March 7, 2007


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Roll Call:


Theresa Garlacy, Bryant College

Amber Glass, Augusta College, proxy Carla Decker, Lander U.

Phil Shoemaker, U. of Alaska-Fairbanks

Shannon Mincy, Carson-Newman

Cody Hein, Chico State

Debbie Hendricks, Metro State College

Michael Sinesi, U. of Science in Philadelphia

Todd Caughlin, St. Mary's U. (TX)

Robin Salters, University of New Haven, NCAA meetings

Jill Stevens, Florida Southern

Ibraheen Suberu, Pittsburg State

Kim Sudbeck, Augustana College

Bren Stevens, NCAA Rules, WV-Charleston

Kris Naber, Grand Canyon U.

Nedra Brown, Kentucky State U.

Rhonda Thigpen, Henderson State U.



Tia Brandel, Ferris State University

Bo Pagliasotti, Southwestern Oklahoma

Tracy Rietzke, Rockhurst U.

Rose Shires, U. of Nebraska-Omaha

Dave Simon, U. MN-Crookston

Melony Nelson, Associate Commissioner: North Central

Queen Frazier, Virginia Union U.

Tom Justice, Lock Haven U.







Chair Report:

· New Members: HCC and assistant representative: Please welcome Ben Briney, Truman State U. as our new assistant representative and Kris Naber, Grand Canyon U. who has kindly agreed to fill our position for the Pacific West Conference.


· AVCA Awards: Kim is going to talk to Kelly Stumph in more detail regarding the Award's Committee make-up, however, she is leaning towards keeping the same basic structure. One of the concerns is making sure that all student-athletes are seen by the regional committee members and that we get the best players represented. She has also asked chairs to provide the primary consideration information for each volleyball position statistically.


· High School AA released: Also, please note that Kelly Stumph also released out first-ever High School All-American team on February 22nd. We feel like with the abundance of help and dedication of time from our High School committee we have a strong team for this year. Our hope is to spread the word and get stronger every year.


· AVCA Executive-Director: Kathy Deboer was also in attendance and told the group about the creation of a new membership category for High School affiate membership. The details are being ironed out to give high school coaches associations more voice and incentive to recruit new AVCA members. Please see the attached Excel spreadsheet of current HS coaches associations around the U.S. If you see a high school volleyball coaches association not listed here in or near your area please let us know.


· JVDA Update-The Junior Volleyball Coaches Association chapter of the AVCA is approximately 60 club directors strong and growing each week. We highly encourage you to contact club directors in your area or region that have not heard of us and get them to visit the AVCA web site at, the JVDA web site at, or Wendy at wendy.payne@avca,org. Now is the best time to join and make a real difference in shaping the elected leadership of the organization and the future of Junior volleyball.


AVCA Update:


The AVCA College Volleyball Showcase will be held in Omaha Nebraska in 2007. Tickets sales launched last weekend with over 10,000 sold within the first few hours. As of now due to budget restraints the AVCA has not been able to afford adding other NCAA Division players or Men's players to the mix for this Showcase although this has been considered.


AVCA At-The-Net: An email newsletter is distributed to all members bi-weekly. This is the AVCA's main form of current communication with its members. The AVCA's editor, Rick Capone, is urging all coaches to submit articles, small bits of timely and relevant information or leads for article writers/subjects to us for submission. The more relevant we can make the newsletter for all members, the more of a benefit it can be. Please submit any articles, information or ideas to Kim.


Cap Course Information: We received an email in late February from USA Volleyball outlining three new sessions that they are providing. Please go to the AVCA web site or USA volleyball's web site for more details.


2007 Convention: Questions from Kathy Deboer regarding the Annual Convention attendance in Sacramento this year, what are your thoughts on a Junior Event which invites local/regional teams to join us and experience the AVCA Convention as well as the NCAA DI Championships? Possible name? The 2007 AVCA Junior Holiday Volley Fest. It would include a weekend's worth of activities including play; NCAA championship matches, visiting the AVCA exhibit hall etc.


Professional Development: Next, Kathy asks all coaches to consider where your current professional development is coming from. Is it clinics, publications, networking opportunities etc? If you don't current have any professional development strategies, why or why not?


Old Business


· May Board Meetings: Kim mentions that the AVCA Board of Director's meetings will be held May 6th, 7th and 8th in Lexington Kentucky. Please contact Kim with any information that you would like for your Board of Directors to consider. The next Board meeting will be held in December of 2007.


· NCAA News: Do not panic or change schedules in regards to regionalization. Change is imminent and will be challenging at times however the process will be much smoother if we think positive and have trust in our colleagues. Bren mentions that a nine person advisory committee is in place to look at issues. Theresa notes that she would like to see all coaches looped into the process early on. Please contact Kim with questions.


· AVCA: Update your personal profile on the AVCA website.



Next Call: Wednesday, April 4th 1:00 pm CT, 2:00 pm Eastern

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