April 18, 2012


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FTA Committee Call

April 18, 2012

Meeting Minutes

I. FTA Orientation - possibly change the name to this at Convention. "Orientation" better describes what the session is all about.

II. Emails to new members

  • a. At the beginning of every month the AVCA sends out an email to members who joined the previous month. The email welcomes them, outlines member benefits, and gives them their log-in and password. The email are short and sweet.
  • b. The FTA Committee will be given a section in those emails to customize each month. Chuck will assign months to each FTA member so they can make it their own by sharing convention stories, favorite things about AVCA membership, etc. All content must be sent to Kali in advance for distribution.

III. Convention Emails

  • a. The AVCA will run a list of all AVCA members who have never attended an AVCA Convention. During the fall, the AVCA sends out marketing emails for convention. For every other email, the FTA committee will be in charge of creating the marketing email that will go to the "never attended" members. The FTA committee has complete freedom to come up with the content for these emails. They can share their convention experiences, share pictures, videos, links, etc. These emails must be sent to Kali in advance for distribution.
  • b. The AVCA will come up with their convention marketing plan in July and will then share those dates with the FTA committee

IV. Representative Emails to classes

  • a. Chuck is assigning people to send out monthly emails to their classes to keep people updated and spread the word.

V. Promotional materials

  • a. Information about AVCA membership and specific AVCA events was sent out by Chuck. Make sure to pass these along to your fellow members. These materials can be used in emails, at local events, and any other venues to spread the AVCA message.
  • b. Brian Swenty's presentation in Germany - he used the AVCA promotional materials - good example of when to use them

VI. Brainstorm New Ideas and Share Actions

  • a. On these monthly calls - come prepared! Think of new ways to market the AVCA in your area or share what you are already doing!

VII. Spring Conference

  • a. Working to promote that
  • b. Would eventually like to have an FTA Orientation there

VIII. Member Notes

  • a. James from Oasis High School in Florida - help with Team Academic Marketing
  • b. Bridget Yates - Louisville DIII - any help with Convention

IX. Next Call - May 16 at 2:00pm Eastern Time

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