May 10, 2012


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DIII Head Coaches Committee Call

May 10, 2012 - 11am Eastern Time

Meeting Minutes


Present: Andress, Lambert, Massey, Garza, McDonald, Perkins, Sheehan, Swearington, Yates, Keckler, Bauder, Edmed


I. Roll Call Update/Roll Call Question

  • a. What do you do with your team from a community service standpoint? (past and future)
  • b. Does Tuesdays at 11am Eastern Time in the fall work for you for committee calls?

II. AVCA Report - Kali Andress

  • a. $1,010 by 10/10 Campaign - currently raised $520
  • b. Team Academic Nomination Period opens June 1
  • c. Mentoring Program - application period for mentees will start mid June. Anyone interested in serving as a mentor, please contact

III. Special Guest Jill Wilson, Asst. Coach at LSU - Jill will talk about the Video Tip of the Week and increasing participation from Division III level

  • a. AVCA and Assistant Coaches Committee started the Video Tip of the Week last year
  • b. It's a brief 90 second video focusing on fixing a problem on and off the court
  • c. Great exposure for you professionally and great way to promote your program and institution
  • d. These videos are getting 1,000 - 3,000 views
  • e. We are looking for more participation for creating VTOW
  • f. Jill will be compiling volunteers and topic ideas this summer to air in the Fall
  • g. Easy to film and edit! You can use a flip camera - upload video to AVCA FTP site
  • h. Click here to see the VTOW guidelines and script
  • i. Click here to download the compliance form if necessary for your school
  • j. Contact Jill Wilson at if interested

IV. Special Guest Jeanne Hess - Jeanne will talk about her new book Sportuality

  • a. Jeanne Hess - former AVCA board member - wrote new book
  • b. Began with the idea of how we use the word "competition"
  • c. Originally it means to "work with", but in today's world we think we need to fight and hate the other team. We are seeing, at the highest level, poor actions among the players, coaches, and fans
  • d. This book is about finding joy in the game again
  • e. There is a great chapter on Education - "to draw forth"
  • f. Enthusiasm- what will the athletes see from you?
  • g. You can purchase the book at Barnes & Noble or in the AVCA product store
  • h. Jean would love to hear your feedback

V. AVCA Board Report/Spring Conference Update

  • a. Sam highly recommends attending the Spring Conference - smaller scale event, intimate setting, top notch education
  • b. UCLA next year
  • c. DIII Men's Championship - very successful this year - next year it will be held at Stephens where Patrick Dorywalski coaches in Hoboken, New Jersey
  • d. Board Meeting- AVCA is definitely here to promote the sport of volleyball, especially at the DIII level
  • e. DI is looking to regulate recruiting which probably won't affect DIII
  • f. 80% of DIII coaches are AVCA members. Be sure to encourage others you know to join - especially for awards like Team Academic where DIII has a huge presence
  • g. A membership drive will be launching soon for a assistant coach promotion - be sure to take advantage of this
  • h. If anyone has any questions about the meeting, feel free to ask Sam

VI. Community Service Recognition at the DIII level

  • a. DIII works with the Special Olympics as their community service initiative
  • b. Looking for ways to publicize all our work and recognize schools and coaches who are doing these things
  • c. Perhaps on the AVCA website or awards, articles, etc.
  • d. Promote DIII coaches or student athletes who are doing good things

VII. Any other agenda items

  • a. This will be our last call for the spring and we are taking the summer off. We will resume Committee Calls in the fall - Most likely on Tuesdays at 11am Eastern Time. Sam will be in touch with specific dates.

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