August 13, 2013


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DIII Head Coaches Committee Call

August 13, 2013


Present: Kali Andress (AVCA), Tammy Swearingen (Chair), Brad Wilson (AVCA), Kate Hendle (AVCA), Sandy Augstein-Collins, Shelley Bauder, Doug Blystone, Karen Corey, Annie Doman, Jill Jolliff, Alexa Keckler, Kim Kelly, Monica McDonald, Phil Pisano, Mika Robinson, Becky Schmidt, Bridget Sheehan.


I. Roll Call Question: What is a new/creative idea that you are using this year for team bonding? Tammy will collect all of those and share them with the committee on the next call.

II. AVCA Report - Kali Andress

Convention Registration opens tomorrow. Visit the AVCA website to view the convention schedule, hotel discounts, educational information, and the registration link with all of the details:


The salary survey has been sent out. Please take a moment to complete it no later than August 30. Those who complete the survey will be sent the results.


From Kathy DeBoer (AVCA Executive Director): There has been much confusion on what AVCA wants DIII coaches to do in regards to the Under Armour All America Watch List and nominations. We did a poor job of communicating what help we were looking for and consequently many think we are asking for something that puts you in violation of NCAA rules. What DI coaches have been doing for six years is contacting the high school coach of players that have committed to them, and encouraging that coach to get the player on the All-America Watch List and nominate them for All American. It's a ‘win-win' in that it generates publicity for the high school program that they have a player on the list and the college program once she signs her letter of intent. We know the college coach can't fill out the placement form, but we encourage you to ask the highs school coach do so.Right now, about 5% of DIII players are nominated for All America and 2% are recognized. On the high school front, only .38% are nominated and .12% recognized. Our goal is to get these percentages up and we know there are a lot of quality players going to DIII schools.

  • If you have any senior high school athletes who have committed to play at your school, we would like to include them on the Under Armour Watch List. This gives you and the recruit great recognition, and allows the recruit to be eligible for AVCA All-America program awards. We encourage you to contact the high school coach, and ask that they recommend the athlete for the Watch List. They can use this form to do so:

Member Appreciation Month: We are currently running a Buy-1-Get-1 membership offer as a part of Membership Appreciation Month. If you renew your membership, another coach can get a new membership for free. The free membership must be a new member, not a renewal, and must be of lesser value than the purchased membership.


Mentor Program - New applications going out this week due to technical issues. Please reapply if you are interested in participating this year.


III.  AVCA All Region Awards (New Format) -Brad Wilson and Kate Hendle, AVCA

Award Changes

a. All member coaches will vote for the All Region Teams

b. Coaches cannot vote for their own players

c. Players of coaches who choose not to vote will not be considered

d. Voting will be specialized by position

  • 5 OH/OP, 3 MB, 2 Set, 1 Lib, 3 At large

e. Why Change?

  • Increased representation among coaches
  • Increased transparency throughout awards process
  • Volleyball positioning and substituting has become more specialized in play; awards should reflect that
  • Volleyball is growing with more good players

f. What are the benefits to coaches?

  • All coaches have voice in process

g. Potential drawbacks

  • Coaches choosing not to vote

h. To counter this, we will keep the Regional Committees intact as a Check and Balance

  • Every conference will have 1 representative on the committee (Congressional model)
  • Their job will be to uphold the votes and decide if any issues existed
  • The committee will rank the players for the All American Committee
  • The committee will choose the Region Coach of the Year


  • Becky: You moved 10 regions for Division I. Why did that not happen for DIII?
  • Answer: Since this is a new change, it would have been hard to add regions across the board with DI, DII, DIII. Would be easier to try first with DI because their schedules are nationally based, versus regionally based in DIII. It would be a lot more complex process to manage this first year. But this is something we can definitely implement in the future.
  • Tammy: This is something we would like you to take a strong look at based on our numbers. We know it's a daunting task with our regional alignment, but it is something we would like the AVCA to consider.
  • Coaches will have access to the same information that the committee does.

IV. AVCA BOD Meeting

  • Louisville Convention was the most-attended convention yet. We are hoping we can do just as well in Seattle.
  • We also discussed if the timing of Convention is the best time. Would any of you attend the Convention if it wasn't held in conjunction with the NCAA matches? Most people would still attend if it wasn't attached, but they do like that aspect.
  • Thoughts on webinars? Mostly positive feedback. Great that you can watch the recordings later.

V. Conference Representation

  • We want to have a rep from each conference
  • Currently don't have a rep from CUNYAC and ECAC

VI. Goals for this year's HCC

What can we work on this year?

  • Joining Hudl as our film exchange. Have had a lot of frustration with the software not being volleyball-friendly. It was designed for basketball and football. There are a lot of limitations with in-depth editing. However, we all have it now. Encourage everyone to play around with it, and contact Hudl to update their product for us. Maybe we can get something together from the committee to send to them to get more action from their end.

VII. Reminders

  • Home teams are responsible for both teams' stats. You should have received information about Libero uniform rules. Let Tammy know if you didn't get it and she will pass it along.
  • Click here to access the Division III Recruiting Working Group formulates nine recruiting concepts.

Next Call will be held on September 10 at 11:00am Eastern Time.


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