February 19, 2014


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Division II Head Coaches Committee Conference Call Minutes



                                                 Division II HCC Meeting - February 19, 2014                                                                                                                                               

Roll Call:

Jim Boos - Chair
Christina Lore
Kim Habbert
Nicki Bumpass
Mary Dejute
Leanna Taylor - NOT PRESENT
Kristy Bayer
Will Stanton
Flip Piontek
Doug Walters
Diane Flick
Melissa Wolter
Mike Stephens 
Chuck Waddington
Ben Briney  - NOT PRESENT
Lauren Amundson
Lee Anderson
Gayle Stammer 
Katie O'Brien

Laurie Lokash
Jamie Skadeland
Todd Hay
Vernell Capers - NOT PRESENT
Chris Catanach
Sarah Smith

  Division II HCC Meeting
Wednesday, February 19th, 2014
12:00pm Central Standard Time
Phone #: (888) 680-7521
Access Code: 48229074

I. General Welcome, call to order
II. Roll Call
III. Reports
   A. David Portney
1. General AVCA information update

The early bird AVCA Spring Conference Registration is now open (through March 21st), which is in Chicago this year from May 1st to May 3rd. It will be held in conjunction with the Division I-II Men's Championship, and we have a great lineup for everyone in both the men's and women's game. Illinois' Kevin Hambly, Louisville's Anne Kordes, Wisconsin's Kelly Sheffield, eight-time men's champion Charlie Sullivan and Hugh McCutcheon will be there just to name a few. We do have non-coach family member options and what I'm personally really looking forward to is a guided group bike ride through the North Branch Trail. So if you couldn't make it to the convention, or even if you did, this is top-flight coaching education you really can't get anywhere else.

LINK: http://avca.org/chicago2014/index.cfm


We will host its twelfth professional coaching workshop for minority women May 1-3 in conjunction with the 2014 AVCA Spring Conference. The workshop will provide an opportunity for attendees who are interested in pursuing or continuing to coach at an NCAA Division I, II, or III institution. It will also give attendees the opportunity to interact with others who have had success at all levels of coaching and participate in the numerous networking and educational opportunities available at the AVCA Spring Conference. This workshop includes a one-year membership to the AVCA for new members. Per NCAA fund requirements, eligible attendees must be minority women intent on pursuing volleyball coaching at an NCAA Division I, II, or III institution as a head or assistant coach. Please submit all applications no later than March 15.

LINK: http://avca.org/chicago2014/index.cfm/chicago14/registration/mcc-scholarship


We have added about 120 new players to our online VPI database from the San Jose Combine this weekend. It has all of their stats, and each player's video clips will be uploaded this week. All you have to do is go to the website, log in using your AVCA username and password (let me know if you need that info) and scroll through the uncommitted recruits. It's included with your AVCA membership. This is great since not all coaches can physically be present everywhere at once.

LINK: http://www.avcavpi.com/


B. Jim

1. NCAA Convention
- contact with PSA's who have signed an NLI allowable at tournaments effective immediately.
- Basketball allowed two exemptions to participate in summer contests.
Great idea, but lose another weekend for volleyball.
- A strength and conditioning coach permitted to work with football PSAs over the summer period - still voluntary
- Academic requirements changing over time...nothing effective until 2016 at the earliest but be aware of the changes
- Official and unofficial visits. Can provide one meal on and off campus for official visits (within 30 miles). Official visits for Juniors effective this June.
- Reduced suspension for positive test of street drugs.

2. Tryout Interp
Current student-athletes are permitted to participate in a tryout, but their participation is considered countable athletically related activity and must be included in the daily and weekly hour limitations. Outside the declared playing season, the participation must count toward the limit of two hours of skill instruction/team activities. The DII Legislation Committee issued an official interpretation last year.

Tryouts Involving Prospective Student-Athletes and Enrolled Student-Athletes Outside the Playing Season (II)
Date Issued: November 14, 2012
Date Published: January 10, 2013
Item Ref: 8

The Legislation Committee determined that currently enrolled student-athletes may participate in no more than two hours per week of competition (e.g., scrimmage) against prospective student-athletes and/or current full-time students involved in tryouts outside the declared playing and practice season, provided such activities are counted within the weekly hour limitations for out-of-season skill instruction or team activities. Under such circumstances, an unlimited number of currently enrolled student-athletes may participate in the tryouts. It is not permissible for current student-athletes to participate in tryouts of prospective student-athletes during a time period when out-of-season activities are not permissible. [References: Bylaws (tryouts), 17.02.1 (countable athletically related activities), 17.02.14 (tryouts -- enrolled student) and (weekly hour limitations -- outside of playing season) and a staff interpretation (01/21/04, Item No. 1-a, which has now been archived)]

3. DII Head Coaches list for distribution?
a. David Portney - is this OK? Can we share this information?
- Use "Open Dates Forum" on our website. http://avca.org/education-resources/open-dates/
- Can send HCC distribution list, but because of AVCA best practices it must be kept in the HCC. AVCA will allow HCC members to blind copy other D-II coaches on mass email.
b. David Portney - do we have this list already to be distributed?
- Yes

C. Kathleen Brasfield
- Festival will continue. No plans to change anything.
- Keep an eye on legislative council about strength and conditioning.
- Working on combined finals.

IV. Other/New Items

- NCAA pre-match protocol - 20 minutes (from 60:00-4:00 on the clock) at discretion of conference. Official NCAA protocol (60 minutes out) must be used for non-conference play and NCAA tournament play.

- Feb. 15th date to get up to two hours, but that will not change. Legislation committee came up with language, and SAC is for it. How many programs start 45 day window on Feb. 15th? If you want that change you'll have to do research.

- Players quitting teams and not playing anymore, but athletic directors might think coaching is not doing a good job. Is this a trend? Are others experiencing this as well? Players quitting and not playing all together is different than transfers. This could be a national trend, and not a conference or school trend.

- Club coaching and recruiting on same trip. Could be more flexible in the future if the club pays for both club coaching and recruiting. Nothing official has come out yet; nothing in the interp has changed. If pay your own way in D-II you can do both.

-If someone breaks the rules, how do we handle it?
-Not sure if anyone is paying attention.

V. Roll Call - double check to see if anyone joined late who missed the initial role call
VI. Next Meeting Phone Call: Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 12:00pm CST




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