January 18, 2012


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Division II Head Coaches Committee Conference Call Minutes



Division II HCC Meeting

                                                     AVCA Convention - San Antonio, Texas

                                                           Wednesday, January 18, 2012
                                                                                1PM ET


Roll Call:

Randi Smart - Cal State LA
Megan Hrbek - Caldwell
Heather Vahjen - Erskine College
Shellane Ogoshi - CW Post
Deanne Scanlon - Grand Valley State
Lorlee Smith - Lewis
Phil Shoemaker - Alaska Fairbanks
Melissa Wolters - West Florida
Sean Donahue - St. Edward's
Chuck Waddington - Angelo State
Jessica Reinhart - NW Missouri State:
Ashley Buckley - Augustana
Katie O'Brien - Montevallo
Zach Shaver - Indiana University (PA)
Jamie Skadeland - Colorado School of Mines
Michael Robinson - Tusculum
Selina Bynum-Kohn - Paine: NOT PRESENT
Lynze Roos - Lynn
Sarah Smith - Shepherd
Kristy Bayer - Arkansas Tech
Ben Briney - Truman State


I          Welcome

II         Reports

  • A. Cody
  • 1. "One Championship" concept update

a. Three sub-committees getting to work on research this semester

Leave it up to subcommittees to come up with more research.  End of semester send out to other coaches and look at feedback. 

      Heather Question:  June 15th, 2012 is effective date with texting.

      Randi Idea:  If went with DI-II finals, how sell those.  These are kinds of things we should be talking about.

Grand Valley State:  Hosting Sept. 7th and 8th, need one more team.  Have hotel rooms, van, $400 food money, tailgate meal, tickets to the football game...Only for teams outside of region.

                        2. Update on approved D-II legislation from NCAA Convention

3. Top 25 Poll

            B. David Portney

                        1. General AVCA business & convention follow-up

                        If you know an outstanding coach 30 years old or younger, please nominate him or her by going to our Thirty Under 30 website:  http://www.avca.org/awards/thirtyunder30/

We are now accepting videos for Video Tip of the Week. So if anyone is interested in creating one, please let me know.

Registration for the 2012 AVCA Spring Conference will open on Tuesday! This year's Spring Conference will be held in conjunction with the NCAA Men's National Championship on the campus of USC in Los Angeles, California from May 3-5.


III        Additional Agenda Items

            A. Call me if you have anything additional to add...


IV        Next Meeting/Roll

A. Wednesday February 15, 2012

B.  Take roll

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