May 21, 2014


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Division II Head Coaches Committee Conference Call Minutes




Roll Call:

Christina Lore
Kim Habbert
Nicki Bumpass
Mary Dejute
Leanna Taylor
Kristy Bayer
Will Stanton
Ben Briney
Doug Walters
Diane Flick
Melissa Wolter
Mike Stephens
Chuck Waddington
Flip Piontek
Christy Benner
Lauren Amundson
Lee Anderson
Branden Higa
Katie O'Brien: Not Present
Laurie Lokash
Jamie Skadeland
Todd Hay
Vernell CapersL Not Present
Chris Catanach: Not Present

 Division II HCC Meeting
Wednesday, May 21st, 2014
12:00pm Central Standard Time
Phone #: (888) 680-7521
Access Code: 48229074

I. General Welcome, call to order
II. Roll Call
III. Reports
A. David Portney

1. General AVCA information update


The AVCA Team Academic Award nomination period opens on Monday, June 2nd. For those that aren't aware, it honors collegiate and high school volleyball teams that displayed excellence in the classroom during the school year by maintaining at least a 3.30 cumulative team grade-point average on a 4.0 scale or a 4.10 cumulative team GPA on a 5.0 scale. So start gathering materials together if you think you're team might be close to hitting those numbers. There is no committee selecting the winners. If you meet the criteria you will win the award. Last year we had a record 623 schools honored, with 77 coming from NCAA Division II women's programs. Let's see if we can top that.


Be on the lookout in late June for bio information requests on your programs.

B. Jim
1. Summer Workout Legislation - GLVC Proposal
Everyone has been saying - It's going to happen, but not much was happening on it yet so Jim (NSIC) started to get the ball rolling and found that the GLVC has a substantial proposal in place. Currently vetting through proposal, and will have to go to legislative committee. The deadline is July 15th.

From GLVC standpoint: looking to ask for the same thing football is doing, but extend to all fall sports. As it moves forward I'll update everyone.

- Chuck: What is the rationale behind just fall sports?
o Hesitancy at presidential level to make case for all sports. Worried about it becoming a year-round commitment. If this doesn't go through, it might be easier to target just fall sports, like they did for football. From NSIC standpoint, we've talked about both versions.
o Lorelee: GLVC is just going after fall sports.
o Jim: Hope there will be more support now than previously. Not changing the voluntary portion of it.
o Kathleen: The faster you can get it to the legislative committee the better off you'll be. You need to work hard with your SAAC to get them on board.
o Jim: GLVC also considering proposing change to the Feb. 15th legislation (still 8 hours per week with 2 hours for VB activity - team or individual). There is a little support from higher up to make a change with this from previous conversations.


2. Warm-up protocol (Braden Higa) - have any conferences made a decision as to if they are using this warm-up protocol flexibility and how?


- GLVC: 15 minutes shared, 10 minutes home, 10 minutes for visitor prior to the 40 minute warm-up.
- PAC-West: Proposing 10 minutes shared with no balls going over the net. 15 of just serve + pass. Trying to follow more MPSF model of shared serve and pass.
- PSAC: 10 minutes home, 10 minutes for visitor prior to the 40 minute warm-up.
- California Collegiate: 15 minutes home and visitor.
- Central Intercollegiate: 15 home and away; NCAA warm-up.
- GAC: Normal 60 minutes.
- Gulf South: Normal 60 with an optional 30 (15/15) prior to the 60 for home and away.
- Lonestar: Sitting on hands to figure out what they want to do.
- CCA: Everything has to be set up at 5:30 to avoid last minute setting up.
- South Atlantic: Back to only 60. Do not have 15-15 option.
- NE-10: Staying the same for basketball reasons.
- Mountain East: Not discussed yet, but will hopefully soon.
- MIAA: Court must be set up 90 minutes prior. Maintaining what they had.
- Heartland: ???
- GNAC: Tabled the issue. Stick with what we have - 60 minute protocols.
- GMAC: Haven't addressed since the rule has changed. Will address in November.
- ECC: Staying with 60 minute protocol.
- Conference Carolinas: Sticking with 60 minutes.
- Central Atlantic: Sticking with 60 minutes.


C. Kathleen Brasfield

IV. Other/New Items
V. Roll Call - double check to see if anyone joined late who missed the initial role call
VI. Next Meeting Phone Call: Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 12:00pm CST


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