January 18, 2012


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AVCA First Time Attendee Committee

Conference Call Minutes
January 18, 2012

Present: Chuck Rey, Brian Swenty, Kyrsten Becker, Mary Leventis, Kristy Bayer, Beth Ellinger, Matt Soderstrom, Jennifer Constantino, James Mikolajczyk, Alice Kahrs, Daniel Mudd, Mike Woodall, Samantha Fish, John Turner, Jahrae Hampton, Bridget Yates, Daniel Georgalas, Brian Dickens, Kali Andress (AVCA Representative)


1. Introduce and Enhance First Time Attendee experience at the AVCA Convention - as well and enhancing experience throughout the year

2. Networking

  • a. During the AVCA Convention
  • b. Post AVCA Convention

               i. Through the member class

  • c. Within the AVCA

3. Integration into the AVCA

  • a. Create leadership opportunities

4. Cultivate more active members in the AVCA

5. Retention of AVCA members

6. Overall growth of the AVCA


1. Committee Board

  • a. FTAC Committee Members
  • b. Class Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Secretaries
  • c. Newsletter - monthly communication to class

2. Convention Experience Representatives

  • a. Pre-Convention

               i. Email to the new-comers

  • b. FTA Presentation - Chuck would love more involvement, public speaking opportunity
  • c. FTA Reception - more ideas for activities

3. Committee Representatives

  • a. 11 AVCA Committees

            i. Subcommittee representatives - possibly sit in on HCC calls and bring the information back to your class

  • b. Other potential AVCA Committees

            i. High School - communication to this segment is achieved through the Affiliate Partner Program

            ii. Club - the AVCA works closely with the JVA

            iii. New Member - possibly have FTA committee members call and welcome new AVCA members


1. What role do you want to play?- email Chuck Rey at reyc@winthrop.edu

  • a. Submit the role of interest
  • b. Development in your area of expertise

            i. Geographic representation

2. Monthly conference call - possibly have a featured speaker for each call to discuss a specific topic. These calls will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 4:30 Eastern Time.  The next call will be February 9, 2012.


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