April 2013


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Monthly Conference Call



Meeting Agenda

•I.        Welcome - Christy Clawson-Diver, HCC Chair (cclawson@txwes.edu)


•II.      Welcome New Members

Still Open:

  • Kentucky Intercollegiate Conference
  • The Sun Conference
  • Assistant coach rep.


•III.    AVCA Updates - Jackson Silvanik, (jackson.silvanik@avca.org)

•·        Staff Change:  Monday, March 25, Brad Wilson joined the AVCA as our Manager of Awards and Membership support replacing Amanda Brungs.  Brad is from Texas, played high school and college club VB, has an undergraduate degree from Kentucky and a master's degree in sports marketing from Texas A&M. 

  • Financials: 2012 convention success in Louisville will translate into a good year for us financially. While we are excited about Seattle, we are anticipating that the combination of the late date and a location requiring most to fly may impact our 2013 Convention attendance.AVCA is also doing some purchasing in advance; using bits of this year's surplus to ‘get ahead' on items we know we will need in the next fiscal year.
  • Membership: We finished March with 6045 members. Since March is generally our most difficult month from a membership standpoint, it is helpful for us to look at prior year totals to gage how we are doing: last March we ended at 5410; 2011 March was 5207. The positive trends help a little . . . but only a little. We refuse to understand why every volleyball coach does not join the AVCA and will keep seeking explanations, i.e. members.
  • Affiliate Clinics: Thanks to High School BoD representative, Rob Slavin, for being part of a very successful Massachusetts HS Volleyball Coaches Association clinic (200+) in Boston and then flying to Florida to help us gather information to build more of a high school volleyball community in that state.
  • Awards: In March we announced our Thirty Under 30 winners. Nominations for this award continue to grow and topped 100 this spring. We are also seeing the award mentioned more and more frequently in media releases and it is always the first line in the announcement of a new hire. This month we open nominations for the Grant Burger Media Award and the AVCA Hall of Fame.


•IV.    NAIA Update - Jamie Adams, Manager of Championship Sports (JAdams@naia.org)

  • A. General updates


•V.      Committee Updates:


•VI.    Other Constituency Updates:

  • A. Men's Programs - John Yehling
  • B. Assistant Coaches - (vacant)
  • C. Conferences - Any Committee Members


•VII.  Committee Chair General Report - Christy Clawson (cclawson@txwes.edu)



•VIII.            Roll Call - Christy Clawson-Diver (cclawson@txwes.edu)

  • o Lindsay Johnson(Association of Independent Institutions) o Lindsay Johnson (Association of Independent/NW)

o    Mark Perisi (American Mideast Conference)                                                 o   John Yehling (American Midwest Conference, Men's Rep.)

o    Christy Mooberry (Appalachian Athletic Conference)                                 o    Allen McCreary (California Pacific Conference)

  • o Brian Erminger (Cascade Collegiate Conference) o Natalie Wildes (Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conf.)
  • o Scott Mattera (Great Plaines Athletic Conference) o Kim Norman (Frontier Conference)
  • o Patti Cook (Golden State Athletic Conference) o TBA (Kentucky Intercollegiate Conference)
  • o Sarah Grams (Gulf Coast Athletic Conference) o Caren Kimner (Heart of America Athletic Conference)
  • o Nathalea Stephenson (Kansas Collegiate Conference) o Andria Harshman (Crossroads League Conference)
  • o Samantha Harvey (Midlands Collegiate Athletic Conference) o Ryan DeLong (Mid-west Collegiate Conference)
  • o Andy Cavins (Mid-South Conference) o Todd Lowery (Red River Athletic Conference)
  • o Nikke Dieball (Sooner Athletic Conference) o Tori Bartels (Southern States Athletic Conference)
  • o TBA (The Sun Conference) o Todd Humphry (TranSouth Athletic Conference)
  • o Megan Lenhart (Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference) o Stew McDole (Recognition Committee)
  • o Mike Gibson (Competition Committee) o Jackson Silvanik (AVCA Representative)

o    Jamie Adams (NAIA - Volleyball Administrator)                                             o    TBA (Assistant Coach Representative)    

Next NAIA Head Coaches Committee meeting - Wednesday, May 1, 2013 11:00 AM CST

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