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ROLL CALL: Sue Sinclair, Kanoe Bandy, Lisa Davis, Terry Gamble, Michael De Hoog, Erica Elder Jayme Frazier, Lisa Huntley, Jane Peterson, Vanessa Schroeder.


Absent from the meeting: Mike Trame


The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:30 a.m. ET.


I. Welcome

Sue welcomed all attendees to the meeting, including two new members - Terry Gamble (NJCAA DI rep) and Vanessa Schroeder (NJCAA DII rep). She then began the meeting.


II. Approval of December Meeting Minutes

The first agenda item was to approve the minutes of the two meetings held at the 2006 AVCA Convention in Omaha, Neb. This included the Two-Year College Head Coach Committee meeting, held on Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2006, and the Two-Year College Head Coach General Meeting, held on Thursday, Dec. 14, 2006. Both meeting minutes were approved.


III. Per AVCA President Bonnie Kenny, "Three Things the Two-Year College Coaches Would Like the AVCA Do for Them/AVCA Members."


This brought up a lot of good discussion. Sue then asked each committee member individually to come up with one idea. Results are summarized as follows:


Vanessa: During the award nomination period, when the AVCA sends out the reminders to go to the AVCA Web site and get the form to nominate athletes, to instead request that the AVCA attach the form to the email. In this way, there is a good chance that more of the Two-Year College coaching members will fill out the nomination form since they will have it in hand when the email arrives.


Kanoe: Would like to see the AVCA Coaching Volleyball magazine expanded, as well as the information on the AVCA Web site expanded. The more information the AVCA can get out to its members, the better. Kanoe gave the example of T.J. Meagher's Clearinghouse presentation as information that she was able to learn about through the AVCA.


Jayme, with follow-up from Michael De Hoog: Have the AVCA help bridge the gap between the two-year and four-year colleges.  Help us sift through the multitude of information that four-year coaches deal with and determine what pieces are relevant to the two-year coach and their athletes that will transfer.  


Terry, with follow-up from Vanessa: Try and find a way to develop a recruiting system for the two-year players who want to go on to a four-year school. Try and get that information "out there" so four-year college coaches can learn more about the two-year players.


Terry also mentioned that he (and some other Two-Year College coaches) were disappointed that, at the convention, when the All-American and Player of the Year athletes were announced during the championship match, that no Two-Year College athletes were mentioned. His feeling is that they should either be mentioned, or the term "AVCA" should be changed to "NCAA" for this announcement.


Note: One other idea was mentioned later in the call about the fact that previously, Coaches of the Year were asked to come back the following year to present at the convention. The Two-Year Committee would like to see more Two-Year coaches included and/or asked to present at the convention. We would like to have more of a presence. It was good this year that Mike Trame sat on one of the panel sessions.


Erica: Discussed three topics:

  • At the convention, possibly have a booth for Two-Year College coaches to discuss their players with four-year coaches.
  • Have a set of minimum professional standards posted, to keep a level of consistency within all for the Two-Year College divisions, whether that be in how you conduct a tournament or what you do for professional development.
  • Put out some information (on the AVCA Web site?) explaining all of the different Two-Year College divisions and continue to foster relationships between the COA, NWAAC and NJCAA.


Lisa: Share the contact information of the minor AVCA sponsors with the Two-Year Colleges, so they can try to get some help with fundraising, products, etc.


Jane: Thinks having the committee is a good start because of its "all-inclusiveness" by having all of the Two-Year Divisions represented. In this way, information can get to all of them and everyone has a voice.


Sue wanted to address the topic of recruiting, and a discussion began about how the AVCA might be able to help the Two-Year Colleges in this endeavor.


Sue's concern of having a booth at the convention would be if this opens up "problems" with the JVDA, high schools and others wanting to do the same. However, we would be interested to understand how and if the AVCA can help with this.


Kanoe and Terry both discussed the current utilization of recruiting booklets/packets that California puts together and the host of the NJCAA DI National Tournament puts together. The question -- is there a possibility for expansion of it for all Two-Year Colleges? Sue suggested that the AVCA might be able to provide a link to these recruiting books if they were online. However, there might be some restrictions for the AVCA to do that. Sue asked that Terry and Kanoe work together to potentially design one form being used by both organizations. Also asked Jayme to see how the NWAAC might be doing this as well.


