February 2012


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Monthly Conference Call

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 at 1:00 EDT



Meeting Agenda

•I.        Welcome - Christy Clawson, HCC Chair (cclawson@txwes.edu)


•II.      Welcome New Members

  • A. Cindy Meyer, Head Coach at Doane College (Great Plaines Athletic Conference)
  • B. Todd Lowery, Head Coach at UT-Brownsville (Red River Athletic Conference)
  • C. Andy Cavins, Head Coach at Lindsey Wilson (Mid-South Athletic Conference)


•III.    AVCA Updates - Jackson Silvanik, (jackson.silvanik@avca.org)

  • A. General updates.
  • B. AVCA Board Update
  • Kathy DeBoer - would like to see NAIA have a growing interest in programing Sand Volleyball as an emerging sport; NAIA coaches involvement in Video Tip of the Week (speak to specific issue; fits into a sound bite) and write article for AVCA content.
  • All USA Men's & Women's Teams have qualified for the Olympic games in London except Men's sitting team has another opportunity next month. Currently, US have more teams qualified than any other country in all of the VB disciplines - court, sitting, and beach.
  • San Antonio convention Wrap Up: our attendance was 2354, a 12.7% increase over last year.
  • NCAA legislation allowing the use of the University Athlete scheduling and prospect management tool passed in January. DII gained approval to move their championship back a week and to contact prospects after their sophomore year.
  • C. Affiliations E-News letter http://avca.scoutware.net/vb/cgi/viewMail.pl?i=T2610232301_11810263&
  • 2012 NCSA/AVCA Spring Girls' Talent Showcase
    Thursday, March 29, 2012 | Reliant Center - Houston, Texas http://www.avca.org/events/talent-showcases/

•·         Share Phenom With Your Team! http://www.avca.org/phenom/

•·         2012 AVCA Recruiting Webinar Series http://www.avca.org/education-resources/coaching-education/webinars/


•IV.    NAIA Update - Jamie Adams, Manager of Championship Sports (JAdams@naia.org)

  • A. General updates.


•V.      Committee Updates:

  • A. Recognition Committee - Stew McDole
  • B. Competition Committee - Mike Gibson
  • C. Membership - Christy Clawson http://www.avca.org/membership/
  • Membership 5450 at end of the month (total)
  • D. Sand Volleyball - Christy Clawson http://www.avca.org/sand/
  • AVCA will work with the Gulf Shores Region and CVB, CBS College Network to host the first Collegiate Sand National Championship, April 27-29. Many details need an AVCA assist like score-reporting forms, stat sheets, protocol for matches and an officiating network. As this is a completely new format for the sport, putting it together is both challenging and gratifying. 15 DI NCAA and 1 NAIA school will start this year. Early indications are this number will double next year.


•VI.    Other Constituency Updates:

  • A. Men's Programs - John Yehling
  • B. Assistant Coaches - TBA
  • C. Conferences - Any Committee Members


•VII.  Committee Chair General Report - Katy Meyer (meyerka@erau.edu)

  • A. AVCA Convention huge success record breaking event 2,400 attendees
  • B. ACTION ITEM - My recent push with conferences resulted in the filling of two of the vacant positions on this committee. Please stay active with your own conference members, encourage and foster AVCA membership among coaches as well as involvement to submit video tips of the week and articles to AVCA.


•VIII.            Roll Call - Katy Meyer (meyerka@erau.edu)

  • o TBA (Association of Independent Institutions) o Mark Perisi (American Mideast Conference)
  • o John Yehling (American Midwest Conference, Men's Rep.) o Christy Mooberry (Appalachian Athletic Conference)
  • o TBA (California Pacific Conference) o Natalie Wildes (Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conf.)
  • o Dakota Athletic Conference Disbanded o Kim Norman (Frontier Conference)
  • o Marissa Booker (Golden State Athletic Conference) o Cindy Meyer (Great Plaines Athletic Conference)
  • o Sarah Grams (Gulf Coast Athletic Conference) o Derick White (Heart of America Athletic Conference)
  • o Nathalea Stephenson (Kansas Collegiate Conference) o Andria Harshman (Mid-Central College Conference)
  • o Samantha Harvey (Midlands Collegiate Athletic Conference) o Ryan DeLong (Midwest Collegiate Conference)
  • o Andy Cavins (Mid-South Conference) o Todd Lowery (Red River Athletic Conference)
  • o Anna Monsen Howle (Sooner Athletic Conference) o Tori Bartels (Southern States Athletic Conference)
  • o Melissa Batie (The Sun Conference) o Todd Humphry (TranSouth Athletic Conference)
  • o Kirsta Solberg (Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference) o Stew McDole (Recognition Committee)
  • o Mike Gibson (Competition Committee) o Leah Brock (AVCA Representative)

o    Jamie Adams (NAIA - Volleyball Administrator)                                             o    Matt Buttermore (Assistant Coach Representative)               

  • o Jason Corwin (Cascade Collegiate Conference) o TBA (Kentucky Intercollegiate Conference)


Next NAIA Head Coaches Committee meeting - Wednesday, December 14 from 5:30pm to 7pm in Room HGCC 214C.



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