March 12, 2013


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AVCA Assistant Coaches Committee Call

11:00 a.m. CST - Tuesday, March 12


I.        AVCA Announcements (Kali Andress)


  • 2013 AVCA Spring Conference East/West

Registration is now open for the 2013 AVCA Spring Conference East/West events. Spring Conference East is scheduled for April 26-28 on the campus of MIT in conjunction with the NCAA Men's Division III Championship. Spring Conference West is scheduled for May 2-4 on the campus of UCLA and the Westin LA Airport in conjunction with the NCAA Division I-II Men's Championship.


This Friday is the early registration deadline for Spring Conferences EAST. So make sure to register this week to take advantage of the savings.


Both Spring Conference events will feature on-court and classroom presentations from our master coaches, Al Scates and Mike Hebert, including an entire day of in-depth analysis on both attacking and program development. Additional sessions will be offered led by renowned coaches from all levels of the game.


Click here for more information.


  • 2013 AVCA Webinars

Sign up now for the AVCA Sand Webinar series that begins next Tuesday, March 19. Liz Masakayan will discuss picking pairs, Dane Selznick will talk about efficiency of movement and Angela Rock will discuss basic offense and defensive strategies. If you purchase all 3 in the series you get a discounted rate. Click here for more information.


II.        Guest Speaker  -- John Cook, Head Coach @ The University of Nebraska

Topic:  Their 5 year plan to add sand to their program without increasing their budget

  • Built an indoor sand volleyball court several years ago.
  • 5 years ago wrote letters to NCAA to make sand a collegiate sport
  • Our indoor team is our outdoor team
  • We aren't going to spend money because we are leaving tomorrow during Spring Break to play sand in Southern California. We have budgeted to go play somewhere during Spring Break.
  • Had to promise our AD that if we qualify to team Championships in May, we will not participate in that, since it's not in our budget.
  • AD has told us once NCAA sponsors a sand Championship, then we could discuss adding this to the budget. Our AD feels that the rules are not structured enough right now.



  • What are the benefits for your indoor team? We will wait to see what the benefits are. We can do whatever we want with 20 hours per week. We practice 4 days a week, indoor 1 day a week because of class scheduling conflicts so we can split them up in small groups. I like that everyone has to learn how to pass and set, everyone is touching the ball. This is a huge benefit for the athletes who don't always get to do that.
  • When you move athletes indoor do you change dimensions of the court? No because that would be hard to do. We just do a lot of half court stuff and a lot of stuff behind the 10 foot line. A lot of 2 vs 2 and ball handling. We do a drill called the eye drill with variations.
  • What are your thoughts on handling the poor weather? We have been outside for 5 days. If it's 40 degrees and sunny, we go outside. We have an indoor court, but not all places have that. I'm not sure what you would do. Stanford did their indoor season for 6 weeks right at the beginning of the year. Now that the weather is getting better, they are doing their sand. All of the schools up there committed to $5,000 budget, decided to only play each other, and to not go to the championship.
  • Is it a problem for any of the athletes when you tell them they can't play in the championship? No, because they can try out for all of the USAV stuff in the summer. So, that's the trade-off for the ones who are pretty serious about it. The championships start at the end of our finals week, so I think they are ready to be finished. I've been trying to move indoor volleyball to the spring and move sand to the August and September, so that a lot more schools can easily participate.
  • I think we are starting on a raquet ball court with a foot of sand. Are you blending your 2 hours of off-season into your sand at all? When you go inside and doing doubles, are you using outdoor balls? No, we are using indoor balls. And we haven't used any of our 2 hours of indoor training. We do it all under our sand format.
  • Is the sand/indoor combo player making a difference in your recruiting? We are still focusing on indoor athletes in recruiting. But, this year we have 2 kids who are coming here to walk-on because they want to play both. So they are coming to Nebraska instead of playing at another lever school.
  • How much did it cost to built the indoor sand court? The sand court is part of a huge building that houses facilities for other sports. The sand we imported in cost $30,000 and Bisen donated a net system. The sand is the cleanest, purist sand we could get. They use to use it in the AVP.


