December 13, 2012 - General Meeting


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AVCA Division III General Meeting Notes

December 13, 2012



Official Notes:

  • Perhaps an option to evaluate officials via assignor
  • Work with Joan Powell to set up an evaluation tool for coaches with officials
  • Officials must pass PAVO with 90% by 09/15 to be eligible for post season opportunities
  • Ask assignors to go through PAVO for education - join both NCAA and PAVO
  • Rule comparison sheets can be found on the PAVO website
  • Goal of PAVO to increase the number of female officials
  • Would like to see film clips from coaches of both good and bad plays

NCAA Rules Update:

  • NCAA Rules Secretary - Anne Pufhal -
  • Sarah Davis (Wooster) and Bonnie May (Smith) - Division III reps on the rules committee
  • The new Libero jersey rules will be implemented starting in 2013

NCAA Update:

  • 3500 attended the Championship match at Hope
  • 14-15 - keeping sports in the same playing region area
  • UAA only exception with 2 regions versus 6
  • 70% in region requirement in order to be eligible for post season competition - may apply for a waiver if don't make the requirement
  • Geographic regions counts toward 70% in region requirement
  • Concerns about hurting people from hosting in the NCAA tournament (Emory with move to Mid Atlantic)
  • If you have concerns about the impending changes please contact your conference commissioner prior to 01/28

Recruiting Calendar:

  • Not necessarily is the goal to institute a recruiting calendar but to discuss the current feel regarding recruiting at Division III
  • There will be a survey to fill out and a working group is in place that will meet at the annual convention in January
  • Some coaches expressed concern about lack of flexibility if a true calendar were ever put in place
  • Lots of diversity within Division III - some coach club for additional money and as a way to pay for recruiting
  • Coach can control burn out
  • Marci Sanders from UT Dallas is serving on this committee


Division III Awards Update:

  • Concerns were raised this year about the number of players not represented from top teams
  • Is it time to look at the system again?
  • Playing ranked teams and stats should stand out versus non ranked teams stats
  • All Americans should be the best players in the country
  • Some kids will be missed if not playing ranked teams
  • People on committee need to do their homework - who are our current member s, why isn't it posted, how often do people rotate off the committee
  • Chair of each region must do their homework to advocate players
  • Implement some sort of standardized reporting procedure: especially stats because students are still taking stats on the bench
  • Need to keep consistency with reporting
  • Instructions for committee members: new members are not sure of the process and need some guidance as to how to proceed
  • How are we picking the National Coach of the Year?
  • Is uploading video an option?
  • How transparent do we want to be
  • Some regions want top schools to be represented versus representation


Click here to access the NCAA DIII Women's Volleyball Committee 2012 Annual Report

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