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Minutes for DI Sand VB Committee Call #11

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Transcribed by Kathy DeBoer

Attachments: National Championship Intent to Participate Form

2012 Results Tracking Forms (Duals, Pairs, Individuals)


I.                    National Championship Schedule: 

a.       Thursday, April 26:

                                                           i.      Teams and Pairs arrive in Gulf Shores

                                                           ii.      AVCA will schedule practice times for early arrivals

                                                          iii.      Evening dinner with LOC, AVCA, CBS Sports Network

                                                          iv.      Coaches meeting conducted by Head Official, Crystal Lewis 

b.      Friday, April 27:

                                                           i.      Pool Play for sixteen teams competing for the Pair's National Championship

1.      Four teams per pool

2.      Six rounds on a single court

3.      Play starts on all four courts at 11 a.m.

4.      Subsequent matches start 15 minutes after previous match

                                                            ii.      Practice times available for other participants in Team Championship

1.      AVCA will schedule Gulf Shores practice courts

2.      2 hours available per team

                                                          iii.      Autograph sessions schedule for Field Day Friday participants

c.       Saturday, April 28:  Team National Championship

                                                            i.      Double elimination bracket with Sudden Death Final

                                                           ii.      First set of five matches at 11 a.m.; subsequent matches on the hour using ‘no sooner than' format

                                                          iii.      Finals at 5 p.m.; Results and highlights covered by CBSSN

                                                          iv.      Trophy presentation immediately following conclusion of last match

                                                           v.      Celebratory Participant Dinner w/ presentation of All America Awards

d.      Sunday, April 29: Pair's National Championship

                                                       i.      16 team single elimination bracket seeded based on pool play finish

                                                       ii.       8 matches at 8 a.m. 

                                                      iii.      Quarter finals at 9 a.m.

                                                      iv.      First Semi @ 11 a.m.;  2nd Semi @ 11:45 a.m. Both televised by CBSSN

                                                       v.      Championship @ 1:30; televised by CBSSN   


II. Rules and Interpretations

a.       First Match of the Day Protocol:

          i.      -60:00 Coaches provide printed roster & AVCA Match Lineup to Head Official

          ii.      -60:00 to -15:00  Entire team warm up, coaches allowed, each team assigned one court

          iii.      -15:00 to -10:00  Pairs move to specific courts; Officials do final checks and court preparation;

           iv.      -10:00 Coin toss; Coach go to the box; no more  instruction unless players go to coach  

           v.      -10:00 to 0:00  Shared warm up by participating pairs

          vi.      National Anthem - Introductions - Match starts

b.      3 Protocol Options for Subsequent Rounds (to be agreed upon at the start of the day)   

                  i.      "By Rounds"

                     1.      No Round 2 play until all Round 1 matches conclude

                     2.      Following Round 1, Referees take 5 minutes for court maintenance, restroom, etc. then toss coins on all courts for Round 2

                     3.      Courts may be used by waiting players and coaches until coin toss, then all coaches to box and 10 minutes of shared time.

                     4.      All Round 2 matches begin simultaneously

                 ii.      "No Sooner Than"

                     1.      No play may begin until the specified match time; coin toss and 10 minute protocol is administered 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

                     2.      If a court is running behind, there will still be a 15 minute break - 5 + coin toss and 10 shared - before start of the next match

                 iii.      "As Available"

                     1.      This format is generally used in large-format tournaments, when time is short, or when weather threatens to interfere with play

                     2.      Matches assigned by the Tournament Director to the next available court

                     3.      Participants must track where they will play at the tournament desk

                     4.      Referees administer 10 minute protocol on each court, beginning 10 minutes prior to posted start time  


 III.               Gulf Shores Updates

   a.       AVCA sent the attached commitment letter and form to administrators, with a copy to the coaches, on April 2. The Sand VB Championship Selection Committee will base their decisions on eligible institutions.

b.      Results Reporting Forms: Attached are forms for reporting results of the season through April 12.  Please fill these out and return them to the AVCA.  


IV.              The National Championship Selection Call will be at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, April 15

a.       Coaches will be notified by the AVCA that evening if their team or a pair was selected.

b.      ALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP CORRESPONDENCE WILL BE HANDLED BY THE AVCA.  We will provide you will room assignments, notice of the number of complementary rooms, contacts for administrators and parents, etc.  Gulf Shores is handling the junior's and adult tournaments.  They are counting on us to handle the Collegiate National Championship issues.


c.       AVCA Contact numbers:

                                                             i.      Kathy DeBoer, Executive Director: (c) 859.229.2080 (o) 859.219.3554

                                                            ii.      Jackson Silvanik, Media Relations: 859.226.4291

                                                          iii.      Jason Jones, Housing & Logistics, 859.226. 4279    

                                                          iv.      Ashley Beil, Event Operations and Marketing, 859.219.3556 

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