She brought up the question about whether the AVCA might have any "restrictions" as to what they can, cannot do, in terms of things dealing with recruiting (the booth, having a link to recruiting sites or recruiting books, etc.)


Note: Due to the potential for restrictions, and other recruiting questions that came up, Sue requested that Kathy DeBoer attend the next meeting to address these recruiting ideas.


More ideas and conversation followed, and then Sue tried to sum up the Top 3 points:


1.       Email nomination forms during award season. Also, have awardees recognized at convention. Look to increase the two-year coaches presence at the convention either through presenting or recruiting booths...

2.       Recruiting assistance. More discussion will be needed on this, and Kathy DeBoer will be present for the next conference call to further look into some of the things discussed.

3.       Disseminate Information. Have the AVCA continue to be the medium to get information out to all of the Two-Year Colleges through all means possible (newsletter, emails, magazine, etc.)


Another topic that was brought up was the AVCA newsletter, At the Net. Rick provided an explanation of what it was all about, the new format, and how he sends out a "request for information" every other week for articles and ideas for the newsletter. He also told the committee that this newsletter goes out to the entire AVCA Membership.


Some members thought it would be a good idea to add a news item or some kind of information to the newsletter each issue to promote and talk about the Two-Year Colleges. Sue asked if each committee member would be interested in taking two issues each year and providing something. Terry added that it would be a good idea, but maybe only go once a month during season. Rick will now add the Two-Year Committee members to his every other week reminder for information for the newsletter.


IV. AVCA Web site


Sue began the discussion by asking how to create a template (for a web page on the AVCA Web site) so that four-year colleges know about our make up and all of our divisions. She asked for all division representatives to come up with a template for the next meeting and then we'll build it from there.


Also, a discussion took place about how to get more timely news and information on the Two-Year College page of the AVCA Web site. Currently, it just contains the two-year old news release about the creation of the committee. Different ideas and thoughts were raised:


  • Highlight Alumni athletes who have gone on to bigger and better things.
  • Hall of Fame announcement could be added each year.
  • Start of the season, build a list of the previous year's two-year players and what schools they are now playing at.


This is a topic that will be discussed again.


V. Membership


This is an ongoing discussion on how to get more Two-Year College coaches to join the AVCA. Sue asked Rick to explain what the AVCA is looking for the Two-Year Committee to do in regards to membership. Rick explained that we need folks to go after the coaches in their conference and in their division who have not joined and try and recruit them.


One of the problems brought up is that some coaches do not see the benefit of joining the AVCA. We need to determine a way to let them know this more clearly. (Note: Some new tools, brochures, etc.,  are being created to address this issue.) In addition, if the convention booth idea, and some of the web site and information dissemination talked about in this meeting takes place, and a clear link can be made that the AVCA can help Two-Year Colleges, this could become a major benefit in recruiting.


A request was made to post the names/schools of Two-Year College AVCA members. In this way, they would know who to "go after" when recruiting new members. To accomplish this, Rick will send out to committee members an excel spreadsheet of all Two-Year College members once a month with the conference call minutes.


IV: Coaching Records


Sue brought up a topic that Kanoe had written to her about, and that is coaching records. It seems that in California, they only count three out of five matches for a coach's record. They do not count two out of three. Kanoe would like to see more consistency in keeping coaching records. She asked if maybe they could have a California record and an AVCA record, which would include all matches. The question would then be, if this "AVCA record" could be created, can California go back and retroactively recount all of those matches? If yes, it could mean a very large influx of Victory Club members next year.


V. Salary Survey


Last year's salary survey was discussed. It was also discussed at the meeting during the convention. Many members did not feel the questions in the survey pertained to the Two-Year College coaches. The question was - could it be modified for them. Answer - yes. Sue asked Rick to pull together the questions from the 2006 survey. It will then be sent to all of the committee members, who will look them over and be ready to discuss them and help create a salary survey that Two-Year College coaches would want to participate in.


VI: Miscellaneous


No other topics were discussed.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 p.m. ET.


The next conference call will be conducted on Wednesday, March 14 at 11:30 a.m. ET.


Attachments: Membership information, 2006 salary survey questions.


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