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ROLL CALL: Sue Sinclair, Kanoe Bandy, Terry Gamble, Michael De Hoog, Erica Elder Jayme Frazier, Lisa Huntley, Kim Lester, Jane Peterson, Vanessa Schroeder, Mike Trame


Absent from the meeting: N/A


The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:30 a.m. ET.


I. Welcome

Sue welcomed all attendees to the meeting. She also welcomed Kim Lester to the committee. Kim is replacing Lisa Davis. Kim introduced herself to the committee and told a little about herself.


Sue then mentioned that Kathy DeBoer (AVCA Executive Director) was on the call and had to get back to a meeting, so she moved straight to the Recruiting Agenda item that Kathy was on to discuss.


II. Recruiting of the Two Year athlete - What can the AVCA assist TYC's with?


Sue starts by mentioning that from what she understands, the previous AVCA administration said that the AVCA could not do anything in terms of recruiting.


Kathy mentioned that what she needed to determine from this meeting is what exactly the Two-Year Coaches Committee wants the AVCA to explore. She also said that she does not want the AVCA to become a recruiting service. However, the AVCA could be a group that could help facilitate linkages between the two-year coaches and the companies working in the recruiting business. She said there were five or six at this year's AVCA convention.


Sue said that one thing the Two Year Coaches Committee was thinking about was how to get the information about the two-year colleges "out there," in addition to having a booth at the convention. Could be in book form, could be in CD form. Then it would be available at the booth.


Kathy said that she would need to check on how much the AVCA can "help," since it is a not-for-profit business.


Kathy mentioned that one thing the Two Year Coaches Committee needs to determine is who gets to be involved - AVCA members or non-members. This could be something to drive memberships in the two-year college group. Send out a form and have two-year college members fill it out with their player's info and send it in.


Sue says that if a book/CD were created, could we put a link on the AVCA Web site, or At the Net, to point to this information.


Kathy said - At the Net would work, but that you wouldn't want a permanent link on the AVCA Web site as the data would get old fast.


Kathy went on to talk about having the Two-Year College Coaches Committee have a classroom session - a generic session - for all interested four-year college coaches at the convention. The Two-Year Committee could talk about "How to Recruit the Junior College Market."


Sue then asked the committee if there were any other things they wanted to ask Kathy while she's on the call.

Someone asks if a link to a list of two-year unsigned sophomores can be added to the Web site. As an example, putting the list on the NWACC or NJCAA site, and then link to it from the AVCA Web site.


Kathy mentioned that we would have to be careful because of the AVCA's non-profit status. Again, though - not a permanent link, maybe in an At the Net. She reiterated that we (the AVCA) do not want to get into competition with the recruiting services.


Terry asks if it is possible to get the booth at the convention to promote the two-year athletes looking to move into a four-year school - is that "allowed" by NCAA rules?


Kathy asked what you mean by "promote two-year college players," then we can talk about it. She asks, in general, "Can we put Sue and Terry and others in a booth to promote all two-year players - probably yes. Need to check on it.


More discussion followed about - member or non-member participation. Needs to be determined.


Sue brings discussion back to the recruiting "books" ... There are some of these books out there. This is one at the NJCAA National Tourney. California has one. We're thinking of making one template for all two-year colleges? She suggests that the group come up with a template and ask all members to submit their information. After that, what then? Not sure how many pages it would be if a book? CD?


Also, she mentioned, with the booth, there would always be one COA, NWACC, NJCC person there at all times.


Kim Lester talked about Palm Pilots. At the Vegas Tournament, you could download a whole book of information in a file.


Kathy then mentioned that one of the organizations (Cal, NWACC, NJCAA), could put all of this information on their site, and then two-year coaches could pass that link to people they want to have look at the information.


Jamie asks if the AVCA can post the link to that book.


Kathy said the AVCA would need to look into it, to see if there are any prohibitions that says we cannot provide that link from our Web site or the At the Net newsletter? She will need to look into it to be sure.


Sue mentioned that when Trish Knight pulled this type of book together, it did not have only AVCA members. Might that be an issue with this one?


Kathy said that it's an issue to the extent that you are committed to the AVCA. You as a group have to decide what should be available to members and non-members.


Sue said that we really all thought this would be a way to drive membership. We think this would be a benefit to all two-year coaches.


Kathy then said she needed to get back to her meeting. Rick will discuss this with Todd to get some ideas.


Sue says we'll all discuss this after looking at Rick's notes, then go from there.


Kathy exits meeting.

Sue asks committee to stay on this subject a little longer... She said that they should ask for the classroom session, even if it's a small group that attends. In addition, she asks that everyone continue forward to try and come up with a common template for the book/CD.


Terry asked if they should just get each schools entire roster?


Sue remarked that would end up being a huge database. She also mentioned that she does not necessarily want to have recruiters coming after her freshman - she tries to protect them.


As for the session at the convention: Sue suggested a panel discussion, followed by Q&A.


As for the template, she said let's not have this drop... let's put a timeline together and get this done.


Kanoe offered to send the COA example. Maybe use that as a starting point.


Erica said she has one as well - it was the one Trish Knight had put together. She also mentioned that in doing all of this, we have to continue to think membership. This should be an AVCA member benefit.


Terry remarked that he agrees, this should be for AVCA members only.


Sue begins to agree that maybe is should be AVCA members only, but will be discussed again.


Sue thanked folks for sending out these templates. We'll use these as a base. Plus, she says that she'll keep this item on the agenda for follow-up as we go along.

III: Approval of Last Meetings Minutes

Sue asked for comments/changes to the last Two-Year College Coach Committee meeting minutes. None were forthcoming. Minutes were approved.


Sue requested to have the minutes posted.


IV. AVCA Web Site and Two-Year College Info

Sue asked if the group should come up with a common template for each two-year division. The answer was yes. Everyone looked at the ones that have been sent in and try to come up with a common template using those as a base. Some ideas:

  • Length of season
  • Playoff system
  • Awards system
  • Historical Info
  • Enrollment / Number of students/athletes


The committee thought links to the schools, link to the All-American and playoff sites would also be good.


Rick to do a draft of a template and then work with Sue to come up with a template.


V. Salary Survey


Committee looked at the draft document sent along by AVCA showing last year's survey questions. Some ideas for new categories and topics were discussed. Rick will create a draft of a new Salary survey and work with Sue to modify it, then present it to the committee at the next meeting.


VI. At the Net Submissions

Sue asked if any info was sent in. Rick mentioned there were a couple things, which appeared in the Wednesday, March 14 issue. These included:


  • Blair Inducted into California Community College Hall of Fame... (Kanoe)
  • 2006-2007 NJCAA Fall Academic Teams of the Year Named... (Sue)


VII. Membership

Not discussed due to length of meeting


VIII. Miscellaneous

Someone suggested sending membership information to four-year and two-year colleges that have coaching curriculum. This might be a good group to go after for AVCA membership. (Wendy Payne (AVCA) will be discussing this with Tori Fowler.)


Meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m. ET


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 11, 2007 at 11:30 a.m. ET (10:30 a.m. CT)



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