April 12, 2012


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Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2012



Present: Andress, Bauder, Collins, Dagan, Donovan, Garza, Gisbrecht, Hess, Keckler, Kelly, Lambert, Massey, McDonald, Perkins, Read, Robinson, Sheehan, Swearingen, Vaccari, Webb, Zellers


I. Roll Call Update/Roll Call Question - What is the one thing you do for yourself during the summer to keep your sanity?

Roll Call Question Answers:

  • - Read
  • - Massage
  • - Cook
  • - Manicure/pedicures
  • - Golf
  • - Sundays off
  • - Hanging with friends
  • - Vacations - no phones or computers
  • - Bible study
  • - DVR favorite shows and watch at night
  • - Fitness: swimming, jogging, yoga, cycling
  • - Take a day away from the office and get out and do something new in the area
  • - Scrapbook
  • - Photography
  • - Spend time with family/kids
  • - Play volleyball
  • - Kayak
  • - Fish
  • - Community service

II. AVCA Report - Kali Andress - 10/10 Campaign

  • so far we have raised $310
  • Spring Conference pre-registration ends tomorrow at 5pm Eastern Time
  • June 1 - Team Academic Nomination Period begins

III.  Special Guest Corie Murphy from University Athlete to answer any questions we might about UA

  • Tournament rosters and schedules - electronic format
  • Look up athletes, create custom schedules, take notes
  • Online account back and forth with mobile device
  • Team charge UA for access
  • Membership fees changing - now charging same fee to DII an DIII as they are charging DI (it has always been the same product)
  • New NCAA rules require membership fee to be the same across all levels
  • DI and AVCA fought hard to keep UA legal
  • Blanket waver until August 2012 until they meet again
  • Need rule to say pricing same for ALL DI or the same at each level, NOT the same across divisions


IV.  Special Guest Jenny McDowell, Head Coach at Emory - She will be joining us to talk about the upcoming benefit for Rich Luenemann's (Head Coach at Wash U in St. Louis) wife.  Jenny will give us an overview of how Joan is doing since her initial stroke and how we as coaches can help the Luenemann family!


  • Joan had a brain aneurism last fall
  • 2 immediate surgeries
  • Has been in a coma since then - 99% unresponsive
  • Seeing some progress lately - eyes opening
  • Kids have moved back home to be with her
  • Benefit to help with the mounting medical bills at Wash U
  • April 21 Alumni Game Fundraiser


Click here to access the flyer for the benefit.


V. - Next Call - May 10 at 11:00am Eastern Time - last call for the academic year


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