August 14, 2013


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Division II Head Coaches Committee Conference Call Minutes



                                                 Division II HCC Meeting - August 14, 2013

Roll Call:

Jim Boos - Chair
Christina Lore: Not present
Kim Habbert
Nicki Bumpass
Mary Dejute
Leanna Taylor
Kristy Bayer
Will Stanton
Flip Piontek
Doug Walters
Diane Flick
Melissa Wolter
Mike Stephens: Not present
Chuck Waddington
Ben Briney
Lauren Amundson
Lee Anderson
Gayle Stammer
Katie O'Brien
Laurie Lokash
Jamie Skadeland
Todd Hay
Vernell Capers: Vernell Capers
Chris Catanach
Sarah Smith




I.          General Welcome, call to order

II.        Roll Call - introduction and explanation of the HCC, our role, the expectations, etc.

III.       Reports

A. David Portney

                        1. General AVCA information update

AVCA Convention registration is now open!  Over 2,000 coaches will be in Seattle from December 18-22 for the largest gathering of volleyball coaches in the world.  You can register for the convention, purchase match tickets and book your hotel room from our website.  This offers more educational opportunities for volleyball coaches than any other event. These five days include over 70 educational sessions, with topics ranging from attack mechanics and defensive systems to sports psychology and recruiting strategies. This year's sessions feature world-renowned coaches and players like Terry Pettit, John Dunning, Kevin Hambly, Courtney Thompson, Terry Liskevych, Russ Rose, and many more!


Register here:


This is a reminder to complete your salary survey by August 30th.  Please remember the link you received is unique to you, so don't pass it around to other coaches.


August is also member appreciation month, and we are rolling out a special buy-one get-one offer.  Any head coach or club director who joins the AVCA or renews their membership this month can sign up a NEW coach from their program of lesser value for FREE!  For example, if you renew a head coach's membership, you can then get an assistant coach's membership for free if and only if the assistant was not previously a member.  Also, all coaches who join or renew this month will receive a free gift from the AVCA to show our appreciation.


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     B. Jim


1. AVCA Top 25 Poll Voting (David Portney)


a.  HCC member and 1 additional conference member (Jim has all the names so contact him if you need to know who your other voter is)

b.  Votes will begin going public in Week 1


2. Report from the Board of Directors meeting (May 8-10)

All got together in Lexington to meet staff and discuss what's working and not working.  Convention remains extremely important for the financial well-being of the Association..


3. Sports Club legislation

a.  Survey results


Jim: Results were good to see, but not as conclusive as I thought.  Right now we're in a "what can we do next?" issue, and it's not just a volleyball issue.  Kathy is speaking to many people and different associations to see what the next step should be.  Right now a coach who coaches club cannot be simultaneously recruiting.


Chuck:  Can I get a clarification?  I see other coaches "watching," so we need direction and clarification. 


Jim:  Right now the letter of the law is if the coach is going to any club related event as a member of the college institution, they cannot coach.  They should in theory not be fulfilling any club coaching obligations.  Observation of other matches is not allowed unless it's necessary to perform the duties of the club coach.  In DII, if a coach uses personal funds to recruit then they can do both.  It is on the honor system to enforce.


Wick: Evaluation is different, but does fall under recruitment in the NCAA rule book. 
Jim:  If we do try to get an exemption, it will be to try to allow evaluation not fall under recruiting.


4. Exempted Scrimmages

a.  Interp -

Discretionary Exemptions in Sports that Use Dates of Competition (II)

Date Issued: June 18, 2013              

Date Published: July 19, 2013         

Item Ref: 16


Interpretation:  The Division II Legislation Committee determined that in sports that use dates of competition, a team would be permitted to compete in and exempt multiple contests against multiple opponents on the same day provided all contests played on a particular date of competition satisfy the requirements of the same discretionary exemption.


[References: Bylaws
17.02.5 (date of competition) and 17.02.6 (date of competition, countable,


5. Summer workout

The NCAA just put out an educational column with reminders regarding summer workouts - as a reminder, only strength coaches can be present during voluntary workouts.  An athlete is not required to report back to a coach and cannot be subject to penalties if they do not participate.  Also, participation may not be recorded for purposes or reporting back to a coach.  Any activities conducted during summer may not be reported back to a coach, this means that testing is not allowed to be done until the start of the school year since those results would be given to a coach.   In Division 2, the strength coach may only MONITOR, not conduct a workout.  Here are some questions and answers to help you understand the difference.

Question 1: What is the definition of "monitor" for purposes of this legislation?


Answer: The term "monitor" includes observing the weight training and conditioning activities of student-athletes to ensure they are provided a safe and controlled environment. Such coaches may demonstrate
proper technique and give advice to ensure that the student-athlete is demonstrating proper technique to avoid injury. However, this does not allow strength and conditioning coaches to direct or conduct these workouts for purposes of achieving increased performance.


Question No. 2: May a strength and conditioning coach direct conditioning activity completion or conditioning
activity transition by blowing a whistle or using other cues?


Answer: No.

Question No. 3: May a strength and conditioning coach provide a student-athlete with a specific daily or weekly workout regimen over the summer?

Answer: Yes, provided the student-athlete's participation in such workouts remains voluntary. Therefore, specific attention should be paid to avoiding actions which would constitute conducting the activity, such as
tracking or reporting the student-athlete's attendance or completion of workouts.

6.  New Awards procedure for AVCA All-Region awards (attachments - DII membership list, DII Coaches Email - awards change)


1.  Coaches vote - AVCA membership required

2. Coaches must vote for their player to be recognized


7. Kathy DeBoer - get your 2014 class commits nominated for the Under Armour All America Watch List.  (one way for us to promote the level of play in DII is to get these players recognized as prospective All Americans.  It helps us too, because it pulls their high school coach into our network)


C. Sub-Committee - report on shared championship with Division I (Sarah, Ben, Chuck, Kristy)

Basketball:  DI + DII combined championship was a one-time thing, and are currently considering doing
every year.


Jim:  See no reason why we couldn't give it a try even if basketball won't be doing it every year.  We can see it as a hurdle, but not a wall.  The conversations with the DI people at the board meeting was all very positive, but additional costs remain a concern.  We could start piecing together a proposal to see if this can happen.

What's the kind of additional costs for keeping a large
arena open for another six hours or so?

Can we go to a different site?
Would like to keep the same site to draw the DI crowd
into the match.

Good experience for athletes.

Eight teams would arrive at one DII site, then two
would have to fly to an additional site, furthering the costs.

Would there be tickets sold to the DII event or free

Can we host the entire Elite 8 at the DI site?  Perhaps host Elite 8 and Final Four in one
site in DI city but then just the DII Championship in the large venue.

Danger is adding another week to the season.

Could be four or five years away since NCAA already
accepting DI bids.

We're going to run into finals week for someone in

1.     Email from Lacrosse coach


2.     Any other updates?

3.     Starting the conversation with the National VB Committee - creating a proposal?


D. Kathleen Brasfield - send her a list of your conference coaches with their email addresses so she can compile a DII list

IV.       Other/New Items


V.        Roll Call - double check to see if anyone joined late who missed the initial role call


VI.       Next Meeting            

Phone call:       Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 12:00pm CST


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