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AVCA Division I Head Coaches Committee Minutes
Wednesday, April 4, 2006

Roll Call: Absent: Atlantic 10, Big South, Big West, Northeast, Southern and Southwestern Athletic Conferences

The meeting was called to order at 11:30 a.m. by Chair Beth Launiere.

Marketing on Your Campus

Beth noted the importance of starting to market each school's volleyball programs now instead of waiting until the fall to get started. AVCA staff has researched a number of publications and web sites that can help coaches and schools better market their programs. The list is going to be distributed to the committee with the minutes. It is also available on the "coaching education" tab of She also noted that a three to five page NCAA marketing plan for the first and second rounds would be distributed later in the year.

Web Cast Package

CSTV has agreed to put together a volleyball only package of web cast matches. CSTV needs the AVCA's help in putting together a list of available matches for them to choose from. Beth asked that coaches please return the survey that has been distributed. We need a very high completion rate on the survey to determine if this type of package is available. It was also noted that the AVCA office needs to know if you cannot participate in such a program due to conference deals that already exist. It was noted that Mark McCloskey at the AVCA Office ( could provide additional copies of the survey if needed.

CSTV Collegiate Beach Championship

Kathy reported that the Collegiate Beach Championship will be held April 22 in San Diego with an April 21 practice date. She expressed appreciation to T.J. and Lynn Holzman for their work on the Championship. The Championship will consist of eight teams. This event will count for one play date for each institution participating. The top eight teams as determined by their finished in the NCAA tournament were invited to participate. Of those eight, three elected not to participate. Three replacement teams were determined by geographic location.

JVDA/High School Associates

Kathy discussed the progress with the Junior Volleyball Directors Association (JVDA) with the committee. She explained that the JVDA was a trade association made up of small and medium sized businesses which are volleyball clubs around the country. Currently the JVDA has approximately 75 club director members.

Kathy also discussed recent discussions with the Ohio High School Coaches Association and the Michigan Scholastic Volleyball Coaches Association. The AVCA is developing an affiliate program whereby the state high school associations are working to sign up their coaches as AVCA members. Ohio has agreed to begin the affiliate process and there have been early positive discussions with Michigan.

It was also noted that it had just been announced that Michigan high schools would be changing their volleyball season to the fall due to the outcome of a law suit. More details will be distributed to the membership when they are available.


TJ Meagher spoke about the inability of collegiate coaches, staff, teams, etc to be involved in junior events at their schools. He noted that coaches, members of the staff, members of the team, etc should not be involved in any events involving prospects in a paid or unpaid capacity. This same rule is in effect for all sports.

TJ noted that the comment period for legislation closed on March 9. The NCAA Management Council is slated to meet on April 9 and 10 with a board meeting to follow on April 26. The two issues before the Council of importance to volleyball are 2006-40 (the elimination of text messaging) and 2006-82 (no missed class time during a non-championship segment). The results of these meeting will be disseminated to the membership as soon as possible.

Recruitment of JUCO Players to Division I

Beth noted that the AVCA Two-Year College Committee is looking to help their coaches better understand what they could do to get their players recruited by Division I schools. Some of the ideas included the following:

Make two-year college volleyball a spring sport so that coaches can actually watch them compete.
Provide more information on their web sites (including stats and web casting matches) so that Division I coaches can get a better feel for their athletes.
Start a Sophomore Showcase type event in the spring. Possibly hold this even on the Thursday evening before a big qualifier.
AVCA Business

Todd Hamilton reported that the AVCA had broken the 3725 member mark this month. He encouraged coaches to talk about the AVCA with everyone they come in contact with. It was also noted that invitations to present at the convention are now due and need to be turned in to Jason Jones at if interested.

Beth thanked everyone for their attendance and participation during the call. The call concluded at 12:30 p.m.

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Next conference call will be conducted on Wednesday, May 2, 2007, at 11:30 ET.

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