March 19, 2013


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AVCA Division III Head Coaches Committee

March 19, 2013 Minutes



Present: Kali Andress (AVCA), Tammy Swearingen, Shelley Bauder, Jon Bennett, Kevin Daniels, Arianna Dolock, Joshua Edmed, Alexa Keckler, Kim Kelly, Mark Massey, Monica McDonald, Matthew Schoultz, Eddie Stawinski, Mari Winter, Bridget Yates, Deb Zellars


I.            Roll Call Update/Roll Call Question

  • What Stat program are you using and do you take in game stats?


II.            AVCA Report - Kali Andress

  • Spring Conference WEST early registration deadline is this Friday at 5pm Eastern Time. The Spring Conference WEST is May 2-4 on the campus of UCLA and the Westin LAX. The Conference is held in conjunction with the Men's DI-DII Final Four. The events will feature headliners Al Scates and Mike Hebert and will focus one day on Hitting Development with on-court sessions from Al Scates and other top coaches, while the other day focuses on developing a Culture of Success, with classroom sessions from Mike Hebert and others. Single member registration is currently $239 and after Friday it jumps up to $299. Also, if you register two or more coaches at the same time, you get a group discount. So take advantage of these savings this week.


III.            Brandy Hataway - NCAA Staff - Areas of DIII Legislation and Interpretation


  • Came from two member conferences
  • Changes direction of electronic communications.
  • Was drafted quite broadly, but includes social media.
  • Communication allowed through any means as long as it's private and direct.
  • Can use Facebook private messages or chatting function from coach to athlete.
  • Twitter: Can use direct messaging function. You cannot tweet a prospect openly or retweet a prospect.
  • This proposal doesn't change "friend" or "follow" rules. Coach cannot "friend" or "follow" a prospect.
  • We are working to put together some printed guidelines with popular platforms and FAQs.
  • What about the enrolled student-athlete? Not as restricted with them being "friends" or "following" prospects because those relationships can form elsewhere
  • Is there a way to do a mass messaging? Yes, if you can do it so that the other prospects cannot see the other recipients. So, only if you can blind copy.


  • Can you recreate a 2013 Recruit Facebook page for your school? - This provides criteria for public information being posted. Individuals have to be able to subscribe or unsubscribe. Information needs to be general in nature and not specific to any one person in the group. So this depends on how it will be set up and how they will be using it.
  • This will be available on the DIII page of the NCAA website. We will also reach out to coaches' association to share this information as well.


IV.            Jan Gentry - Regional realignment


  • Updated chart shows the few changes
  • North Eastern Athletic Conference - now all are consolidated in the New York Region
  • Southern Athletic Association are now in South Region
  • SCAC - all now in the West
  • UAA members - still granted a multi-region exception. Too hard to move them so far geographically.
  • Click here to see the Regional Alignment document


V.            Old Business - Stats: Jenn Rodgers - NCAA


  • Click here to view the 2012 NCAA Hints for Volleyball Stat Takers at Matches
  • Several years ago we moved to single game program versus having conferences sending us cumulative document
  • We have moved to single game reporting (DI in 2010). DII and DIII will start in Fall 2013. All Men's teams are using this year.
  • Do the stats need to be kept live in match? This is the preferred way and it's the easiest. But we know this might be difficult to handle because of your staff limitations. In those situations, we are asking the schools to communicate, so that one team can work to create full box score or if there is video available, the SID can go back and create box score from that, etc. there are several options.
  • It boils down to money to bring in people to handle every court.
  • We announced we were going to this in 2011 and encouraged SIDs to pass the information along and asked athletic departments to provide additional support.
  • The document above covers some of the options. The team has to create a full box score that includes stats for both teams. We can only accept one version. The schools need to communicate to work out differences. When in doubt we are taking the home version.
  • Do you prefer any program? StatCrew is being used for the most part. We can accept Daxtronics. We would be happy to look at other programs to see if it would work with our system.
  • Is there a deadline to submit stats after a tournament? 3-4 weeks into the season. Tuesday afternoon deadline. Everything played up until then will need to be submitted. We are flexible if a team contacts us, within reason.



VI.            New Business

  • Reach out to conferences to see if anyone is using automated stat programs. We can report back on this next month.


The next call will be Tuesday, April 9 at 11:00 Eastern Time.

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