SVCC Meeting Minutes - San Antonio Convention


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2011 Sand VB Coaches Meeting

Friday, December 16, 1:00-2:30 HGCC 210A

San Antonio, TX


  • I. Welcome & Introductions - Nina Matthies, Chair of DI Committee
  • a. Guests:
  • i. George Dodson, U. S. Silica, AVCA partner
  • 1. Brief overview of considerations on sand
  • ii. Lynn Holzman, Director of Member Services, NCAA
  • iii. Debbie Corum, Assoc. Commissioner, SEC - liaison to VB & Tennis
  • iv. Philip Bryant, Commissioner Gulf Shore Region, 2012 Championship Manager
  • b. Coaches w/ Varsity Programs
  • c. Potential programs for 2012-13
  • d. Event Organizers: Ali Lamberson, Dave Carstenson


  • II. 2012 Season
  • a. ‘Honors' system for ranking of teams
  • i. System used by tennis
  • b. Sending results to the AVCA
  • i. AVCA working on an electronic input system
  • ii. Fax may be best for year one till we see what system needs
  • iii. Ranking system/Poll
  • 1. Teams
  • 2. Individuals
  • c. Tournament Formats
  • i. Multi-day events
  • ii. Team and individual results


  • III. NCAA Legislative Issues and Interpretations
  • a. Recruiting
  • i. # of coaches from the same school who may attend an event
  • ii. Counting of days, 80; 100
  • b. Financial Aid
  • i. Student athletes moving from Sand to Court
  • ii. Student-athletes moving from Court to Sand
  • iii. Transferring from one school to another and switching sports
  • c. Summer competitions; prize money, etc. for NCAA student-athletes
  • IV. 2012 AVCA Collegiate Sand Volleyball Championships, Gulf Shores, AL April 27-29
  • a. Selection Committee
  • b. Parameters for Committee
  • c. Selection Date
  • d. Tournament Format

Friday: Pairs Pool Play; Saturday: Team Championship; Sunday: Pairs Championship

  • V. Future Sites and Dates
  • a. Bidding Process
  • b. Geographic Considerations
  • VI. Other Issues

Minutes of Sand VB Coaches Meeting

  Friday, December 16, 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

San Antonio, TX

   Transcribed by Kathy DeBoer


Nina Matthies, chair of the DI Sand VB committee, called the meeting to order.  Attendees introduced themselves.  Most were college coaches, but also in attendance were event managers (Dave Carstenson, Philip Bryant), legislative consultants from the NCAA(Lynn Holzman) and SEC (Debbie Corum), a representative of USAV (Ali Wood Lamberson) and two officials (Steve Owen and Keith Murless).


Special Guests:  George Dodson, marketing manager and sand specialist from U.S. Silica described for the group the processes U.S. Silica went through to study the sand on existing man-made courts and determine specifications for depth, drainage, color and shape of the sand that would lend themselves to the most playable practice and competition surface.  George urged the group to adhere to the NCAA-recommended guidelines for sand so that as courts were built for collegiate competition there would be a degree of uniformity around the country.   


Nina Matthies briefly review the rules for varsity programs and competitions and encouraged all in the group to ‘stick together' in terms of competitions.  She reminded them that their institutions had made commitments to sponsor a varsity program and that other schools would not follow suit if they could participate in sand competitions without committing to the sport.


The group spent some time discussing the format for events, especially multi-team events.  There is a desire to play in open pair's competitions, as well as, five team flighted events.  Lynn Holzman reiterated that at least 8 of the competition dates needed to be in flighted pair's competitions to meet the NCAA minimums for sports sponsorship, and that three of those 8 competitions needed to be dual matches.


There was a consensus that teams should do some playing around with formats once they were assured of 8 qualifying dates.  Suggested formats were to 1. Play a flighted dual in the morning followed by a 10 team seeded pair's competition in the afternoon, 2.  Play a quadrangular between four teams in flighted format on one day, and a twenty team pair's competition the next. 


Since sand VB is new to the college scene and new as a team sport, it made sense to the group to employ some degree of flexibility.  This was also expressed in relation to playing non-varsity programs.  It was noted, however, that all should insist on non-varsity opponents bringing five pairs to competitions and not allow one or two pairs from schools into events with varsity teams.


Lynn Holzman clarified the rules for summer competition by student-athletes who are collegians and pointed out that they could receive no prize money or expense money without jeopardizing their eligibility.  Her advice was to check any summer competition opportunity with your institutional compliance officer.


The 2012 AVCA Collegiate Sand Volleyball Championship was discussed at length.  The group made the following decisions: 

1.  Selections will be announced on Sunday, April 15, allowing 10 days to make travel arrangements.

 2.  Teams will be selected based on their seasonal results through that weekend

 3.  Based on the number of teams sponsored in southeast verses the west, two bids into the championship would be guaranteed to the southeast and one to the west.  The fourth team would be an at-large selection and could come from either region.  

4.  The AVCA would make recommendation for a five person selection committee consisting of one representative from the AVCA, one from USAV, and three administrators. 

                5.  The AVCA will go to Gulf Shores in early January (9-10) for a site visit and a Sand Committee call will be scheduled after that to discuss format options.   CBS Sports has committed to televise portions of the championship.  All are concerned that the championship not only be a fair contest for the teams and pairs, but also have the best opportunity to draw spectators. 


Several coaches were concerned that there was no site at this point for 2013 and they were in the process of building their 12-13 budgets.  The group felt, however, that without a knowledge of the number of teams who might have varsity programs, their locations, and a first experience of a championship that it would be foolish to award a 2013 site until after the first year was complete.


Steve Owen, a beach official, urged the group not to ‘start from scratch' with officiating and to use the current international and former AVP officials.  Concern was expressed that this group might not be affordable to fledgling programs.  Steve asked to be included in the negotiations feeling that suitable rates and personnel could be found.


Debbie Corum, Associate Commissioner from the SEC and liaison to men's tennis, volunteered to help sand volleyball identify systems for the flighting of teams so that coaches could not ‘game their lineup' to win certain competitions.  Playing both flighted and dual competitions was suggested as one guard against this practice. 




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