TYC HCC Conference Call Minutes


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Two-Year College Head Coaches Committee Conference Call

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

                11:30 am ET


Present on Call:

Ashley Beil (AVCA), Rick Reynolds (Chair), Kali Andress (AVCA, Phenom Prep Program), Sue Sinclair, Sonny Lewis, Bert Luallen, Kim Whitney, Giovanna Melo, Darrin McBroom, Marci Henry, Jane Peterson, Jenni Hull, Jayme Frazier, Mary Young


Call Agenda


AVCA Updates

  • Phenom Prep Program and TYC athletes participating - Kali Andress, AVCA


Greg Dana, Associate Director of Academic Affairs, Two-Year Transfers to NCAA

  • Math is showing that Two-Year to Four Year transfer graduation rates are lower than those coming to four year schools from high school
  • GPA is the primary indicator on whether or not a Two-Year transfer will graduate from Four Year School
  • Please reference Two-Year to Four Year Transfer Guide & New Standards for Transfer Students
  • o These documents will be posted to the TYC Committee and TYC Divisions page on the AVCA Website


NJCAA Updates


NWAAC Updates

  • No updates


CCCAA Updates

  • No updates


General Discussion

  • Rick - find a way to attack 2013 and make a difference for TYC coaches & student-athletes
  • Getting the younger coaches engaged early, getting more involved with the NJCAA and keeping those lines of communication open and effective
  • Getting ADs convinced to put AVCA membership into the new budget for FY 2014 to provide coaches with professional development
  • Online form for capturing information on TYC student-athletes for recruiting
  • o Link to YouTube video
  • o Height, Jump Touches
  • o Leave off projected level
  • o Mirror the Phenom form

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