Wednesday, November 7, 2007


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Roll Call: Absent: Big 12, Missouri Valley and Southern Conferences

The meeting was called to order at 11:30 a.m. (EST) by Chair Beth Launiere. She welcomed everyone and thanked them for being on the call. She welcomed Mark Rosen to the call and noted that he will become the Division I chairperson in January and that she will assume the AVCA President-Elect position.


· Volleyball Rules Survey Update


Beth thanked everyone for pushing the rules survey among the coaches. One month ago we had 10% response rate and today we are at 75%. The deadline has been extended to Nov. 16. Please make one last push to those that haven't participated.


· Salary Survey Update


We've had a good response from the coaches thanks to the committee. The deadline to respond to the survey is Nov. 7. Beth asked that the survey be expanded to include questions regarding directors of operations.


It was noted that some coaches have made a conscious choice not to participate in the survey for contractual or privacy reasons. The committee noted that salary information is available to each athletic director for the coaches in their conference and this is information that every coach should want to have when having salary discussions.


· Legislative Update


TJ Meagher reported that there is nothing in the current legislative cycle that impacts volleyball specifically. He noted that there is a trend to stipulate that once a prospect signs a letter of intent that they are still a prospect but they will not be subject to some of the typical restrictions of a prospect (re: text messaging, overnight mail, etc.)


TJ noted that the issue of text messaging did get the minimum number of override requests. The issues will go to an institutional vote at the NCAA meeting in January. Therefore each school present at the meeting will get one vote on the issue.


· Recruiting Task Force


Pete Waite, chair of the Recruiting Task Force, reported that the group met on Nov. 6 for the second meeting via conference call. He noted that there were a couple pieces of legislation that the task force was analyzing including basketball rules regarding off campus clinics and the rules that swimming and tennis have in ensuring that athletes are in the same age range.


Recruiting Calendar - Pete turned the discussion to potential changes in the recruiting calendar. He noted that we are looking for a broad discussion on this issue and that everyone had been sent a survey to distribute to the coaches in their conference. By the Convention we will put together two or three recruiting calendar models and discuss them there. Then one of the calendars would be put in the AVCA Operating Code for a vote by the membership. He asked that the committee distribute the survey and then compile the results and submit them to him.


College Coaches Coaching Club - Kathy urged the committee to have discussions with softball, basketball and soccer coaches on their campuses to gain their insight about this issue. It was noted that if we increase the quite period in the calendar then maybe college coaches coaching club would need to go away.


The committee next discussed the Junior Volleyball Directors Association (JVDA) and AVCA's involvement with that group. Kathy noted that the AVCA was approached about working with JVDA because of our expertise in association management and our relationships within the volleyball community. She noted that the JVDA was formed for many of the same reasons that the AVCA was formed years ago including networking, sharing best practices and representation. The AVCA is currently working under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the JVDA. The MOU has allowed the groups to work together in a limited capacity. The current agreement expires at the end of December and the AVCA and the JVDA are in discussions as to the type of agreement that should be in place moving forward.


· Committee on College Coaches Involvement with USAV Programs


Beth noted that the AVCA would be having a call with USA Volleyball on this issue a little later on Nov. 6. It was noted that if we were to ban college coaches from being involved that we would be the only sport not to be involved with their respective USA Program.


Beth indicated that there seemed to be a good deal of miscommunication and lack of information about the process. She noted that Doug Beal had indicated that they needed coaches at almost every level.


The committee suggested that this was an important issue and shouldn't be taken lightly. Terry Liskevych indicated that it was important for volleyball to learn from what other sports are doing while recognizing the peculiarities of volleyball in this issue.


· HCC Terms & Replacements


Beth noted that we have a number of HCC members whose terms are expiring at the close of December. She asked that the current conference representative please let her know who will be replacing them at the end of their term. It was also noted that the replacement is welcome to attend the HCC meetings at the Annual Convention.


· Convention and AVCA Update


Todd noted that we are on track for a record setting convention in terms of attendance, exhibit show and educational opportunities. He indicated that there were still opportunities to attend especially with the minority coaches clinic and the Saturday only registration. He also noted that the AVCA has surpassed a new membership milestone of 4,400 members. The committee was also reminded to please continuously update membership profiles with new email addresses, phone numbers, etc.


Kathy reported that the NCAA has sold 10,000 tickets to date for the championship. Our goal is 15,000 which would be a major statement for the sport.


Bonnie Kenney brought the discussion back to the JVDA. She noted that the AVCA Board of Directors felt that this was a good opportunity for the association to be involved at the club level. She noted that we need to help educate our coaches about the JVDA and its purposes including the one vote per club philosophy of the JVDA.


Terry noted that part of the mission of the AVCA is to promote, educate and represent all volleyball coaches including the club and high school level. Terry indicated that he is serving on the USA Volleyball committee that is working on their Board restructuring. He noted that the AVCA will choose who will represent coaches on that Board. He urged anyone to email him with suggestions for candidates.


Beth noted that we want to be at the table and in as many conversations as possible regarding our sport at all levels and in all venues. Being in those conversations will be a good thing for our sport.


The meeting adjourned at 12:38 p.m. (EST)


The December conference call will not be held. The committee will meet in person at the AVCA Convention in mid-December.

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