December 15, 2011


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AVCA Education and Publications Committee Meeting



Chair - Dr. Cecile Reynaud


Kali Andress (AVCA Rep)

Jackson Silvanik (AVCA Rep)

Dennis Janzen

Becky Schmidt

Cecile Reynaud

Jeff Carroll

Bill Neville

Carol Russo


  • Intro - Re-cap of process, noting that committee aims to funnel info to staff but has not been receiving much feedback
  • New ownership of the AVCA: AI seems open to new technologies
  • Continuing with hard copy of Coaching Volleyball - advertising revenue print vs. digital

            -how does the demographic feel about hard copy?

            -poll members about the option for a digital-only subscription

  • Goals and function of the committee seems to be changing. Sending topics/info to home office

            -taking the burden off of Kathy in terms of developing editorial ideas/content

            -making CV/publications into a truly peer-reviewed publications     

            -including Kathy in a conference call or discussion

            -potential call once every 2 months to touch base on editorial content

  • Editorial calendar
  • Topic table - techniques, tactics, nutrition, etc. (sent to Kathy in the past?)

            -modes of education along the top - fill in squares for each issue to make sure we are                                covering all of our bases

            - what level (advanced, college, high school, etc.)

  • Potentially providing readers with some way of knowing what types of articles will be arriving in the mailbox in different issues
  • More strictly defined topics or departments (technical/topics/audience, etc)
  • Noting the effectiveness of the swing-blocking article in the most recent 2.0
  • Slide-rocket presentation program for webinars
  • Helping coaches become better teachers/presenters
  • Use sport experts that may be from outside the volleyball world for webinars/convention speakers
  • Variety of writers from different levels of volleyball and perspectives
  • Permission to re-print from USOC magazine (Olympic Coach)
  • Length of the webinars being trimmed?

            -check the polling of members concerning webinar length (longer or shorter)

  • Potential to turn webinars into a video podcast for distro on itunes?
  • What do high school coaches want to read about?

            Jeff: sports psychology-type issues, coaching turnover means that we may need to address more   basic techniques/practice strategies, basic steps for coaches early in their career

  • Better use of facebook/social media - will continue to improve in the coming year
  • Distribution of CV 2.0/CV links
  • Committee should be more involved in topics - content has been great, expanding the network of contacts
  • Topic/publication chart + editorial calendar to committee
  • Things that need to be explored - enamored with international styles of play (ie, Brazilian)

-the problem with copying techniques instead of learning from them/learning how to 

 incorporate into your own style. Technique copying doesn't encourage coaches to develop 

 original thoughts and techniques (Bill Neville)

            -potential topic: life after coaching

            -attempts to stay on the cutting edge (ie, swing blocking), reinventing of the wheel instead of       improving the wheel

  • Carol - mentorship program. Dire need for new high school coaches (losing young coaches because they don't have a resource for when things get tough)

            -we need to do a better job of making people aware of it's existence. It's there, but not being

            utilized to it's potential

  • Neville - need to cover youth volleyball with more emphasis (U12). Age of introducing certain concepts/playing up in age divisions/consequences and concerns
  • Becky - .pdf "spectator guide" to try and educate fans/parents in an effort to make fans more volleyball-savvy. Something that we can sponsor and distribute in an effort to promote awareness of rules, address fans and parents, etc.
  • NCSA recruiting presentation, potential conflict of interest
  • Cecile - sexual abuse concerns (educating the kids as well as coaches)
  • Neville - scholarships/young athletes interest in the sport


Recap - upcoming plans/chart, conference call (w/Kathy) to touch base


Diana Graves removed from list (no longer coaching)


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