Wednesday, March 12, 2008


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The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:45 a.m. (ET).




Present: Trish Knight, Jayme Frazier, Terry Gamble, Kim Lester, Bert Luallen, Vanessa Schroeder, Mike Trame


Absent: Kanoe Bandy, Michael De Hoog, Jane Peterson, Benjamin Staupe,


I. Welcome and Roll Call

Trish welcomes everyone and begins the meeting with a short report by Rick Capone of the AVCA.


II. AVCA Report by Rick Capone

Rick mentioned a couple things:

1. New Awards Person: The AVCA has hired Ashley Beil as the new awards person. Her contact information is - / 859-219-3556. If you have any questions regarding the awards, please feel free to contact Ashley and she'll be glad to help you out.


2. Committee call phone number and password: Rick will email out the phone number and password for the monthly conference call on the day of the call. In this way, everyone will be sure to have it, plus a reminder that the call will happen that day.


III. Salary Survey

Trish opened a discussion of the salary survey, which was completed in December. She mentioned that she was surprised how low the assistant coaches were being paid. However, it was what she expected with all of the numbers in general.


Other discussion followed. Some of the things discussed included:

* Whether some of the salaries might also be based on teaching at the school. In some cases, this is true.

* Whether the jobs were full time:

   - According to Jayme, in the NWAAC only 25% are full time

   - According to Kim, most of the California coaches are not full time.


Another topic that Trish brought up based on the survey was Camps. Her question to the committee was - do you get to keep camp money. Some answers included:

* Mike - Yes, have to put it back into the program or give some to his assistant. Camps are his No. 1 fund raiser.

* Bert - Give some back to the program, some to the assistant, some to the others helping out..

Jayme - Same as Bert.

Kim - If a camp is held at her college, she has to give it back to the program. So, she does some travelling to get some additional income.

Vanessa - Give back to the program or to her assistant. She cannot pay herself or would have to also rent the facility.


On the topic of Salary average, Rick asked whether, next time, if the salary should be averaged by division vs. all together. Reason is that some of the higher California salaries skew the final results for the rest of the country.


All agreed. Give the "whole" average, then average by division.


Someone asked if the number of people who responded by division could be included in the minutes. Here they are:


* NJCAA Division I - 22 (41%)

* NJCAA Division II - 14 (26%)

* NJCAA Division III - 6 (11%)

* CCCAA - 8 (15%)

* NWAACC - 4 (7%)


Another topic that Trish asked about was length of contract. All of the people on the committee were year-to-year.


III: Events to Piggybank With like a "Showcase"

Trish asked if anyone had talked to anyone about this concept.


Terry said he had talked to someone. They like the skills set up. He'd like to see it coincide with an event. Key is timing and logistics. He also said he talked to Kay Rogness at Crossroads and that they're showcasing men's college teams.


This discussion also included whether there were any power leagues in any of the committee members areas. Mike mentioned that Sports Performance has those.


Trish mentioned that her school cannot host these types of events. However, clubs can.


Kim said that her school can't host them either. She also mentioned that, at her school, the recruiting is limited only to their area.


IV: Rules

Kathy DeBoer was going to join in for this discussion, but she could not because of another meeting she was in. She will join the call to discuss the rules next time.


A little discussion was done by the committee. Some of the comments included:

* Some like 30 points, some did not.

* Mike did not like the substitution rules.

* Terry asked if the TYC schools had to adopt the rules.

* NWAAC can pick and choose which rules they will adopt.

* Might look into seeing if, as a group, the TYCs do not have to adopt the rules.


More discussion followed on the points, substitutions and ball handling rules.


Someone mentioned that - what happens if the TYCs do not adopt the rules. What about the refs. In his area, it is hard to get a ref who will deal with high school rules and college rules, let alone high school, college and TYC (if they are different).


V: Miscellaneous

Ben brought up that he would like to review Terry's proposal for the next TYC Tournament about having 20 teams participate.


Discussion followed on this. How to propose it, what the next step would be, possible ways to seed it, etc. This is a discussion that will continue at a later date.



Meeting adjourned approx. 12:25 p.m. ET


The next meeting will be held on the second Wednesday of April - April 9, 10:30 a.m. CT (11:30 a.m. ET).



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