SVCC Conference Call Minutes


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Sand Volleyball Coaches Committee

August 6, 2012

Committee Members on Call:  Nina Matthies (Pepperdine), Chair, Jason Kepner (College of Charleston), Anna Collier (USC), Danalee Corso(FSU), Steve Loeswick (UNF)

Minutes transcribed by Kathy DeBoer; 


Chair Nina Matthies called the committee to order at 12:40 p.m. ET, 9:40 a.m. PT.  Due to the fact that Anna Collier had to catch a plane, the agenda was reordered to begin with the discussion of the selection criteria.


The committee discussed the 14 parameters listed in the position paper submitted by Anna Collier (attached).  The parameters were divided into two categories based on importance in the decision-making process:

                Category 1 Factors:

                                Head-to-head play w/ extra weight given to matches played later in the season

                                Win-Lose record and percentage within the region

Win-Lose record and percentage over all matches

                                Strength of schedule

Opponent's strength of schedule     

                Category 2 Factors:

                                Results against common opponents

                                Home & Away results

                                Winning margin within matches

                Discarded parameters:

                                Quantity of Competitions (since VB is an emerging sport, the committee excluded this factor, as long as the school competes in the required eight.)

                                Quality and Geographic variety of competitions (as an emerging sport, teams should not be forced to compete out of their area)

                                Results v. teams already qualified for the championship (covered in other parameters)

It was noted that the most easily manipulated factor is win-lose record as it is frequently a function of scheduling.  Also, at this point, the category factors are not in order and are not weighted.  The committee members wanted to take another look at the factors once the list had been sorted.


There was a brief conversation about the selection and seeding of the pairs.  Anna Collier had included the grid put together by Danalee Corso in the spring of 2013.  Only two schools submitted that grid prior to the championship selection call.  Discussion was tabled until the next call.


Championship Format: 

Team Event: contingent on the number of new varsity programs added for 2012-13, the committee favors an expansion of the bracket to six teams with each team guaranteed at least two matches, no team playing more than three in a day, and the event spread over Friday and Saturday. 

There was no support for expanding the days of competition beyond the Friday-Sunday window.  The committee was excited that our television partner was interested in showing more of the team championship as it is the event they consider to be the most important.  Recognizing that five simultaneous matches are not conducive to television coverage they suggested a 2+3 format.  The committee briefly discussed methods to disincentives forfeits.  Jason Kepner suggested a format (attached)


                Pairs Event:  Issues of numbers of matches in a day still confound the schedule and will continue to be discussed.


Subsequent to the meeting Danalee Corso submitted an idea for discussion of a 6-team double elimination with ‘golden' cross over played over two days and a 20 pairs championship played over three days. (attached) These concepts will be discussed on the next call, tentatively set for August 28 or 29.  Time to be determined.   


The call adjourned at 1:50 p.m. ET, 10:50 a.m. PT              

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