we doing?

  • What is meant by "mainstream" sport?
             -Media attention, match attendance, revenue
  • Mission statement: mean to be a big goal
  • How do we continue what we are doing when advertisers are decreasing?
  • Soccer is popular internationally - it is now getting more attention here mostly because of the U.S. National Team exposure
             -Maybe volleyball needs to follow a similar pattern
             -Brazilian - young training - no real 6v6 competition until 14
                   --Soccer is now using this model as well
                   --Benefits start at the grass roots then move to large scale
  • Young kids opportunities - could be the DIII niche with youth camps reaching elementary school kids before they start club
             -Create excitement at a young age in your community
             -USAV trying to start this with John Kessel's clinic
             -Can start in PE class with light-weight volleyballs
  • Camps - include a time for very young kids
             -Low net, soft balls
             -Our responsibility to get out to younger kids
             -Could also use as a fundraiser
             -Or do 2 hours each Saturday
             -Two institutions can work together for the same camp
             -Becky Schmidt (Hope College) purchased $2,000 worth of volleytots camp equipment
                   -Rents it out to local high schools
                   -Becky then trains the high school coaches on the equipment
                   -Extra revenue stream with no extra time spent
                   -Could also bring to elementary PE classes

Diversity aspect - among athletes

  • Cost of club fees - not promoting diversity
  • Ethnic diversity as well as socio-economic diversity
  • Offering smaller, cheaper clinics - "take it to them"
  • New Jersey - pretty diverse - but that's because the area is diverse overall
  • Also want to include BOYS - need to see this grow
  • Just added a board position for DIII Men
  • Can the AVCA give us talking points about Mens volleyball to bring to our conferences and commissioners? - this would be a great thing to get from Jeff Moser
  • Gender equity issues
  • Women's coaches on board to get men's teams
  • Don Perkins - has new Mens team - has seen more commitment from his female athletes to the gym once they see the guys in there
             -Interesting relationship/benefit
             -Can argue about guys coming in paying tuition to offset the athletic administration costs


  • Educational programs how are they doing
  • Many like the Video Tip of the Week - nice that the clips are short
             -Like to catch up at the end of the season - compile all of the educational material received during the fall and review
  • Is it possible to do a "game of the week" and stream it live from the AVCA Website? From all divisions 
             -Kali: most likely not possible to house this on our website, but perhaps to link to the institutions page who is streaming it - she will look into this
  • What happened to the "Play of the Week" - the AVCA will not be able to continue this program until a sponsor is found due to costs and labor require to execute the program
  • Regional scale conferences (convention by smaller and closer)
             -The AVCA is now doing this at the high school level in many of its Affiliate States
             -There is a ton of opportunity for membership growth at the high school level
             -Look into bringing these to your conferences

Forum for open exchange

  • Volleytalk
  • Exchanging ideas with strangers at convention
  • The AVCA Education & Publications Committee was just discussing this - no one wants to "think" anymore, they just want to be given drills
  • Add a "workshop" to the convention schedule
             -Round table discussions with topics that are provided
             -Popular moderator
             -Make it optional - not the only thing going on at that time - so no one is forced to participate


  • Should the Coach of the Year be chosen before the national championship game? This way it is not just the winning coach who receives Coach of the Year
             -This would cause the committee to really evaluate each coach's season and progress
             -There was general agreement to this idea
  • ESPY's on campus - good way to get your athletes recognized across all sports at your institution


  • 17 DI and DII schools have added Sand and will start playing this Spring
  • Keep pushing it - Becky wants to put together a written proposal
  • This can help with Title IX issues
  • Biggest obstacle is indoor sand facilities
  • Can do outdoor and train on some cold days
  • Can train at local restaurant that has sand courts


  • Tammy Swearington asked for the DIII opinion on going to FIVB rules
             -Not positive - most see it as less opportunities
  • How much input should officials have on rules changes?
             -Official on the committee, but doesn't get a vote
             -Good to have their input but not good to sway the vote


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