September 11, 2012


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AVCA Division III Head Coach Committee Call

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11:00 a.m. EST


Present: Sam Lambert (Chair), Shelly Bauder, Jon Bennett, Doug Blystone, Sandy Augstein-Collins, Josh Edmed, Tiffany Davis, Pat Debeck, Arianna Dolock, Janet Donovan, Joshua Edmed, Beth Ellinger, Ed Garza, Alexa Keckler, Mark Massey, Bridget Sheehan, Eddie Stawinski, Alesia Vaccari, Dorothy Webb, Dee Woodin, Bridget Yates, Kali Andress (AVCA), Kathy DeBoer (AVCA)

I. Roll Call Update/Roll Call Question

Welcome to new members! Those on the call:

  • Doug Blystone - Penn State Abington - NEAC
  • Pat Debeck - North Atlantic Conference (NAC)
  • Alesia Vaccari - GNAC
  • Janet Donovan - Ithaca - Empire 8
  • Eddie Stawinski - NJAC
  • Beth Ellinger - ODAC
  • Alexa Keckler - Gettysburg - Centennial
  • Ed Garza - Austin College - SCAC
  • Sandy Collins - Sage Colleges - Skyline

Roll Call Question: We are a few weeks into the season. What is your team's vision or mantra for the season? Sam started in a new conference this year so she wanted to start some history.

II. AVCA Report - Kali Andress

  • Salary survey - you should have all received an email requesting that you participate in the salary survey. Please take some time to complete this survey as it provides valuable information for our coaching community. The deadline to submit the survey is October 5, and you will receive a couple more email reminders containing the link to get started. Please remember, you will not receive the results from the surveys unless you participate.
  • Convention - Pre-registration is now open for the 2012 AVCA Annual Convention this December 12-16. Join us this year in Louisville, Kentucky for over 80 educational sessions, the country's largest volleyball exhibit show, the NCAA final four, the Under Armour All-America Match, networking events, and much more! Be sure to register during this early-bird period to take advantage of the discounts.
  • C4C - Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship applications are now being accepted through October 5. We have expanded the pool of eligible applicants that will now include any aspiring coaches hoping to attend their first Convention and are AVCA members. Instructions to apply can be found on the AVCA website.
  • The AVCA has extra court sessions to fill at convention. If anyone is interested in presenting at Convention or knows someone who would do a good job, please let Kali know right away.

III. Poll Voting/NCAA Stats Memo Revisit/Any other legislation items

Sam: All of us as voters are doing diligent jobs to pick the top 25. There are now a lot of people who are not imputing their results into the AVCA results section. I know it is different people's responsibilities (you or SID), but send out reminders to your conference to make sure these get in. We have to make sure coaches can view these when voting. Also make sure there are no mistakes or changes that need to be made. Let me know if you need assistance.

  • Mark: Totally agree with Sam. Frustrating when all the results are not posted, even if you aren't having a great year. This is a very important part of the process.

Sam: Stats Memo Revisit. This is take effect in 2013. How are we going to handle this ourselves? We aren't sure here at Rhodes yet. It's going to be very important that stats are being taken, just like other sports. If the committee needs to put something together for schools that need assistance, we can make sure our sport is getting taken care of. Has anyone made any changes so far? Or had any discussions with SIDs or athletics directors?

  • John: Has used student workers who were trained one day during stat crew via video conference. HE will send Sam information
  • Use someone from a math department who is good with numbers. Or use IT majors.
  • Biggest problem was finding enough people who are familiar with the game. Not many problems with entering the information into Stat Crew.
  • Kathy DeBoer - The AVCA can send you the Volleyball ACE webinar recording. This is good to pass along to the people who are taking your stats.
  • Jon had one of his students on the webinar and is now testing out the program.
  • Is anyone using SoloStats123? No. Sam's assistant is using it and likes the export function.
  • Solostats123 is a wonderful on the bench tool. But it only tracks exit stats unless you are really quick with it. Kali will also send out the SoloStats123 webinar recording.
  • Kyle Mashima from SoloStats123 and Rotate123 is very accessible. It's also very cost effective.

Sam: I know we are all taking advantage of the additional 15 subs. Any other rules concerns?

  • Officiating was poor at a recent tournament. They made very few calls. The officials said DIII was really opening up and making less hand calls. Is that just DIII or universal?
  • Others saw the same thing. Lax in making calls. Things weren't being called because of the score.
  • Also concerned with inconsistency of calls.
  • Sam: Do any of your conferences have evaluations put into place for officials?
  • Bridgett: We do have that in our conference. We have a big difference in skill level so our matches are not close. Officials told us they didn't want to make a lot of calls with huge leads. We met with them and told them we want calls to be consistent regardless of the scores. We can't lower the standards in DIII. Who sent out that message to DIII officials?
  • Kathy: Joan Powell is working with the NCAA for officials. Please write down your concerns and email them directly to her to address these. That way we can see if it was an off-hand remark or if it really is a trend coming from the top. Best to check with the source on the policies.
  • Sam: Will look into this and address this on the next call or email everyone before on an update. Will also invite Joan to attend the next call for discussion. 

IV. Update on the start of the season

Kathy: Is there any conversation in the DIII community about sand volleyball as an emerging sport or is it not on anyone's radar?

  • Mark: I have heard people talking about it but not cost effective.
  • Kathy: It's not on the emerging sports list for DIII. There are no problems with that, but I want to stay close to your needs about this issue so we can be helpful to you should there be interest to get it on the emerging sports list. I believe sand volleyball will be an NCAA Championship sport before the next Olympics. There will be 40 teams next year, and you need that for 2 years to achieve championship status. This is moving faster than any other sport.
  • Similar to men's volleyball. Cost of travel is the biggest problem because there aren't any schools close to us who have it. It seems most of us are waiting on the others to start it.
  • Kathy: DI and DII programs will start up close to you next year. There aren't divisions yet. It is starting in geographic pods. Please send Sam anymore remarks about sand so she can pass along to the AVCA.

Anything coming up that we need to look at? Is anyone implementing any interesting marketing strategies?

  • Sam: Hosting first conference matches this weekend. Luncheon for former alumni and invitations from the area to come out and watch the football game and volleyball matches. Also have food trucks around campus.
  • Please share with her any innovative things you are doing so she can spread the word.


The next call will be Tuesday, October 9 at 11:00am Eastern Time.



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