Wednesday, March 6, 2013


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Division I Head Coaches Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (EST)

Call led by Lyndsey Oates, Division I Representative, University of Northern Colorado


1.  College Coaches Coaching Club Update (Lyndsey Oates)

Last thing we did was send out an email with some scenarios. Tracy Smith was spearheading this. She received the scenarios and we will give those to the NCAA this week. The NCAA will give us back Q&A like we received recently about these unclear areas. The rule is black and white, but we need clarification on some of these situations. We will send those out within a week or so.

TJ Meagher said we are working to get a unilateral interpretation of the rule. NCAA is working on this so compliance directors can give coaches more direction so everyone is following the same parameters.


2.  Recruiting Task Force Update (Matt Ginipro)

By March 18, we will give the NCAA our final feedback. The issues are the following:

First Issue: Recruiting days have gone from 80 to 100. Are we in favor of that?

  • Atlantic Sun - Not in Favor
  • Northeast Conference - Not in Favor
  • Big 10  - Not in Favor
  • SEC - Not in Favor
  • American East - Not in Favor
  • Pac 12 - Not in Favor
  • Ivy League - Not in Favor
  • Colonial - Not in Favor
  • Missouri Valley - Not in Favor

Second issue: Dead period. Are these good times? Most are in favor of keeping things how they currently are. Some expressed concerns about keeping Thanksgiving open.

 Third Issue: Quiet Period - It is written that we will have NO quiet period. Thoughts?

  • Big 12 - Opposed to removing quiet period
  • Big East - Opposed to removing quiet period. If remove, let's just have 80 days.
  • Atlantic Sun - Opposed to removing quiet period
  • Colonial - Opposed to removing quiet period
  • Ivy League- 5 to 3 in favor of removing quiet period (as long as kept at 80 days)
  • Big 10 - Opposed to removing quiet period, 5 people suggested to have more quiet periods
  • Missouri Valley - Opposed to removing quiet period
  • America East - Opposed to removing quiet period
  • Mountain West - Opposed to removing quiet period
  • Metro Atlantic - In favor of removing the quiet period

3.  NCAA Meeting Update  (Lyndsey Oates)

No changes for 2013. For 2014:

  • Possibly have home regionals. Would not be a pre-determined site. No regional sites where the home team isn't playing.
  • 32 first round sites, instead of 16, so that there are more home matches


4.  All-Region Awards Update (Dave Portney)

Basically, the main difference will be in the All-Region selection.  In the past we had All-Region committees, but we're looking to dissolve those and in their place every coach in the region vote the All-Region Teams. 

So every coach in the region would receive a link where they can view all of the nominees in their region only, and they'll select a Region Coach of the Year and 14 total winners which will be broken into five outside hitters/right sides, three middle blockers, two setters, one libero and three at-large.

A coach will not be able to vote for their own players, and a coach has to vote in order for their program's nominees to be considered.   If they don't vote, their student-athletes won't be on the All-Region Team and subsequently any of the All-American teams.  We talked to a handful of different coaches associations who did it this way and they all had higher than 90% participation rate.

This is going into effect this fall 2013. We are open to any and all feedback. We have had extensive conversations with our current awards chairs and other coaches associations who use this model.

There are some concerns about All-Region teams by position, since we have never done that. This could be eliminating some players just because they play the "wrong" position. Why would we do this at the conference level if we don't do it for All-America level. The "at large" bid addresses this to some level.

There may be some realigning with conferences/schools. We are still at the beginning stages of these discussions.

Please see the awards proposal also attached to this email. Please email Dave at with your feedback.


5.  Women/Family/Life Balance and Coaching Update (Arlisa Williams)

No subcommittee updates.


6.  AVCA Update (Kali Andress)

Kali reminded the committee that registration for the AVCA Spring Conference is now open. The format of the spring conference has changed this year as there will be a Spring Conference East and Spring Conference West. Spring Conference West is May 2 - 4 on UCLA's campus and will be held in conjunction with the NCAA Men's DI/DII Championship. Spring Conference East is April 26 - 28 on the campus of MIT in Boston and will be held in conjunction with the NCAA Men's DIII Championship. Both events will feature Al Scates and Mike Hebert as keynote speakers. The early registration discount rate of $239 will be available until March 22 for WEST and March 15 for EAST. A $20 per person registration discount is available for groups of 2 and a $40 per person discount is available for groups of 3 or more. More information can be found by clicking here.


7.  Next committee call Wednesday, April 6, 2013 at 11:30 a.m. ET


8.  Roll Call

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