TYC HCC Conference Call Minutes


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Two-Year College Head Coaches Committee Conference Call

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

                11:30 am ET


Present on Call:

Ashley Beil (AVCA), Sonny Lewis, Kim Whitney, Darrin McBroom, Jane Peterson, Sue Sinclair, Kevin Kramer, Kim Whitney, Regina Mannix, Jose Rivera, Jamie Ivers, Rick Reynolds (Chair), Mary Young


Call Agenda:


AVCA Updates

  • 2013 Webinar series schedule is still running and available for purchase. There is a Camp Series, a Recruiting Series and a Sand Series. http://www.avca.org/education-resources/coaching-education/webinars/
  • 2013 AVCA Spring Conference East/West registration is now open. SC East is scheduled for April 26-28 on the campus of MIT and SC West is schedule for May 2-4 at UCLA.
  • The AVCA would like this committee to develop a task force to help us determine how to effectively market our Convention Talent Showcase to Two-Year College student-athletes. We would also look to this task force to help us market that event within the TYC community. Ideally, we would like one rep from the NJCAA, CCCAA and NWAAC. Please let Ashley/Rick know if you are interested in serving in this role.


Angela Crawford, NAIA Eligibility Center

  • Angela gave an overview of the Eligibility Center - process the academic eligibility for first-time NAIA student-athletes. This includes transfers and first-year students
  • Transfers to NAIA
  • o Contact students can make with an NAIA coach/school - student-athlete can contact at any time.
  • o Tryouts - prospective student-athletes are permitted a maximum of 2 days of tryouts per NAIA campus and can only occur after completion of first acadmic year at a TYC and must take place outside of school hours.
  • o Student is not considered a prospective student-athlete until the completion of their first academic year is complete. The student-athlete can contact an NAIA coach at any time. The NAIA coach cannot contact the student-athlete until they are considered a prospective student-athlete.
  • Basic rules for transfer students
  • o 24/36 hour rule
  • o Progress rule - based off charged seasons of competition
  • o GPA rule - minimum GPA of 2.0 (cumulative)
  • Basics of Registration Process/Website
  • o Questions? Visit: playnaia.org
  • o Playnaia.org - create profile and complete registration process. $70 fee for domestic registration process; $120 if student-athlete graduated from an international high school
  • § Fee for transfer students is going up and will fall somewhere in between these 2 fees
  • o Get transcripts as soon as possible; this is the most common reason for delays
  • Reasons the NAIA might need to contact the TYC coach/institutions directly
  • o Questions about seasons of competition charged
  • o Be responsive!

Good NAIA Eligibility Center links to reference:






NJCAA Updates

  • 2012 NJCAA Constitution and Bylaw Proposals are available for your review if you would like to see how any of these proposals might impact volleyball.



  • Possibility of third year of eligibility at the Two-Year College level?


NWAAC Updates

  • No updates


CCCAA Updates

  • Welcome to the committee, Kevin Kramer and Jamie Ivers!
  • No updates


General Discussion

  • Rick has been working with Rick Kern 2012 RPI and Pablo Rankings and will have those for the next call.
  • o Further conversations need to take place with Mary Ellen Leicht before this is launched


Next Call:


Wednesday, March 20 at 11:30 am (ET)

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