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Minutes for DI Sand VB Committee Call #8

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Transcribed by Kathy DeBoer

  • I. Approved Sand VB Selection Committee: plan is for three conference calls, an orientation/introduction call in late February; a review of results call in late March; a selection call on Sunday, April 15.
  • a. USAV: Ali Wood Lamberson
  • b. AVCA: Kathy DeBoer
  • c. West Administrator: Mark Edrington, Long Beach State
  • d. Southeast Administrator: Rita Crockett-Buck, FIU
  • e. At Large Administrator: Sherri Booker, Senior Assoc Commissioner at the ASUN.
  • II. Approved the following procedures for match management
  • a. Line up exchanges should take place one hour before the match or tournament starts
  • b. Lineup changes: Since it is the first season there was agreement that coaches should have flexibility to make frequent lineup changes in the first 50% of their season. Then line ups should start locking in unless there is an injury. Also, tennis has established a threshold of a two position move, not necessitated by injury, as evidence that a coach may be trying to ‘game' the lineup. While the committee was hesitant to over regulate the system the first season, they agreed that Sand VB should take note of this stipulation and follow it the last half of the season.
  • c. Match/Tournament results should be faxed to the AVCA, 859.226.4338
  • d. Injury Timeout: following FIVB and USAV protocols, players will get one injury timeout per set that will be five minutes in maximum duration. The clock starts as soon as the official allows the medical personnel/trainer to enter the court. If the injured player cannot continue play after five minutes, they forfeit the match. Fatigue is not an injury. The official is responsible for keeping play moving and warning players who may be stalling to rest.
  • e. Tie Breaking Procedures
  • i. Team Tournament: should a flighted team tournament end with two or more teams tied in total points, the winner will be determined based on the finishes of the #1 flight.
  • ii. Pairs Tournaments: should two or more teams finish pool play tied in terms of match results, the tie breaking procedure will be total points won divided by total points lost.
  • f. Recommended Format for Dual Matches - unless weather or darkness prohibits it, try to schedule matches so that as many flights as possible are played before the winner is determined. Suggestions:
  • i. 3 courts: play two matches first, then last three
  • ii. 2 courts: play two, one, two
  • iii. 4 courts: play two, then three, using open court for warm-up
  • g. Recommended Format for flighted Tournaments w/ Four teams: if possible, choose a format that will allow for placement of teams 1-4. Suggestions:
  • i. Double elimination w/ sudden death final i.e. if team coming from the winner's bracket loses in the final, there is no second match
  • ii. Single Elimination with consolation match
  • h. Pairs Tournaments: Single Elimination with seeding based on pool play finish


  • III. Reminders
  • a. Uniforms: numbers on both the front and back; only combinations of 1-5 allowed; midriff covered when player is standing still.
  • b. One official per court is required
  • c. Eight playing dates are the minimum to have Sand VB counted as a separate sport for sports sponsorship purposes. Of those dates, three must be dual matches and only two duals may be played on one day.
  • d. Schools have until March 1 to add Sand VB to their Sports Sponsorship List with the NCAA. Contact Karen Morrison,; 317.917-6321


  • IV. Gulf Shores Update
  • a. Jason Jones, Asst ED at the AVCA, has secured room blocks in two properties within walking distance of the championship site. One hotel will accommodate the teams; the other the at-large pairs. The AVCA will handle all room assignments for the participating teams and pairs. Payment will be the responsibility of the participants.
  • b. All teams will be receiving a welcome packet from the Gulf Shores Local Organizing Committee in the next couple of weeks
  • c. Crystal Lewis will be the head official. All courts will have two officials and a scorekeeper.
  • d. The NCAA is sending a writer and photographer from Champion magazine to cover the event.


  • V. Other Issues
  • a. Forms: the AVCA, with help from committee members, has designed forms for reporting results and for the score keeper/statistician. They are attached.
  • b. All Americans: since it is likely that over half of the 2012 collegiate sand coaches will have a pair or a team at the championship, the committee recommends that All Americans be selected by those coaches. A voting procedure and ballots will be assembled by the AVCA. There will be 10 All Americans selected and they will be recognized on Saturday evening in the awards ceremony for the Team Champions.
  • c. Individual Point System: since there is a likelihood that pairs will change throughout the season due to competitive considerations and injury, the committee is investigating an individual points system that will reward the best players regardless of who they are playing with. More work is needed to put this in place.
  • d. Next Call: Wednesday, Feb 29, 1:30 ET, 4:30 PT


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