November 13, 2012


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DIII Head Coaches Committee

Tuesday, November 13

Meeting Minutes


Present: Augstein-Collins, Bauder, Bennett, Edmed, Ellinger, Garza, Keckler, Kelly, Kiick, Robinson, Schoultz, Sheehan, Yates, Lambert, Andress (AVCA)

I. Roll Call Update/Roll Call Question

  • Let Sam know if you plan on being in attendance for the DIII HCC meeting at Convention. Also let her know any agenda items that you would like added to the DIII HCC meeting or the DIII general meeting at Convention.

II. AVCA Report - Kali Andress

  • Deadline to Pre-Register for Convention is Wednesday, November 28. Most of the hotels are sold out, but there is still room at the Galt House.
  • Sunday of Convention, December 16 will be the Talent Showcase. This year 300 of the top athletes from across the country were invited to participate. This is a free recruiting event. If you would like to pre-register, just let me know and I will send you the link. Coaches who pre-register get the athletes information prior to the event.
  • There were a grand total of 360 Division III nominees for the 2012 Post Season Awards (All-Region and All-America), up from 340 in 2011 despite the havoc Super storm Sandy caused in the northeast. So just wanted to say thank you to all of you who nominated your athletes. The list of winners will be announced later today.
  • Kali just emailed you all a flyer about being a Big Brother or Big Sister at Convention. The Big Brother/Big Sister pro-gram is designed to pair-up a returning member of the AVCA Convention with a First Time Attendee. The returning member can simply provide recommendations of sessions, scheduling, or directions, or invite the First Time Attendee to sit with them during a meal and accompanying them to sessions. I believe you all will be in your DIII meeting while this reception is going on, so if you are interested, please contact Chuck Rey in advance, and he will get you paired up with someone.

III.  NCAA Tournament Update

  • DIII tournament is at Hope College (Becky Schmidt - coach). If you are interested in attending or know of any other coaches coming, please let Sam know. Becky would like to provide a hospitality room and have everyone get together. Kathy DeBoer is also attending to present the All-American awards at the banquet.

IV.  AVCA Convention - meeting times, agenda items, topics to discuss/cover at convention

  • DIII HCC Committee Meeting at Convention - 5:30 - 7 on Wednesday, December 12 in the KICC.
  • DIII General Meeting is Thursday, December 13 from 9-11am in KICC.
  • Is there a date/time that we can all get together, have some food/drink, network, and enjoy each other's company
  • Let her know any agenda items that you would like added to the DIII HCC meeting or the DIII general meeting at Convention.

               o New region scheduling - 70% in region

               o Better clarification for scheduling since we don't know exactly what is happening. Need better communication. Some start scheduling in the middle of the previous season. Shouldn't have to wait until Convention for information.

                  o Alignment issues

                  o Grace period

                  o Recruiting Calendar

                  o Bylaw

  • Joan Powell is going to talk to us at the General Meeting about officials. People have mentioned to me the possibility of an evaluation system. This is probably something we can do in our respective conferences, but we will also discuss with Joan to see if we can get something more formal across the board.
  • Also let Sam know what can the AVCA being helping us out with more effectively.
  • You should have received a rules survey from the NCAA. Please take the time to fill it out. Will have new Rules liaison introduce herself at Convention.


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