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Minutes of DI Sand VB Committee Call

Wednesday, January 11


Kathy DeBoer gave an update on the site visit, completed on January 10, by the AVCA staff to Gulf Shores, Alabama, the site of the 2012 AVCA Collegiate Sand Volleyball National Championships.  The setup is very convenient for the participants as the host hotels are next to the venue and, once there, players and coaches can easily go back and forth to the competition site and their rooms.  The city of Gulf Shores will build a championship court, suitable for televising matches, with a berm around it for spectator seating.  Four other semi-championship courts will be built nearby, two on each side.  The hosts will sponsor a dinner for the participating teams and staff on Thursday evening, April 26 at the Hang Out Restaurant, adjacent to the site, and breakfast for the participants each morning. 

Committee decisions:

- two courts separate courts for warm up would be sufficient and teams can share the space. 

-AVCA will secure a hotel room block large enough to accommodate the participants in the championship so no school will need to secure space in advance of the April 15 selections.  


Format for the Championships:

                Team Championship, Saturday, April 28: Four team double elimination bracket played in each flight (see attached diagram)  All five flights playing simultaneously

                Pairs Championship - 16 teams

                                Friday, April 27: Pools of 4, each team competes in three matches, six hours of play

                                Saturday, April 29: the committee preferred that all teams move forward to Sunday play, knowing this would require an 8 a.m. start.  This might be revisited once play starts and coaches have a chance to revisit the capacity of their student-athletes to play 3-4 matches in a day. 

                                Television has requested that the semi finals be played on the championship court at 11 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. and that the final match start at 1:30.  The committee affirmed this request.


Members of the championship selection committee

  • 1. AVCA - Kathy DeBoer
  • 2. USAV - ask Ali Wood Lamberson for suggestion
  • 3. Administrator from the Southeast and West
  • a. Coaches are asked to submit candidates from their institutions for consideration on the next call
  • 4. At large administrator representative
  • a. Sherri Booker, Assoc Commission of the ASUN Conference, was suggested. Kathy DeBoer will reach out to her.


Replacing coaches on the DI Sand VB Committee              

                The committee asked Kathy DeBoer to reach out to Jason Kepner and a coach in the ASUN conference to replace Kevin Campbell (UNF) & Todd Dagenais (UCF) who have left the committee


The AVCA will reach out to all varsity programs for their schedules.  Anna Collier and Danalee Corso will contact USAV to get statistics forms.  The AVCA Awards Committee will make recommendations for an All America team. 


The next call of the DI Sand VB Committee will be Wednesday, January 25 at 8 a.m. PT, 11 a.m. ET.  An agenda and call information will be sent on Monday.  Have all issues to Nina Matthies by Sunday night. 

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