December 14, 2006


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I. Roll Call

Kim Sudbeck, AVCA Division II Board representative
Tia Brandel-Wilhelm- GLIAC

Cody Hein-CCAA

Todd Caughlin - Heartland, proxy Sean Donohue, St. Edward's

Teresa Garlacy-Northeast 10 Conference

Leslie Howe-Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics, proxy Ibraheem Suberu, Pittsburg State

Tom Justice-Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference

Shannon Mincy- South Atlantic Conference, proxy Ginger Crissman-Ashley, Catawba College

John Pagliasotti-Lone Star Conference

Tracy Rietzke - GLVC

Rose Shires - NCC

Dave Simon - Northern Sun
Michael Sinesi - CACC

Jill Stephens - Sunshine

Bren Stevens-West Virginia Intercollegiate

Rhonda Thigpen - Gulf South, proxy Stephanie Radecki, U. of North Alabama

Robin Salters - NYCAC

Wendy Payne-AVCA Staff liaison

Debbie Hendricks- RMAC

Phil Shoemaker - GNAC

Ricardo Wheatley-Southern Intercollegiate, proxy Nedra Brown, Kentucky State U.

Wendy Payne, AVCA Division Liaison


Melanie Nelson-DII liaison
Glennie Adams-Pacific West Conference (NCAA call)

Amber Glass-Peach Belt

Queen Frazier-Central Intercollegiate



II. II. Chair Report

Thanked all HCC members for their work and informing our constituents.


Award's Committee Report

· Nomination process: Kim had asked what we should with a partial nomination and that whatever it may be in the future we should eliminate that student-athlete (SA) from consideration. Tia Brandel brought up the point that it depends on the degree of what was turned and that the lack of a signature, address, etc. should not hurt the SA. To possibly help the nomination process is to have it all on-line. Much discussions was had and eventually we should have a check-and-balance in place so that when the nomination in turned into the AVCA, one knows that the nomination is completed. Kim said that the AVCA is moving all nominations on line and that check-in-balance will be mentioned to the AVCA office.


Changes for upcoming year:

-Education all new Award's committee members of what to expect on the calls and what to prepare for.

-To not only find replacements for the NCOY award for those committee members up for discussion, but also replace those committee members whose players may be up for National Player of the Year.

-Tia asked if the Chair of the AA committee had a term limit or was on a rotation. Kim had said that it was brought up two years ago, however, the HCC thought consistency was needed in that position. Also, Kim said that the AA chair is not a voting member and therefore just moderates the call.


Confirmation Call: Kim stated how important this call has become and that this call has become very beneficial to the chairs when considering players for All-American (AA) status.


Other changes: Statistical info will be organized in a more feasible way, so that the AA chairs are more efficient when considering SA.


Questionnaire Results

Deadline for the survey was Friday, Dec. 8th. Most results were in and a summary was sent out last week, however, the final copy will be attached to these notes. Kim will disseminate this info to the appropriate individuals: Kathy DeBoer, NCAA Rules Comm. etc.


Board Report

· Kim provided information regarding the board meeting on Wednesday AM. One item that was of interest to all is the possibility of Beach Volleyball Championships during the spring. They will take the top 64 teams from the previous Division I tourney and ask those schools who would be interested in participating. CSTV, AVP and the AVCA are reviewing the great opportunity to expose our sport more.


· The AVCA will be working with the Club Coaches Division and a chapter under the AVCA.



III. III. Old Business

· NCAA Rules Committee-Bren Stevens introduced our new Division II representative Carlos Chia of Northern Kentucky. The survey results have been sent out and will be discussed at our Division II meeting by Heather Perry and Marcia Alterman.

· NCAA Volleyball Championships-Chair, Tia Brandel mention that she will go into more detail at the Division II General Meeting.



IV. IV. New Business


V. V. Other

· Kim mentioned the Spalding event on Friday and drawings will be held. Reminder of the conference and General Div. II meeting on Friday morning.



Conference/Regional Meetings (optional), Hilton Hill

Friday, Dec. 15th 8:00-9:00 am

General Division II Meeting, Hilton Hill

Friday, Dec. 15th 9:00-10:30 am

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