December 6, 2011


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DIII Head Coaches Committee Meeting
December 6, 2011
11:00 a.m.


Present: Becky Schmidt, Alexa Keckler, David Kwan, Ben Read, Robert Mullowney, Kristen Ely, Katrina Dagan, Mark Massey


What are the hot topics that we should add to the agendas for the meetings at Convention?

  • Text messaging for DI & DII - how that affects DIII
  • Also social media
  • Look at AVCA core values $ mission - evaluate how they are doing
  • Are we as DIII doing our part?
  • Rules (net violations, subs)
  • Student Athlete welfare
  • Coaches' welfare - burn out is a big issue
  • Recruiting calendar - we don't have one
  • Salary Survey - role it plays from an advocacy standpoint
             -No other sport does this 
             -Can be really beneficial if used correctly on campuses
  • Marketing/Branding
             -JJ's DIII website
  • Awards Program and Process
  • Sand Volleyball
  • NCAA Rules Proposals

The DIII HCC will meet next at the 2011 AVCA Annual Convention in San Antontio, Texas on Wednesday, December 14. This will be followed by at DIII General Meeting on Thursday, December 15. Minutes from both meetings will be posted on the AVCA Website.


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