Wednesday, September 6, 2006


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Roll Call: Absent: Big Ten, Conference USA, Southland, Southern, Southwestern Athletic and West Coast Conferences


The meeting was called to order at 11:30 a.m. by Chair Beth Launiere.

1. Voter Representation - Poll


Beth began by raising the issue of voter representation on the CSTV/AVCA Top 25 Poll. A couple of members had raised the issue to Beth indicating they felt that some conferences are being represented unequally in the number of voters. Some members had suggested that perhaps the number of voters per conference should be based on the previous year's RPI. The higher a conference's RPI the more voters the conference should have.


The committee discussed the issue in some detail. One of the committee's main concerns is that there should be representation from all parts of the country in the poll.


Beth indicated that this would be an issue on the agenda at the Division I meeting at the Convention.


Will Engle, media relations manager, brought up the issue of there being no poll after the first weekend of play. It was noted that one of the reasons that this occurs is to give schools a couple of weekends of play so that the poll voters would have more information before casting their vote in the first poll of the season. The committee also discussed the importance of the responsibilities of the voters.


2. Convention Update


Todd Hamilton gave an update on the 2006 AVCA Convention. It was reported that registration was now open and that postcards and emails had been disseminated to the membership to that effect. As of the call date, 112 members have registered for the Convention as compared to 40 over the same period last year.

3. NCAA Legislation


T.J. Meagher referred the committee's attention to the NCAA Division I Legislative Proposals information. He then highlighted a number of the items that will potentially have the greatest impact on the volleyball community. The NCAA Division I Legislative Proposals document is attached as part of these minutes. It was also noted by Beth that her, Kathy and T.J. would discuss what the "hot topics" are based on discussion of these proposals and communication with the National Office and decide if, what and when any of these proposals should be put into the AVCA Operating Code for DI coaches input.


The proposals highlighted are as follows (please note the attached document for more detailed explanation):



2006-37 - Refers to the inclusion of observation of prospective student-athletes participating in high school competitions within the permissible 80 evaluation days.


2006-40 - Disallows text messaging to prospective student-athletes.


2006-41 - Defines computer-mediated communication and sets deadlines and hours for potential interaction in this method.


2006-64 - Increases the maximum permissible number of contests in which a student-athlete may participate in a season and remain eligible for a hardship waiver to 40%.


2006-66 - Specifies that a transfer student from a two-year college who was not a qualifier to be eligible for financial aid, practice and competition the first academic year in resident. The student must have successfully completed a specific number of semesters or hours of English and mathematics that are transferable.


2006-68 - Limits the one-time transfer exception to a student who transfers from a Division III institution to a Division I institution..


2006-80 - Would eliminate the Sept. 15 through April 15 time period for skill-related instruction and to permit more than four student-athletes from the same team to be involved in skill-related instruction with their coaches during the academic year.


2006-82 - Specifies that no class time or final exams shall be missed for competition conducted during the non-championship segment and that any such violations would be institution violations and would not affect the student-athlete's eligibility.


2006-105 - Eliminates the once-in-four-years restriction on institution foreign tours and specifies that a student-athlete shall not participate in more than one institutional foreign tour.


2006-106 - Specifies that an institution's foreign tour may not occur during the period beginning 30-days before the first practice date until the first date for a contest or date of competition in the championship segment of the institution's playing and practice session.


2006-117 - Relates to an increase in the traveling party for which expenses shall be provided for participating in the Men's Volleyball NCAA National Collegiate Championship from 18 to 22.


The committee's attention next turned to a memorandum from the NCAA regarding the early offer of athletics scholarships. The committee discussed the issue and understood that many coaches feel the need to make early offers because so many other coaches are doing it. They're afraid that they'll miss out on good players if they don't offer early.


Kathy DeBoer indicated that the AVCA had submitted a response to the NCAA memorandum indicating that the Presidential Task Force should look into the matter further. The AVCA did not take a position on the issue, only that the issue should be studied further.


4. Showcase Report / Update Show Report


Kathy indicated that the 2006 Showcase had been a well run event at Wisconsin. She commended the Wisconsin staff for their work at the banquet and during the tournament. The attendance on the first day was approximately 4,500 and approximately 3,500 on the second day. The committee talked about ways that we could possibly increase marketing for the event. It was noted that a sponsor would allow for more marketing dollars.


Kathy next turned to the AVCA Update Show presented by Tachikara. She indicated that the show was off to a good start and that the first installment had been on Sunday, September 3. It was noted that in the future we hope to have a more national scope to the show including additional highlights from around the nation. The next show is slated to be on September 17.

5. TV Dues

Beth told the committee about two new commercials that the AVCA is developing in conjunction with CSTV. One of the commercials is about the AVCA and urges coaches to join. The second commercial highlights the sport and would be a "get excited" about volleyball message. It is anticipated that both commercials will be finished by the end of the month.


Beth also indicated that there would be further discussion about TV dues at the annual meeting in Omaha.


6. AVCA Membership Dues


Beth reminded the committee members to renew their membership and urge other coaches to do the same. September and October are the two biggest renewal months for the AVCA.



Beth thanked everyone for their attendance and participation during the call. The call concluded at 12:40 p.m.

Links to AVCA Division I Head Coaches Committee and AVCA Legislative Pages: (AVCA Division I HCC Page) (AVCA Legislative Page)

Next conference call will be conducted on Wednesday, October 4, 2006, at 11:30 ET


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