Friday, December 14, 2007--General Meeting at AVCA Convention


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The meeting was called to order at approximately 9 a.m. PT.


I. Welcome

Sue welcomes everyone to the meeting and discusses what the agenda items will be for the day.


II. Awards

Sue announces and congratulates this year's award winners.




III. NCAA News and Information From Jen Fraser



Jen talks about the NCAA Eligibility Center, which will work in coordination and assist the NCAA Clearing House.


She asks Sue to talk a little about what Sue had heard at a meeting the day before about "Letters of Intent."


Sue mentioned that discussion had touched on the topic of mid-year signings with two-year college athletes. When this happens, the athlete can never sign a letter of intent with a four year college. This is because it sets up an odd-signing calendar.


A possible solution for this that was mentioned at the meeting, according to Sue, is to set up a one-semester mid-year signing, and then re-sign the athlete in the fall to get them back on a traditional schedule. More information will be coming on this topic in the future.


Jen then mentioned that she had two things she wanted to discuss at the meeting:

1. Fee associated with receiving a certification

2. Institution Request List


* With the fee associated with receiving certification, she mentioned that they are studying the following: $50 for domestic athletes and $75 for international athletes.


A new fee waiver is being studied that would add more options for athletes who have financial difficulties/challenges or didn't take the SATs or other types of entrance exams.


It was noted that a national letter of intent is only for initial full-time enrollment.


* IRLs - is how schools let the NCAA know which athletes are recruitable.


IV. Two-Year College Committee Update

Sue thanked the Two-Year college committee members for their work throughout 2007. She explained to the group what the committee does. She also mentioned that Trish Knight would be taking over as chair of the committee, and that there was one opening on the committee for 2008 - the NJCAA Division I position, and if anyone knows of anyone interested, please contact Trish.


Sue went on to explain the things that were accomplished in 2007. Some of the key things include:

* Two-Year College Web site on the AVCA Web site

* Two-Year College booth at the convention, with CD for coaches

* Two-Year College panel discussion at the convention

* Salary Survey for TYC coaches

* Membership increase


She explained about the CD that would be available for the four-year coaches. She also mentioned that this year's panel discussion would be directed to educating four-year coaches about two-year colleges, and that next year they should probably direct it to high school and club coaches.


IV. Awards - Shay Goulding, Salt Lake Community College

Shay talked about the awards process and how it works. She explained things such as:

* Two-Year College divisions are divided into five regions.

* Tried to have a representative from each TYC division from each region

* Four or five on each committee and a chair for each region.

* This year, automatically nominated district champions for COY (if an AVCA member).


Shay mentioned that she'll be setting up new committees again, and that she hopes to keep some of the folks on board she had this year, and also get some new folks involved.


She encouraged every award committee members to find an alternate in case members cannot be there at voting time. That will save some time and problems at voting time. Contact Shay Ferguson at the AVCA with the names.


Sue mentioned that for Player of the Year, each group division gives their No. 1 player. From those five, then the POY is determined on one conference call.


Someone suggested that for POY voting, make the nominees form and stats in a standard format. Currently, for Two-Year colleges, there was no standard format and you had too many different things to look at for the information needed to make decisions.


V. Membership

Sue told everyone that the AVCA currently has 194 Two-Year college members, and that is the first time that the Two-Year college totals exceeded the NAIA, which was one of her goals. In addition, 70 Two-Year college coaches were in attendance at the convention in Sacramento, another new record.


Membership is something that will continue to be worked on in the year(s) to come.


VI. NCAA Rules

Three people from the NCAA spoke on the rules. Kerri Carr was the main speaker. Marcia Alterman and Leslie ??? also were in attendance.

A handout was given out and contained information on a survey that was done recently. This was explained.


Marcia then talked on a few topics, which included:

* Did a straw poll (show of hands) on whether the game should go to 25 points. 1/3 of the room said raised their hands.

* Explained how rules were created.

* Mentioned that the NCAA is now moving to a two-year rule cycle. A book will be published every two years after next year with the new rules that have been enacted, instead of yearly.

* Gave a plug for training officials, as she is the head of PAVO. Mentioned that there are 27 clinics/year, plus seminars, web based training and on court training. PAVO also does training for line judges and score keepers. She asked that all coaches mention this to their local officiating groups.


Someone asked if it would be possible to let coaches go to these clinics to learn and understand the rules better. Marcia responds by saying any/all coaches are always welcome.


Question came up asking when the sessions are scheduled. Marcia said to send her an email and she'll send the schedule. In addition, this could be an item for At the Net and VolleyBiz. (I asked Marcia to send me her schedule of events and that I'd add it to At the Net and VolleyBiz. She agreed.)


VII: Kathy Deboer Speaks

Kathy came in and spoke to the Two-Year coaches. Thanking them for their continued support, and encouraged them to get more involved in the association. And, to help get more members.


VIII. Salary Survey

Sue talked about the new salary survey sent out this year geared specifically towards Two-Year coaches. Mentioned that the AVCA would be sending out the results after the New Year to those coaches who responded. She also mentioned that a better response would be needed next time around to get more information from everyone.


IX. Talent Showcase

Sue mentioned the new event to be held on Sunday (day after NCAA final) - The Talent Showcase. How it was developed for not just high school athletes, but also Two-Year college athletes. She explained that Kathy had worked with the NCAA to get this one day open for four-year coaches to come in, watch the kids and maybe help get a few more recruited.


X. Miscellaneous Items

Sue mentioned a few other things:

* It was decided to only have one general meeting because: 1) the first one conflicted with some education sessions and 2) only one seemed to be needed.

* NAIA Gap Rule - She explained how she had tried to find someone to speak on this topic this year, but could not. Trish will work on getting someone for next year. However, it is a very important topic and she encouraged everyone to make sure they understood how it worked.


XI. Discussed topics from the AVCA Board Meeting

She mentioned a few topics that came out of the AVCA Board Meeting, which might be of interested to Two-Year coaches.

* Karen Weatherington, chair of assistant coaches, would like to have assistants to talk to her with any questions they might have. Feel free to contact her to discuss anything.

* Beach Volleyball - She explained how Kathy is trying to get legislation for the beach game to be an emerging sport. She encouraged folks to "pay attention" to this, as it might be happening soon.

* Dig for the Cure - Explained how this might become an AVCA campaign. More information to come.

* USA Volleyball - Doug Beal talked a little about national organization. Biggest change is redoing the USA Volleyball board and making it smaller. He also talked about possibly brining back the Olympic Festival, and making it for high school athletes and junior college athletes. He also explained how the Olympic committee is looking at possibly making an Olympic Channel (like an ESPN), which would showcase Olympic events.


XI. Questions, Comments... None


XII. Meeting Adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

Sue thanked everyone for coming and told everyone that she enjoyed seeing and working with everyone during her term as chair.


She also made mention of the retirement banner for Jo Ellen Stringer, a Two-Year coach, which is located near registration. She encouraged everyone to go and sign it.


Then she ended the meeting.

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