  • III. Welcome New Members:
  • Gregory Shell Central Connecticut StateNorth East Conference
  • Kacie EhingerMarist MAAC
  • Jennifer Valen Liberty Big South Conference
  • Kirsta CobbXavier A-10


 IV.        Update on Current Hot Topics - Coaching Club and Recruiting Calendar (Tracy)

  • Conference recruiting calendar feedback due today. So far Tracy has received it from: Big 10, Mid-American Conference


  • Three more responses came in to add to the NCAA Q&A on Coaching Club/Recruiting...the total 11 scenarios that will be asked are listed below. This has been submitted and Tracy will keep you up to date on this.


V.        Legislative Sub-Committee (Shannon/Nicole)

  • We get our compliance directors interpretations on the rules. Every time, they are all usually different. But we want to give you all ideas so you can discuss with your compliance departments. Each division will have different rules. The rules are likely to change as the NCAA catches up with social media trends. If you want updates on the new proposed legislation from Ole Miss, let Shannon know and she can share that with you.
  • Twitter Guidelines
  • o Ignorance is not an excuse
  • o Bylaw 13.10. You can't publicize where you are recruiting. NCAA Rules Working Committee Changes
  • o You can follow PSA's on Twitter or Instagram at any age because they do not get a direct email. Facebook, you must wait until Sept 1.
  • o Cannot post pictures of PSA from visit.
  • o The PSA can post a picture on their page. Your SA's cannot like it, but they can send them a private message. They cannot respond publically about the visit.
  • Feedback Amongst Coaches within your Conferences
  • o Is anyone having success with this? If so, what are you doing?
  • o Bold, catching subject lines. Visually appealing emails with bold, highlights, etc.
  • o Email everyone who has responded to remind others to do so.
  • o Send out a deadline and reminders.
  • o Get on the phone with people. Take notes on what they say.
  • o Stress the importance of the issue. Tell them why it matters.
  • o Ask them to email you back even if they have no feedback, so you can mark them off your list.


VI.        Open Discussion

  • Caller: Letter from the President in AVCA Coaching Volleyball was for getting rid of college coaches coaching club. It seemed like our committee had a different view on the last call, saying we wanted to keep it how it was.
  • Tracy: The only way to keep this equal and fair is to cut it. The AVCA president came to this conclusion because there are so many schools cutting corners to get around this. And there is no legislation that can ensure this is neutral and fair to all. I do agree with this. I do see the benefits of being able to coach both, but I think it should be fair across the board. We haven't been able to coach both for the past 20 years because of this financial rule, but we never knew that. The NCAA is seriously considering this. I've heard both sides. We were discussing if coaching club is something we need for this sport. But that would be for another call.
  • Can a Director of Operations coach club? Yes, because they are not allowed to recruit.


VII.        Next Call:  Tuesday, April  9th, 2013   11:00 am CST



VIII.        Roll Call

Not present on the call: 2 Year College, Big West, Colonial, Conference USA, Great West, DIII, Metro Atlantic, NAIA, Patriot, Southland


11 topics sent to the NCAA for clarification...additional scenario information was included for each one:


Question/Answer session needed to help define the following:


1.  Are dual roles during an event permissible (coaching club AND recruiting) 

2.  If yes, then what are the definitions of an event? 

3.  If yes, then is splitting the costs 50-50 permissible? 

4.  If yes, how is that documented/what are the parameters? 

5.  Is collegiate attire allowed while coaching club?

6.  Does the club team age matter in the dual role issue?

7.  Can coaches work with multiple teams within a club?  If yes, how is this managed come tournament time in compliance with the issues above?

8.  Can recruiting and coaching occur each day of a tournament, just not at the same time? 

9.  If you do not accept $$ from the club (volunteer time) or the school (for reimbursement expenses), can you coach club and recruit on your own dime?

10.  Can you host a club volleyball tournament on your campus during a dead period?

11.  Clarify that it it ok to have 3 coaches out at a single event now, with 2 recruiting and one coaching club only, even though the one coaching club is watching the same athletes?


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