TYC HCC Conference Call Minutes


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Two-Year College Head Coaches Committee Conference Call
Wednesday, October 23, 2013
11:30 am ET

Present on Call:
Ashley Beil (AVCA), Sonny Lewis, Giovanna Melo, Rick Reynolds, Mary Young, Kevin Kramer

Call Agenda:

AVCA Updates
• Early Bird Convention registration deadline is Friday, November 1 at 5:00 pm (ET). Convention hotel room blocks are filling up quickly so if you have not yet book, make your reservations sooner rather than later.
• Any Two-Year College student-athletes interested in participating

NJCAA Updates
• Similar issues with poll as in past years
• Some dislikes have been expressed about Rich Kern's composites among all 3 divisions because there is so little competition among the divisions.
• Hall of Fame selections have been made but not publicly released yet but will be soon. Keep an eye out for those. NJCAA needs more nominees! Mary encourages everyone to keep this in mind and be more proactive about nominating.
• Districting proposals are welcomed through the NJCAA website.
• Last year for the NJCAA DII Championships to be in Toledo. It is going to Phoenix next 2 years.

NWAACC Updates
No updates.

CCCAA Updates
• Nabil Mardini from Pierce College will be joining the committee to replace Jamie Ivers.
• Legislation has gone through for sand volleyball. Will be voted on this Spring. Initial thought is that they won't be considered until 2016 but is hasn't been pulled from consideration yet. 25-30 schools will be playing this Spring in some kind of format.

General Discussion
• http://collegecoachrecruiting.wordpress.com/2013/07/23/hot-spots-for-top-juco-transfer-recruits-by-sport/?elq=88ffb5a08ac04f41865ebf45f025edc0&elqCampaignId=979
o Rick trying to track down the sources for this information from the NCSA but hasn't had any luck in getting a response to-date.

• TYC database insert in Convention registration bags for TYC and 4-year college coaches? If Rick can get designed, Ashley can print at AVCA and make sure it gets in designated registration packets.

Next Call:
Wednesday, November 13 @ 11:30 am (ET)

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