SVCC Conference Call Minutes


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The Call started at 11:00 a.m.ET; 8:00 a.m. PT

Committee Members Present: Nina Matthies, Chair (Pepperdine), Anna Collier (USC), Steve Loeswick (UNF), Danalee Corso (FSU)

Committee Members Absent: Jason Kepner, College of Charleston

AVCA Staff:  Kathy DeBoer (ED), Jason Jones (AED), Ashley Beil (CMO) Kathy DeBoer transcribed the minutes


  • I. Update on Confirmed New Programs for 2013-14 (Aug. 28 list attached - 36 confirmed)
  • a. Clarification that AVCA is tracking on NAIA varsity programs because matches count for NCAA sports sponsorship and also for growth of the sport. Kim Norman, AVCA BoD representative for NAIA also very committed to growth of programming.
  • b. NCAA only counts programs in DI and DII for determining eligibility for championship status
  • c. Other possibilities for 2013-14: Oregon, South Florida, Central Florida, Notre Dame, Coastal Carolina and UC Santa Barbara are all still good possibilities for this season.
  • II. Results of Current Sand Program survey from June (overview and raw data attached)
  • a. Committee representatives confirmed that as seasons pass they are seeing more Sand-only student-athletes
  • b. New programs still are mostly starting with cross-over court players
  • III. Recommendations for Playing & Practice season - THEME: Make Sand VB look like a separate sport
  • a. Number of matches:
  • i. Current Rules: NCAA DII - 16 spring/4 fall; DI - 16 total
  • ii. Sand VB only DI single semester sport without opportunities to compete in the non-championship segment. Softball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Indoor Volleyball plus tennis & golf all have competitive opportunities in both semesters
  • iii. COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATION: Adopt DII playing and practice season rules for Sand VB
  • b. Start date(s)
  • i. Current Rules: NCAA DII - none specified; NCAA DI - 1st Thursday in March
  • ii. Training begins in September with no competition until March. Seven of nine months of the school year is training with no competition
  • iii. COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATION: either no start date like DII or Women's Lacrosse or allow competition at least a week earlier.
  • c. Length of Season
  • i. Current Rules: NCAA DII - finish by end of the school year; NCAA DI - 8 weeks from start or end of the school year whichever is first
  • ii. COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATION: End season the 1st weekend in May with Championships to follow.

Rational: For Sand Volleyball to develop into a separate and different sport from indoor volleyball, the length of the season, number of competitions and ratio of training months v. competition months must be similar to other NCAA sports.

  • IV. Recruiting
  • a. Much sand recruiting is done in the summer time so the sharing of dates with the court coach is not an issue.
  • b. During the school year: Sand coaches be allowed to attend sand practices besides sand competitions as part of the 20 extra days. Current interps say these must count against court teams 80 days.
  • V. Coaching
  • a. Volunteer assistant coaches be allowed to coach in matches, like in court sport and other team sports.
  • VI. AVCA All America Selections - Anna Collier will make a list of suggested changes to the current process of having participating coaches vote at the National Championship.
  • VII. Sand Volleyball Coaches Meeting at the AVCA Convention
  • a. Friday, December 20, 2013, 1:00-2:15 p.m. Washington State Convention Center RM 201
  • b. Committee will make Agenda and distribute prior to the meeting


Call adjourned at 11:45 a.m. ET; 8:45 a.m. PT

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