SVCC Conference Call Minutes


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Minutes for DI Sand VB Committee Call #10
Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Transcribed by Kathy DeBoer

Attachments: 1) Championship Tourney Format and tentative Time Schedule
2) Lineup Sheet designating Coaches

I. Review of National Championship Format:  The USC-hosted event at the Anneberg Beach House provided the first complete ‘run-though' of the National Championship Format allowing for a review based on actual competition. 
a. The committee voted to change the format for the Team Championship from five individual flights playing independent mini-tourneys, to a single tourney with teams moving together as winners and losers i.e. the team winning 3 of 5 matches advances, regardless of which flights the team won or lost.  The committee also affirmed that a double elimination event with a sudden death final was appropriate for this first year's team championship, as it mitigated the importance of seeding.
b. Matches per day: the committee affirmed that student-athletes could play four matches in a day if needed.  The Team Championship will require 3 or 4 matches for the winning team and the Pairs Bracket on Sunday will require four matches to reach the finals. 
c. Match Timing: scheduling matches on the hour provided ample time for rest and warm up, especially if no team had to play more than 2 consecutive hours.  Under cool weather conditions, taking only 15 minutes between matches was preferable to longer breaks as cooling down and warming up was more fatiguing than continuing to compete.
d. Pairs Championship: the committee stayed with an earlier decision to have all 16 pairs advance from Friday's pool play to Sunday's single elimination championship bracket.  After much conversation regarding the importance of the team vs. the pairs championship, the advantage or disadvantage to particular teams, and the confusion created by splitting the pairs championship over two days, the committee asked for an investigation of the availability of CBS Sports Network to televise the pairs semis and finals on either Saturday or Sunday.  The Committee will revisit this decision on their next call.

II. Rules and Interpretations
a. Named Coaches:  The committee asked that the lineup sheet be modified to include designation of coaches prior to the event.  All agreed that only two coaches may be active during an event and that it would be helpful to know who they are prior to the event.
b. Substitutions: line up substitutions should be communicated to the official referee as soon as they are determined and, at the latest, one hour before the start of play on a given day, or 15 minutes before a match is to begin if made during the same day.  The head referee will share the lineup changes with the opponents as soon as possible.
c. Warm up: Teams should have access to the same number of courts for warm up. Coaches may participate in warm up until 15 minutes before the start of a match.  All coaches and non-participating players must leave the court.  The official and match management staff have 5 minutes to do the coin toss and do any restorative grooming of the court.  The participants may have up to 10 minutes of shared warm up time.    

III. Gulf Shores Updates
a. AVCA will send a letter to administrators, with a copy to the coaches, the 1st week of April asking for their commitment to send their team or any qualifying pair(s) to the national championship.  The Sand VB Championship Selection Committee will base their decisions on eligible institutions.
b. Gulf Shores will provide ground transportation for visiting teams.  Pairs will need to provide their own ground transportation.  All participant housing is within walking distance of the championship site and of all event hospitality functions.
c. The committee authorized the AVCA to allot a higher number of complimentary room nights to teams with the highest potential travel expenses, i.e. those having no option but to fly to the event.   

IV. The next call will be Wednesday, April 4 at 4:30 p.m. ET, 1:30 p.m. PT 


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