April 16, 2008


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Roll Call:

Kim Sudbeck, Augustana (S.D.)

Tia Brandel-Wilhelm, Ferris State

Sean Donahue, St. Edward's University (proxy for Todd Caughlin)

Cody Hein, Chico State

Debbie Hendricks, Metropolitan State

Megan Hrbek, Caldwell

Patricia Mickow, St. Cloud State

Shannon Mincey, Carson-Newman

Bo Pagliasotti, Southwestern Oklahoma

Stephanie Radecki, North Alabama

Tracy Rietzke, Rockhurst University

Jill Stephens, Florida Southern

Bren Stevens, Charleston

Ibraheem Suberu, Pittsburg State

Alex Koszalka, Dowling



Theresa Garlacy, Bryant

Amber Glass, Augusta

Tom Justice, Lock Haven

Kris Naber, Grand Canyon

Phil Shoemaker, Alaska Fairbanks

Heidi Sunderland, University of Mary



Meeting Called to Order: 1:09 p.m.


I. Welcome. (Kim)

Kim began the call by welcoming everyone. She then gave the HCC Chair Report.


A. NCAA Update
Kim briefed the committee on the latest pertaining to the NCAA rules changes. She expressed how fortunate she feels that the HCC is to have had members on the NCAA rules committee. Kim then shared with the committee the letter written to the NCAA by AVCA President Mary Wise and also the response letter from the NCAA. She asked the coaches to read both of these items and then forward along to the other coaches in their conference. Kim then opened up the floor for questions.

*Debbie Hendricks questioned whether the survey results reflected the majority?

* Bren Stevens answered by saying that she believed the results showed a Division I majority, but that Divisions II & III were split or not in favor.

*Kim affirmed Bren's response, but mentioned that there were pros and cons coming from all divisions.

*Ibraheem Subaru stated that there were 7 coaches in the MIAA that disagreed with the rules changes. The coaches feel that the changes are being forced upon them, and he pointed out that you can't educate coaches to change their mind about the new rules.

* Kim responded by reminding the committee that the AVCA and the coaches themselves can help to better educate each other about how to implement and use the changes. She mentioned that the decision is not going to be reversed, and now it is time for all coaches to move forward and work towards understanding and managing the rules changes effectively. She then thanked the HCC for all of their feedback on the topic in the past several weeks.


B. Board Update

Kim reminded the HCC members that the AVCA Board will be meeting the first weekend in May. Kim asked the coaches for any suggestions for her to take to the board from a Division II standpoint.

*Bren Stevens feels that all issues should be equally as important to the rules committee. She feels that the voices in Divisions II & III aren't heard as loudly and encouraged Kim to address the board that all three divisions matter.


C. Grant Burger Nominations

Kim reminded the committee to be sure to submit their nominations for the AVCA's Grant Burger Media Award. The nominees can be anyone who is involved in sports information, print, broadcast or web journalism that has made significant contributions to the sport of volleyball. Nomination forms can be found on the AVCA website, and the deadline for submissions is Monday, May 5.


II. New Business (Kim)
Kim did not list any new business items to discuss on the agenda, but mentioned a few items to share with the HCC.


A. Conference Crossovers

Kim asked Tia Brandel-Wilhelm to talk a little about the conference crossover tournament that the GLIAC and GLVC are going to participate in.

Tia advised the coaches that all teams from both conferences will be participating in the event.

* There is a two-year contract for the event, with the host site switching every year.

* Seeding for the event will be determined beforehand; everyone will play in three matches.

* Tia also mentioned that the GLVC has been doing a tremendous job with the organization of the tournament; it will be a huge event.

* The tournament could be really relevant to regional selections because it will allow all of the teams to play in-region matches.

* Tia then encouraged all of the coaches to look into a similar event for their respective conferences.

Kim asked how the conference schedules would allow for this?

* Tia responded by saying that the GLIAC moved up their conference schedule a week.

* Tracy Rietzke added that the GLVC also moved up their conference schedule a week.

Kim then asked if both conferences have postseason tournaments? Both answered yes.


B. SSC Beach

Kim then asked Jill Stephens to share with the coaches the experience of the Sunshine State Beach Invitational.

Jill labeled the event as "fantastic."

* Nine conference squads brought between 3-5 teams each to the event.

* She felt that Tom Collette did a great job with the emceeing. There was music going the whole time; felt like a true beach event.

* Her players had a blast, and she felt it gave the spring a different spin. It allowed the team to work a great deal on ball control.

* Jill felt there were really no negatives to this event. The camaraderie was great.

Kim posed a question about substitutions.

* Jill explained to the HCC that there was no subbing in the event. The coaches and organizers decided beforehand not to sub.



III. Old Business (Kim)
A. AVCA Update (Leah)

Leah gave a brief update on things going on at the AVCA. This included:


* Collegiate Beach: The Collegiate Beach Volleyball Championships will be held April 20 in San Diego, Calif. The event, which is put on by CBS College Sports will feature teams from Clemson, Nebraska, San Diego, Texas, USC and Wisconsin.

* Men's Championship Weekend: The 2008 AVCA Men's Volleyball Championship Weekend held in conjunction with the NCAA Men's Volleyball Championship will be held in Irvine, Calif. Featured this year will be a championship tailgate party, educational sessions, high school boys matches, a fan fest and a boys talent showcase, with the AVP Crocs Tour also in town during the weekend.

*AVCA Product Store: Leah encouraged the HCC members to check out the AVCA product store to take advantage of new merchandise and store specials.

*Leah also mentioned the AVCA was busy planning the 2008 Collegiate Showcase Tournament in August and the 2008 AVCA Convention in December. The showcase, held in Omaha, Neb., will be a conference challenge format this year, with Nebraska, Texas, Stanford and USC comprising the tournament field.


B. Division I Update

Kim advised the Division II committee members and all coaches to check out the Division I HCC minutes, posted on the AVCA website. As of the HCC call, the Division I April minutes were not posted yet, but please take the time to look at what is going on in the Division I world, as it often trickles down to Divisions II and III.

Kim wrapped up the meeting by again reminding the HCC members to please provide her with any items they would like for her to bring forth to the AVCA Board during the upcoming meeting.


VII. Next Meeting
The next meeting will be Wednesday, May 21st, at 1 p.m. Central Time. (2 p.m. Eastern Time)

Meeting adjourned at 1:48 p.m.


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