May 14, 2013


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DIII Head Coaches Committee Call

May 14, 2013


Present: David Portney (AVCA), Tammy Swearingen (Chair), Sandy Augstein-Collins, Shelley Bauder, Joshua Edmed, Sheila Gisbrecht, Alexa Keckler, Kim Kelly, Jill Jolliff,  Mark Massey, Monica McDonald, Mika Robinson, Becky Schmidt, Bridget Sheehan, Eddie Stawinski, Mari Winter, DeAnn Woodin, Bridget Yates, Deb Zellers



  • 1. Roll Call Question

What are you doing to recharge your battery this summer?


  • 2. AVCA Report - David Portney - AVCA


The AVCA Team Academic Award nomination period opens on June 3rd and will run until June 28th.  Just a heads up, when you nominate you will need each player's semester or quarter GPA's throughout the entire academic year in addition to the overall team GPA.  Eligible teams maintain at least a 3.30 cumulative team grade-point average on a 4.0 scale, a 4.10 cumulative team GPA on a 5.0 scale or an 82 on a 100 point scale.


Hall of Fame nominations are open until Friday, so this is your last call to get those nominations in:


The results are now available from our College Prep Combine in Louisville last month.  This is a great tool for coaches who weren't able to attend in person, but can still look at a recruit's numbers including video of their performance.  If you'd like to see the results just shoot Kathy an email at and she'll write you back with the login information.


  • 3. AVCA Awards-All Region Selection Process - Brad Wilson ( - AVCA


1.    Women's Award Changes (DI, DII, DIII)

a. All coaches will vote for the All Region Teams

b. Coaches cannot vote for their own players

c. Players of coaches who choose not to vote will not be considered

d. Voting will be specialized by position

   i. 5 OH/OP, 3 MB, 2 Set, 1 Lib, 3 At large

e. DI ONLY: 2 teams of 14 each will be added bringing total number of regions to 10

f. Why Change?

   i. Increased representation among coaches

   ii. Increased transparency throughout awards process

   iii. Volleyball positioning and substituting has become more specialized in play; awards should reflect that

   iv. Volleyball is growing with more good players

g. What are the benefits to coaches?

   i. All coaches have voice in process

h. Potential drawbacks

   i. Coaches choosing not to vote

   i. To counter this, we will keep the Regional Committees intact as a Check and Balance

   i. Every conference will have 1 representative on the committee (Congressional model)

   ii. This will ensure the proper teams are named

   iii. The committee will rank the players for the All American Committee


2.    Questions?

a. What other potential problems could we face?

b. Would you vote if you felt as though none of your players could make the All Region team?

   i. Is conference affiliation a strong motivator?

c. What are your thoughts in regards to keeping regional committees?


Are there better methods of measuring stats of the libero?


4. AVCAConvention Start thinking Seattle!

The Convention will still be great despite its tardiness.  Tammy, Mark, Becky, Jill and Jonathan will be there!  Keep talking to coaches in your conference about attending.  It's a great experience and let's continue to push.

       2014 -Oklahoma City


       2015-16 ?

                        AVCA will discuss potential attraction sites.



5. D-III Calendar - survey

What did you think about questions?  Thoughts on proposed calendar for DIII.

Mark:  Keep hands off the calendar.  DIII challenges are we're already wearing numerous hats, so it will be difficult if someone dropped a calendar on top of this.  Doesn't want NCAA legislating work-life balance.

Kim:  Against the calendar.  I like the flexibility of being able to do what we can with what we have.

Monica:  Differentiation on academic calendar could be main issue.  Don't have a specific signing day, which could complicate things.


Tammy:  Is anyone for any type of restriction or legislation?

Mark:  Allow try-outs at the DIII level.  Would save on money and time.


- Don't want to have to worry about every single recruit and spend valuable gym time on try-outs.  Might take an insane amount of time.


- If a kid try's out, you can't sign them to anything.  How many people can you tell a recruit you'll reserve a spot for them?


- Since we never see video or many players in person, it would provide an option when they come to visit the school to try out.


6.  AVCA - Membership  re-structuring


    - Make membership more appealing to purchase a membership for a head coach and their assistants as a packaged deal with a discount.  The membership would stay with the school, so if one leaves the membership does not leave with them. 


  -Jan Gentry from NCAA still has not gotten back to Tammy on NCAA regional re-alignment.



Next call tentatively planned for August 13th.

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