October 17, 2012


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Division II Head Coaches Committee Conference Call Minutes



                                                                  Division II HCC Meeting


                                                            Wednesday, October 17, 2012
                                                                                1PM ET


Roll Call:

Randi Smart
Kim Habbert:  NOT PRESENT
Todd Caughlin
Shellane Ogoshi
Kristy Bayer:  NOT PRESENT
Will Stanton
Lorlee Smith
Doug Walters
Diane Flick
Melissa Woler
Mike Stephens
Chuck Waddington
Ben Briney
Lauren Amundson
Jim Boos
Gayle Stammer
Katie O'Brien
Zach Shaver:  NOT PRESENT 
Jamie Skadeland
Michael Robinson:  NOT PRESENT 
Selina Bynum-Kohn
Chris Catanach
Sarah Smith:  NOT PRESENT
Cody Hein


I           General Welcome, call to order


II         Reports

A. David Portney

                        1. General AVCA information update

Just a reminder the convention registration early bird deadline is November 2, so if you plan on attending and want to save money please make sure you are registered by then.  Just a note, please go ahead and book your hotel at the Hyatt because there are only sporadic openings remaining at the Marriot and Spring Hill Suites.


As some of you who are on the awards committee know, the DII awards season is almost upon it.  The nomination period for All-Region and All-American is Monday, November 12 through Thursday, November 15...so please pass along and make sure all schools are aware of those dates.  If they do not have an active AVCA membership, there is still time but they have to take care if it ASAP to nominate their student-athletes. 


Yesterday you should have received a ballot for the DII rep on the board of directors and the president elect.  Voting for both positions close on Tuesday, October 23rd.


Thank you to all of you who filled out the salary survey.  Those of you who did submit it will receive the results next month, so be on the look-out for those.


 B. Cody

1. November meeting

a. no conference call. I will submit a little bit more detailed of an agenda via email and will solicit responses or questions from you guys for a week from there. Once that period is over, I will make necessary changes and send to you guys again to forward on to your conference coaches.

2. Top-25 Poll

a. will be restructured at December HCC meeting at convention.
- We're looking at 48 total reps, one HCC rep and one other found by the HCC rep. 

3. Combined Championships

a. no new info as of now...

            - Told immediately this will be a long process.  This was jumped

             on quickly because the bid schedule is coming out.                   

b. hope to get an update forom Championships Committee by convention


C. Kathleen Brasfield

 1. NCAA communication initiative

 - Background: Coached volleyball at Angelo State for 20+ years, stepped down to become Athletic  Director.  She retired then was asked by NCAA to be DII liaison.

- Felt communication between coaches and NCAA is one of weaker links, and wanted it to approve.  The NCAA created a "coaches connection" to create dialogue between coaches and NCAA...testing with football and volleyball this year.

- Allow coaches to talk to liaison to share worries with NCAA easily.

- Want to be available to you...will contract conference contacts soon.

- Will be attending the Elite 8 in Florida and Final Four in Louisville.

- Will email proposed legislation of this convention.

- Received distribution list to email addresses of all head coaches...would like to be involved in conference meetings. 

-This relationship has to be an open dialogue, and would like to serve as a funnel to feel coaches have input.

- If this works well it can expand to other sports.

- To help Kathleen with her distribution list, when you forward the minutes to your coaches, CC Kathleen so she can cross-reference her emails list.

D. Sickle Cell testing documents

Chuck:  Do kids have to have results with them to try out?  I've heard schools are afraid of the waiver.

Cody:  I heard from my athletic trainer that we're going to need the results, but will push the waiver.

Ben:  We have them sign a waiver.


III        Next Meeting/Roll

  • A. In-Person: Wednesday December 12, 2012 from 5:30-7:00pm in KICC 209

-If can't attend, find another conference head coach to take your spot.

B.  Take roll

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