Wednesday, February 7, 2007


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Roll Call: Absent - Big West Conference

The meeting was called to order at 11:30 a.m. ET by Chair Beth Launiere.

1. Current Status of New Legislation

a. 2006 - 41 (regulation of text messaging to recruits) - this legislation was defeated and is no longer being considered
b. 2006 - 40 (elimination of text messaging to recruits) - this legislation passed the first step and is currently in the 60 day comment period
c. 2006 - 43 (use of computers and video during in home visits) - this legislation passed the first step and is currently in the 60 day comment period
d. 2006 - 82 (missed class time during non-traditional season) - this legislation passed the first step and is currently in the 60 day comment period

Coaches were encouraged to speak with their Athletic Directors about whether they are for or against each of these regulations. The comment period ends on March 9 and the vote will be held in April.

Kathy DeBoer updated the committee on two issues that were discussed at the AVCA Convention in December. The first issue was the use of male practice players in women's team sports. Kathy mentioned that a survey would be coming soon that would request information on the use of male practice players. This is primarily an issue for women's basketball but the survey is intended to determine if it is a problem for other sports as well. In addition, Kathy said the Knight Commission had meetings in January and this group is now focusing time on the recruiting process including influences in recruiting and how academic qualifications are being separated from recruiting.

2. Networking Sponsorship Opportunities

The committee was asked to contact their conference coaches on behalf of the AVCA and ask about connections to potential sponsors. Sometimes a coach will have a kid on the team who has a parent or another relationship with someone in position to be a sponsor for the AVCA. Coaches were asked to contact Kathy DeBoer or Beth Launiere if they have suggestions or a contact for a potential sponsor.

3. New Legislation

In an effort to increase attendance at the DI Women's Championship in Sacramento, the AVCA is hoping to conduct a junior volleyball tournament on Sunday, December 16 which is the day after the NCAA championship match. The goal is to draw 200 teams and bring the potential for having 2,000 - 3,000 kids and parents attend the championships. The December 16 date is currently a dead period for recruiting so the AVCA is seeking an exemption from the NCAA for that day.

Chris Lamb thought it was important the invitation to participate in this tournament come from the AVCA and not from the regional volleyball associations. His suggestion was that the AVCA market the tournament to club coaches and then ask the Northern California Volleyball Association to run the event. The feedback he received from the NCVA invitation was not good so Chris believes the AVCA should take a more active role to make this successful. In addition, he believes there must be an exemption to the recruiting rule in order to get teams to participate. Another option that Chris suggested was to ask the club teams to sell tickets to the NCAA Championship rather than participate in the tournament. This has been done for the World Cup in soccer and could work here as well.

4. Conference Meetings/New Issues

Many conferences are having meetings this time of year and Beth asked the committee to please keep her updated on any major issues of discussion in which she needs to be aware.

5. NCAA DI Volleyball Championship Committee

Bonnie, Beth and Kathy will be meeting with the NCAA DI Volleyball Championship Committee in February. Some of the items planned for discussion are tournament seeding, changing the regional playing days to Thursday and Saturday, and having a build-up to the national championship on television including a live broadcast of the regionals and broadcasting some first and second round matches (on ESPN if possible). The committee was asked to contact Bonnie, Beth or Kathy if they have any other issues they would like to see addressed during this meeting.

6. What does the DI HCC need from the AVCA?

The committee was asked for suggestions of things they need from the AVCA. Among the suggestions mentioned were updated e-mail addresses for coaches, continued support on legislative issues, conducting the salary survey again in hope of getting a higher response rate, and helping coaches do marketing on their own campuses. A place to post open dates was also suggested which currently exists through Athletic Link on the AVCA Web site. The AVCA needs to do a better job marketing this resource so more coaches will know it is available.

7. AVCA Business

Jason Jones asked the committee to share with their conference coaches a request by the AVCA to update their membership profile. Accurate membership information is critical to the AVCA in order for the association to communicate effectively with members. Also, as a follow-up to the salary survey discussion above, Jason mentioned that the survey could be completed again at no cost to the association since the survey is done in a Web based program.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:35 p.m. ET.

The next conference call will be conducted on Wednesday, March 7 at 11:30 a.m. ET.

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