December 12, 2012


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DIII Head Coaches Committee
Convention Meeting Minutes
December 12, 2012


Present: Andress (AVCA), Lambert, Gentry (NCAA), Schmidt, Bennett, Garza, Costa, Graves, Massey, Glasser, Slagual, Collins, Robinson, Woody, Kim Kelly, Kiick, Brider, Sheehan, Nicole Kelly, Swearingen, Gibsbreak, Yates


Board Report:

  • Kevin Hambly is the President Elect
  • AVCA has over $1M in reserves
  • Louisville Convention was the biggest ever

Joan Powell - PAVO

  • Most important thing is communication
  • Cecile Reynaud is on the committee to review officials
  • Met with DIII Championship Committee for selection of officials
  • Involve more women in officiating, need to train more women
  • Member of NCAA and PAVO
  • Ball handling - athleticism is hard to define, very aware that this isn't helpful
  • Libero - if you have questions about what counts when buying jerseys, email
  • Working closely with NFHS - not enough refs for high school
  • Coaches all expect different calls, there is no way to please everyone
  • Currently officials lean more forgiving because of directive to let the players deteremine the play
  • First whistle determines the level of strictness, then have to stay consistent throughout entire match
  • Need a uniform way for coaches to evaluation officials after each match
  • All assigners vary for how many schools they have. Some refs are independent contractors. The hiring entity can hire whoever they want without asking if they are certified, member of NCAA/PAVO, or if they have had continuing education.
  • The rules are different among all: NFHS (high school), FIVB/USAV (club), and NCAA (college) which makes it hard on officials
  • Email for questions

Jan Gentry - NCAA

  • Click here to access the NCAA DIII Women's Volleyball Committee 2012 Annual Report
  • Regional alignment has changed, very few changes from existing
  • Want all sports in the same regions. UAA is the only exception - 2 regions
  • Equitable numbers (50-60) in each region. More in northeast region. West will have 20.
  • Once you meet 70% in region standard, then every DIII team you play will be considered for post season.
  • Change will happen Fall 2014



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