December 15, 2011


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Division III Coaches General Meeting

2011 AVCA Annual Convention
December 15, 2011
9:00 - 10:30 a.m.


Playing Rules - Rachel Seewald/Fran Flory - chair

  • Rule change year
  • Representatives - Bonnie May and Tammy Swearington
  • All proposals are reviewed in January , voted on, then back out to public for feedback, then to the PROP for final approval
  • Last year less than 50% completed the survey
  • This year 77% of coaches in our country completed - this helps us to understand challenges you face - federated rules makes this limited
             -Survey results available at
             -Welcome any comments before January meeting - value your input


  • Safety - separating playing area from the stands. Think about you facility in that aspect.
             -Player area meshing with spectators - can be dangerous
  • 2 Liberos - 53% are for this
             -Only one on the floor at a time
  • DIII wanted line judge to be able to call out of bounds when not affecting play
  • Technology - transmitting data from outside building to the bench during play
             -How to administer this rule?
             -Should only stats be allowed
             -Training Officials: if opposing coach says other coach is receiving outside information, ask the accused coach. If they say they are not, then OK -nothing. If they say they are - red card. 
             -PROP is looking at technical devices on benches in January for ALL sports
  • Electronic score keeping - seeing if this is a direction you want to go. Potential added cost
             -Keeping score and subs on a computer (not statistics)   
             -Would make things easier for SIDs, consistency, efficiency
  • Libero jersey change for 2013 - must be solid in color with team in a design, or vice versa
             -Can have one-inch piping on it
             -Will put on NCAA website what is acceptable and what is not
             -Manufacturers have been contacted
             -If you have issues with this please let them know
             -Trying to help officials
  • Net violations - if you touch the top white tape
  • PAVO website - downloadable PPT on how to score keep (free)

Kathy DeBoer - AVCA Executive Director

  • 30th Anniversary of the AVCA
  • DIII is a major part of our organization
  • Becky is leaving the Board of Directors; Samantha Lambert will be taking her place.
  • There is an article coming out about the salary survey results
             -Most other coaches associations are not doing salary research
             -Need to have more communication about this data to administrators who are looking to hire

Jan Gentry - Championship Committee (see handout)

  • 64 teams - first year
  • Wash U did a great job hosting
  • 8 teams this year at the championship who had never won before
  • Hope College will host 2012 Championship
  • If you are interested in hosting, please submit your bids now - looking for 2014 and 2015 sites
  • The format will be Thursday - Saturday for the next two years
  • Then it will return to Friday-Sunday format
  • We will stay at the 64-team bracket
  • Self-nominate for the committee - leadership role - ask about it
  • Championship Committee & Special Olympics Partnership
             -There will be a Special Olympics component at all DIII Championships moving forward
  • Comprehensive regional realignment review - 2013-14
  • 2011-12 regions are on the back of the form
  • More comprehensive form on Governance link on the NCAA page (Becky will send this out)
  • Committee will meet mid-January -look at the above plan, see how it affects you, and then give your feedback to the committee before the meeting

Becky Schmidt - AVCA DIII Committee Chair

  • The AVCA is made up of US
  • Encouraging DIII participation with: events, speakers, writers, drills, surveys, etc.
  • Focus on diversifying coaching body and athletes

Transition to Sam Lambert

  • Play of the week - recognition
  • Here to serve you - encourage you to give me ideas


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