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Sand Volleyball Coaches Meeting

Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 AVCA Convention, Louisville, KY


The meeting was called to order with a welcome by Sand Volleyball Coaches Committee chair, Nina Matthies at 1:30 p.m. ET.  Nina pointed out that the meeting agenda was very full, and asked all presenters to make their remarks brief and to make themselves available for specific questions and further discussion after the meeting.


Officials Report : Keith Murlless & Anna Collier

                Keith Murlless suggested that an official's committee made up of those working collegiate events be appointed to work with the AVCA, NCAA, and the Coaches Committee to review and refine issues of debate that occurred with regularity during the first collegiate season.  Keith volunteered to coordinate this effort with Steve Owen.  

                Keith reviewed several protocols from year one regarding warm-up time, shared space and coach involvement:

  • - Coaches may be involved in warm-ups prior to the coin toss. Event managers, if available, should guarantee that all participants have equal access to whatever warm-up courts are available. If no event manager is on site, coaches will exercise professional courtesy and accommodate each other on this issue.
  • - Allowing 3-5 minutes for sand repair, court maintenance and official's restroom/snack break before the start of the 10 minutes of shared time worked well at the AVCA National Championship and is recommended for all events.
  • - The coin flip between participants will take place 10 minutes prior to the start of a match. The length of time between matches for the same players was found to be a weather and facility-related parameter with the general rule being, the cooler the weather, the less time between matches as players preferred to keep playing rather than cool down.

Anna Collier reviewed the regulations for coach's involvement in collegiate matches:

  • - Verbal instructions only after the start of the 10-minute warm-up
  • - Coaches may instruct players during side-changes and time-outs only
  • - Players must call a time-out, although the coach may signal to them to do so.
  • - Coaches must be in their team's player box or actively moving from one court to another during competition.
  • - During a match, coaches must refrain from addressing either the referee or the opponent's players. Any exchange with the referee is the responsibility of the participating players.

Keith and Anna both asked the AVCA to make a document containing Administrative Regulations and Forms specific to Collegiate Sand Volleyball and to make these easy to find on the AVCA website.  Here is a link to this document: It is also attached.


NCAA Legislative Regulations - Stephanie Castera, NCAA

  • - Stephanie Castera presented a Power Point (attached to minutes) which provided general NCAA regulations and bylaw-number citing on the specific questions that had been raised by various coaches prior to the meeting
  • - Stephanie reminded all attendees that final jurisdiction always rests with institutional compliance officers and that coaches should get permission before allowing student-athletes with eligibility remaining to participate in any event outside of the institution's playing and practice season.
  • - John Dunning asked if coaches on the court staff who were not designated sand coaches could watch sand practice and competition. Stephanie answered that they could as long as they were mindful of the restriction against any coaching activity in relation to the sand volleyball student-athletes.


Statistics - Danalee Corso & Anna Collier

  • - Coaches were reminded that Sand Volleyball will not be recognized as a legitimate sport by the media or administrators until there are statistics on individual performances that are readily available and intuitive for the general public.
  • - Unlike the court game, one person can take statistics for both teams in Sand VB. The AVCA form for stat-taking is attached.
  • - To be considered for post-season awards, players must have a minimal statistical record of kills/set, dig/set, aces/set and blocks/set.


Lineup Changes and Challenges - Danalee Corso & Anna Collier

  • - Coaches were reminded of the rules for lineup shuffling.
  • o The first two weeks of the season, March 7-21, coaches are free to experiment broadly with pairs and positions
  • o After that, lineup changes are restricted to one position up or down from one event to another.
  • o The exception is a substitute that occurs based on an injury, may be a player who leapfrogs from a position below 10th into a higher spot than the #5 pair.
  • o Although a particular match will be forfeited when a player is unable to continue due to injury, every attempt should be made not to force forfeits in subsequent matches. In these cases, pulling in a substitute from below 10, or rearranging teams using the one position rule will be allowed.


Nina Matthias introduced Philip Bryant, Commissioner of the Gulf Shores Region of USA Volleyball, and Billy Stone, Executive Producer at CBS Sports Network, and thanked them for the fabulous job they had done on the inaugural AVCA Collegiate Sand VB National Championship

  • - The Sand VB Coaches Committee has voted to return to Gulf Shores for the National Championship in 2013, 2014, and 2015: Dates, May 3-5, 2013; May 2-4, 2014; May 1-3, 2015
  • - Kathy DeBoer announced that the tentative format would be six schools invited to compete for the Team Championship and as many as 20 individual pairs invited to participate in the Pairs Championship. The number and details of that format will be dependent on administrative support for the championship among 2013 varsity programs since the cost to compete for the championship is the responsibility of the participating institutions.
  • - The AVCA will send a Letter of Intent to Participate to AD's shortly after the start of the 2013 season. The letter will include the option to participate in the Team Championship, the Pairs Championship, one or the other only, or both.

Nina thanked both Coach Bryant and Billy Stone for the tremendous job of hosting and publicizing the 2012 Championship and encouraged all coaches to get their AD's to support future championships as they are a tremendous experience for the student-athletes involved.


USA Volleyball - Ali Wood Lamberson gave a brief report on criteria USA Volleyball will use for future selections of Beach National Team coaches.  Minimum requirements will be:

  • - USAV membership and passing the IMPACT background screening
  • - B-CAP certified
  • - Previous International experience preferred
  • - Application processes will become more similar to those used in selecting court coaches for USAV programs

She also reported that USAV will continue to support collegiate events in California and she was hopeful that USAV would be able to support the AVCA Collegiate National Championships.  Kathy DeBoer noted that the Beach Administrative Committee was holding their inaugural meetings at the AVCA Convention and she was hopeful this would become an annual occurrence.


The AVP leadership in Donald Sun, Owner, Dick Carle, Chairman, John Eckel, CMO, were at the AVCA Convention but were not yet ready to make an official report to the group.  Kathy DeBoer reported that they had met with Stephanie Castera, Lynn Holzman, and TJ Meagher while there and showed a willingness to work with and within NCAA guidelines in developing their programs and events.


Sun-visible e-SCORE - Sandy Vong, whose company Insight Sports has been working on a portable, electronic scoreboard for sand volleyball demonstrated the new and improved version.  He thanked the coaches for their feedback and encouraged them to continue providing it. The link is

Sandy also asked coaches who might be thinking of taking their Sand teams to China or who would be interested in hosting beach teams traveling to the US to visit with him about those possibilities.


The meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m. ET.

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