April 17, 2014


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Division II Head Coaches Committee Conference Call Minutes



                                                 Division II HCC Meeting - February April 17, 2014                                                                                                                                               

Roll Call:

Jim Boos - Chair
Christina Lore
Kim Habbert
Nicki Bumpass
Mary Dejute
Leanna Taylor 
Kristy Bayer
Will Stanton
Flip Piontek: NOT PRESENT
Doug Walters
Diane Flick
Melissa Wolter
Mike Stephens 
Chuck Waddington
Lauren Amundson
Lee Anderson
Gayle Stammer 
Katie O'Brien: NOT PRESENT

Laurie Lokash
Jamie Skadeland: NOT PRESENT
Vernell Capers: NOT PRESENT
Chris Catanach: NOT PRESENT 
Sarah Smith

  Division II HCC Meeting
Wednesday, April 17, 2014
12:00pm Central Standard Time
Phone #: (888) 680-7521
Access Code: 48229074


 I. General Welcome, call to order
II. Roll Call
III. Reports
A. David Portney
1. General AVCA information update


The nomination period for the 2014 AVCA Hall of Fame class is now open. Nominees can be a coach, administrator or an organization. The AVCA wants to recognize and honor the best in our sport so coaches are encouraged to submit a nomination for someone they feel is deserving. The deadline for nominations is Friday, May 9.

For more information please click here.

Nominations for the Grant Burger Media Award are now being accepted. This award recognizes media members who have been involved in the advancement of volleyball through consistent media coverage. The deadline for nominations is 5 p.m. ET on Monday, April 28. So if you know any outstanding local reporters, your SIDs (etc.), we have six categories so make sure you get them nominated.

For more information or to submit a nomination please click here.

If you have any interest in speaking at this year's convention in Oklahoma City, I encourage you to complete and submit the speaker application before the deadline, which is April 18th...that's this Friday. I will include the application in the minutes, and you can also retrieve it by contacting Emily Andrews at emily.andrews@avca.org.

If you'd still like to attend the AVCA Spring Conference in Chicago in just a couple of weeks, we'd love to have you even though online registration is closed. Moving forward you can only register on-site. Hopefully, I'll get to see many of you there.

And finally, we updated our VPI database to include the players we tested at the JVA World Challenge in Houston. There are now hundreds of high school players in that database from our three combines, and we still have one to go in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Just use your AVCA login when you go to AVCAVPI.com, and you can look at their VPI scores, video clips and behavioral profiles. If you need your AVCA login shoot me an email and I'll be happy to pass it along. We also tested a slew of DI athletes who were competing in Houston, so it's nice to compare scores from the high school athletes to that.
- Right now there are plans to attend a DII tournament in Colorado, but it hasn't been confirmed yet.
- As of now we will not be testing athletes at the USAV High Performance tryouts.
- There was a concern addressed about the block touch number being higher than the approach touch number. The BT is usually higher because that is measured at the athlete's highest point, while the AT is measured at the point of attack, which is generally not the player's highest point.


B. Jim
1. NCAA Rules Changes for 2014/2015
a. Pre-match protocol - conference option for 60:00-40:00 (all NCAA matches and non-conference matches will still have standard NCAA protocol
b. Net contact outside antenna - Legal
- As long as not using the net to support yourself when playing the ball.
c. Libero shorts may be different than rest of team
- Allowed jersey # 0-99.
d. Timeout length - default is 75 seconds
- Length of all timeouts can be reduced to 60 or increased to 90.

These will all be rules for the next two years.

2. NCAA Bylaw (e)
Contact with a prospective student-athlete's parents or legal guardians at the site of competition is permissible during a contact period following June 15 immediately preceding the prospective student-athlete's junior year in high school.

- Could be confusion with DI coaches, so be prepared.

3. Summer Workout Legislation - update
- Kathleen: Talked with Stephanie, but there was nothing that happened at the legislation committee.
-Jim: At the moment there is not a large enough support behind this topic to get the ball moving. If you want to get it moving, speak with your conference and conference coaches to formally step up to the plate.
-Kathleen: Running out of time to push forward.

4. Club Coaching - update

The Legislation Committee discussed this issue at its March teleconference; however, the committee was not ready to move forward with a recommendation to the Management Council for a legislative change. The committee directed staff to reach out to other coaches associations for feedback on the concept. This issue will be addressed again at the committee's June meeting. That will be the last opportunity for recommendation of a legislative change for the 2015 Convention. That will be a key meeting.

Excerpt from NCAA Division II Legislation Committee March 2014 Teleconference Report

7. Review of Issues Regarding Coaches Participation in Local Sports Club. At the request of the American Volleyball Coaches Association, the committee discussed issues regarding the participation of institutional coaches in local sports clubs. The committee affirmed its' position from the November 2013 in-person meeting, providing general support for a recommendation to amend the recruiting legislation to permit a coach to recruit for an institution when receiving expenses from a local sports club; however, it would not be permissible for an institution to finance a coach's travel with a local sports club team. The committee also reviewed a position paper provided by the National Association of Athletics Compliance. The committee directed staff to request additional feedback from other coaches associations (e.g., lacrosse, soccer) for further discussion at its June in-person meeting.

- Just a discussion. It has not happened yet.
- How do we ensure this is moved forward?
o Kathleen: Jill Stephens requested a list of chairs from other sports committees. As long as National Volleyball Committee has it on its radar the ball hasn't dropped. It's important to keep the topic in front of everyone.
o Jim: Have a conversation with coaches from other sports who are affected by this legislature.
o Kathleen: Speak with conference rep on legislation committee.

- Kathleen will send timeline on legislation.


C. Kathleen Brasfield

D. What is the status of the new net contact rule to convert to the USAV rule?
- Not enough support for rules committee to make a change yet. For the next two years it will remain the same.

IV. Other/New Items
V. Roll Call - double check to see if anyone joined late who missed the initial role call


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